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Creating my contents page


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Creating my contents page

  1. 1. Creating My Contents Page
  2. 2. Choosing My Title Layout I created two title for my contents page. I decided to go with the one on the left as I thought it was edgy and went with the genre of my music magazine. Even though the one on the right may be seen more in other magazine.
  3. 3. Choosing The Images I decided to use this as one of my images as the light captures on one side of her face showing a light and a dark side and I thought this looked effective as does the pettles you can see that surround her. Here is another image I decided to use how ever I changed the hue/saturation to make it go different colours. This was to go with the name of the article. Which was “My life was black and white before music” I tried to link the image with it.
  4. 4. Adding the text and the images Here is what the image ended up looking like. Just like in my double page spread I decided to place a red box underneath both images. I did this to make the image stand out more. Before adding the pages I first decided to produce a word doc so I didn't have to think loads about what I was going to put onto the contents page when I came to produce it.
  5. 5. Further along into the process... I decided that the one image wasn't enough. I wanted another one to show more variety in the pictures that I had taken. This one I changed to black and white as I thought it would make both the images stand out more appearing together. I also decided to place the competitions on the other side as there wasn't enough room to fit all my other pages onto it. I also thought it would be best to display one of the competitions in a circle, as that is what most magazines do. This is what I discovered during my research.
  6. 6. In The End... As you can see right here is the name of my website for my magazine, I have used the contents page to promote it like many other music magazines. I separated the articles of my magazine into categories just like of music magazines. I decided to make the box this week straight unlike the others because during my research that is what I discovered that is the usual convention of a music magazine.
  7. 7. Here is my end product.