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Fashion magazine research

  1. 1. + Magazine Research Amy Biddlecombe
  2. 2. + Elle Magazine
  3. 3. + Elle Magazine focuses on women’s fashion, beauty, health and entertainment.  Colour schemes – Elle uses different colour schemes for each issue of the magazine. However, it does seem to usually have a white or beige based background with two different colours used for the text, often black with one colour or white with one colour.  Fonts – each cover uses simple fonts and bold headings. The logo for Elle uses a bold serif font and is large across the top of the page.  Images – the cover uses an upper body shot of the model looking in to the camera. The model in the photo for each issue will be the celebrity that the top story is about.  Coverline content – the first heading you see on the cover is a fashion article in bold at the top of the page. The stories are about fashion, body and shopping. The left hand side of the page at the top shows the heading of the article featuring the model on the front.
  4. 4. + Elle website
  5. 5. + The Elle website has the same heading at the top of the page as it does in the magazine but is shown in black on a white background. To the right of this is an image of the cover of the magazine for this month. The headings include; a homepage, news fashion, style, beauty, shop, star style, catwalk, Elle TV, travel, horoscopes, competitions and ‘in the mag’. The website follows a white, black and grey colour scheme. It has fashion photography following a similar white, black and neutral colour scheme both in the background and as images on the website.
  6. 6. + Cosmopolitan
  7. 7. + Anand sex, health, careers,for women focusing andrelationships international magazine celebrities, fashion on beauty.  Cosmopolitan uses bright bold colours in reds or pinks to attract their female audience. These are based on a plain background to make them stand out.  It uses similar fonts throughout, with bold and colourful headings.  The cover of the magazine will always have an upper body shot of the female celebrity that is featured in that issue of the magazine.  The context is based on sex, relationships and fashion.
  8. 8. + Cosmopolitan Website
  9. 9. +  The Cosmo website uses the same heading as it does in the magazine.  It has a pink, black and white colour scheme.  Headings such as sex, beauty, style and advice.  Very bold, everything stands out.  Interactive articles and headings.
  10. 10. + Vogue
  11. 11. +  Colour Schemes – The background colours are light and gold. The fonts of the front page have different colours with each issue but all have two or three colours that will work well with each other. In Vogue magazine, the main colour of the fonts matches the clothes that the model on front is wearing.  Fonts – It uses the same font over the front cover with the headings in bold to make them stand out. It is simple and thin most likely to match the women on the front cover. The heading is also thin and simple.  Images – The photos on the front show the model or actress that is featured in that issue of the magazine. She is looking in to the camera and dressed simply but stylish.  Coverline Content –Vogue is about style and the cover reflects this as its headings are about hairstyles, clothing and fashion. Including an article on whoever is on the front cover.
  12. 12. + Vogue Website
  13. 13. +  The website has a grey and black colour scheme  It has headings such as Fashion, People and Beauty.  The design is simple like the magazine is.  Simple fonts and a plain white background.  Black text and a few pictures.
  14. 14. + Marie Claire
  15. 15. +  Colour Scheme – Marie Claire uses a different colour scheme for each issue. The background is usually white and always plain. The magazine heading matches with the most important content headings. There are usually two colours that work together and another colour that stands out which gives the cover depth.  Font – The heading font is bold and stands out. Over the cover the fonts are simple but with bold headings.  Coverline Content – The content involves hair and beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
  16. 16. + Marie Claire Website
  17. 17. +  The website uses a black, white and pink theme.  It has a plain white background  Headlines include; fashion, hair and beauty, health, celebrity, travel and shopping.  It is fairly busy and has many pictures and interactive parts of the site.  This website stands out.