Merry Christmas Around the World


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Christmas traditions and customs of several countries. Pronounciation of Merry Christmas in languages other than English.

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  • Click on the pictures for additional information such as pronunciation and additional ways to say Merry Christmas in many different languages.
  • Merry Christmas Around the World

    1. 1. Merry Christmas Christmas Celebrations and Traditions from Around the World
    2. 2. Lesson objectives and Instructions • • Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in several different languages. Learn Christmas customs and traditions in Mexico, Russia, Germany, Fra nce, and China. Please “mouse click” through the presentation. Important content may be missed if you use
    3. 3. Merry Christmas Click on each picture for pronunciation and additional information.
    4. 4.     CHRISTMAS IN MEXICO The Christmas season is from December 12 – January 6. Traditionally, gifts are left in the shoes of children on January 6, Three Kings Day. All Mexican businesses are required to give their employees “aguinaldo” which is a Christmas salary bonus. Bacalao a la vizcaina is a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. This dinner consists of dried cod with vegetables. Posada
    5. 5. Christmas in France      A 1962 law states that all letters to Santa will receive a response. Christmas Eve is celebrated by attending Midnight Mass. Mass is followed by a feast called le Revellion. Mistletoe is thought to bring good fortune throughout the year Traditional French Christmas dishes include goose, turkey, and yule log cake. Candy, fruit, nuts, and small
    6. 6. Christmas is being replaced by the “Festival of Winter”. Traditional Christmas dinner includes goose, fish, beet soup, and cooked dried fruit. Christmas Eve is celebrated on January 6. Babushka, or grandmother, distributes presents to children. Christmas in Russia Christmas trees were banned during the Soviet period. People displayed New Year’s Trees instead.
    7. 7. Christmas in Germany    Click here to watch a YouTube video on the Frankfurt Christmas Market.  Shoes filled with carrots and hay are left on porches so Father Christmas can feed his horses as he delivers gifts. Gifts are usually exchanged on Christmas Eve. Carp and goose are common Christmas dinner entrees. Traditional Christmas
    8. 8. Christmas in China Christmas is not an official holiday in China. Santa is often seen playing a saxophone. It is not uncommon to hear Christmas music all year in China. Duck is prepared for Christmas dinner. It is stuffed with chicken, ham, s hrimp, bamboo shoots, rice, an d soy sauce. Instead of elves, Santa is accompanied by his sisters.
    9. 9. Review On the next few slides, from the three choices, select (click) the best answer.
    10. 10. Merry Christmas Children of this country leave shoes filled with hay and carrots for the horses of Father Christmas. China France Germany
    11. 11. TRY AGAIN! Click “X” to try again.
    12. 12. Correct! Click horses to continue……
    13. 13. In 1962, this country passed a law stating all letters to Santa must receive a response. China France Russia
    14. 14. Correct! Click Santa to continue……..
    15. 15. Businesses in this country are required to give all employees a Christmas bonus based on their monthly salary. Mexico Russi a Germa ny
    16. 16. Correct! Click the sleigh to continue………
    17. 17. Questions?
    18. 18. The End!