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Poster – final

  1. 1. POSTER – FINALBy Amy Bruce
  2. 2. FINAL POSTERAfter careful debate I decided to create another poster as some ofmy target audience felt that in the previous one there was too muchto look at. Therefore, I decided to make my final poster moresimplistic. As a result, I took the eye as that was unique and highlysignificant in the digi-pac and the roses and combined the two in thehope of creating a more successful poster.
  3. 3. STEP ONE – Retaking photosAs for the first step, this involved myself taking some images ofroses. The initial step however, was changing the colouring from redto black. Therefore, I gathered some black spray paint and sprayedthe roses. The next step was covering them in ‘blood’ this was redfood colouring mixed with fairy up liquid to make the contentsthicker. From then I started taking a variety of new photos.
  4. 4. STEP TWO – Choosing an imageAfter taking a multiple images, I decided to choose this image.
  5. 5. STEP THREE – Putting the image in place I chose to make the image appear bigger as I felt if the rose were small like in the original image, the poster wouldn’t stand out as much to my target audience.
  6. 6. STEP FOUR – Changing the Brightness/Contrast As this image was darker then the other images I had taken previously I chose to change the brightness/contrast to make it stand out more. Therefore, the blood appears brighter which gives the image a supernatural feel, which links with the atmosphere of the single and music video.
  7. 7. STEP FIVE – Adding the eye The next step was the addition of the eye. Another reason for the decision to add the eye was that if the target audience were familiar with the video they would know that this poster is in relation to the new single. Therefore, my digi-pac, music video and poster all have a link to combine them so my target audience will automatically know they are related.
  8. 8. STEP SIX - BlendingAs for the eye I didn’t think it blended in well with the roses.Therefore, I went to the blending options and looked at various ones.EXAMPLES: -DISSOLVE HARD LIGHT HARD MIX
  9. 9. Nevertheless, the rosescontinued not link with theeye or stand out until I cameacross an effect namedcolours burn.
  10. 10. STEP SEVEN – HMV logo The addition of HMV logo was to inform my target audience where to buy the digi-pac. Nevertheless, I did not add a date as to when it would be released as in my re-search I discovered that it is not necessary for that as the poster is mealy for the audience to anticipate the release of the digi- pac.
  11. 11. STEP EIGHT – Opacity The final step involved changing the opacity of the eye. I chose to change the opacity of the eye to 50% to see if it would have more of an impact. Nevertheless, after showing some of my target audience the eye they thought that the original stood out to them the most.
  12. 12. FINAL POSTERTherefore, this is my final poster!