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Qualitative Research


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Qualitative Research

  1. 1. Resultsfollowing ourQualitativeResearchBy Amy and Rachel
  2. 2. Why does the video have/not have animpact on whether you buy the single or not?Quotes from the people who said yes.“Because if I see the video and it’s good it makes me likethe song more, so I’m more likely to buy it.”“It influences me because if it’s a good video the songgets stuck in my head more, making me more likely tobuy it.”Quotes from people who said no.“No because I don’t see the video when I buy the singleanyway.”“I buy my music by what I’d like to listen to in the car,therefore I’m not influenced by the video. However, I stillenjoy watching them.”
  3. 3. Why do you like/not like to see a range of costumesthroughout the video?Quotes from people who said they like to see a range ofcostumes.“Makes for a much more interesting performance, making it moreenjoyable to watch.”“They look professional and effective.”Quotes from people who said they don’t like to see arange of costumes.“It makes it look like a cheesy pop video”“It makes the video a little confusing for me.”
  4. 4. What locations would you like to see in a music video? These are quotes of what people have said:  “Beaches.”  “A club, a beach, a street.”  “Manor House, castle some kind of historic building. The sea, a lighthouse. A Bridge.”  “Don’t mind”  “Tropical”  “Everyday places”  “Old Unusual places”  “A beach”
  5. 5. If you like/dislike elements of dance in the musicvideo please state why?Quotes from the people who said yes.“It is more interesting to watch and gives you more towatch.”“More interesting.”“Makes it more appealing.”Quotes from people who said no.“I like more realistic videos.”
  6. 6. From this re-search we will be able tounderstand the reasons for our targetaudiences opinions and it helps us toachieve the best possible video with theequipment that we have.