Pantene: Marketing Communications Plan


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Pantene: Marketing Communications Plan

  1. 1. Marketingcommunications plan
  2. 2. objectivesWhere is Pantene now?Where does Pantene want to be?How does Pantene get there?
  3. 3. Situation AnalysisCurrent Market ScenarioSWOT AnalysisBusiness ChallengesThe CompetitorsThe IssuesWHERE IS PANTENE NOW...
  4. 4. Situation Analysis Company Background:1940: Developed by Swiss drug company Hoffman-LaRoche1947: Debut as a premium hair care line across Europe1985: Take over by Procter and Gamble (P&G)1991: Changed name to Pantene Pro-V1995: Procter & Gamble launches Pantene Pro-V in India.1997: P&G launched Head & Shoulders in India2004: P&G launched Rejoice in India
  5. 5. Current market scenarioMarket Share in India: Sunsilk Others 19% 34% Clinic Plus 16% Dove Head & 8% Pantene Shoulders 14% 9%
  6. 6. Swot analysis STRENGTHSShampoo market leader in premiumSelling point is the vitamin nourishes hairHas won the Most Admired Brand awardFocuses on worthiness resulting from the useof the product rather than priceFocuses on telling about the long straight shinyhairGreat Anti Dandruff formulaPantene Total Care
  7. 7. Swot analysis WEAKNESSESThe most expensive compared tocompetitors
  8. 8. Swot analysis OPPORTUNITIESGrowth in the hair care market by 5-6%Consumers remember about point of sale ofPantene Pro-V wellConsumers can memorize the Pantene’scommercials for the celebrities in them
  9. 9. Swot analysis THREATSVery competitive shampoo marketConsumers are not loyal, hence switch brandseasilySunsilk has consistently marketed its productsThe consumers change their hair color & hairstyle all the time
  10. 10. The competitors 1 2 3 45
  11. 11. the issuesThe issues faced by PantenePro-V are: Stagnant Hair Care Market No new product development Fall in Market Share
  12. 12. The Business Objective The Task The Marketing Objective The Communication Objective The Target AudienceWHERE DOES PANTENE WANT TO BE...
  13. 13. The Business ObjectiveTo be deemed as the company with the highest marketshare in the Hair Product Industry in India.
  14. 14. The TaskIndulge in revolutionary new products with new formulas &DAZZLING results for better hair care.
  15. 15. The Marketing ObjectiveWith the intention ofpersuading the consumers, themarketing strategy will touchon more interactive methods toinvolve customers to increasemass awareness.
  16. 16. The Communication Objective Media Usage MEDIA USAGE NOW PROPOSAL TV Commercials   Radio   Internet   Magazines   Newspapers  Billboards / Hoardings   P. O. P.  
  17. 17. The Communication Objective Communication AnalysisYEAR KEY MESSAGE BENEFIT MOOD & TONE Relieve the 7 reasons of Pro-V Total Care2008 Ready in every situation hair breakage & hair fall Formula Relieve hair loss due Water Activate2009 Care & devote to hair breakage Pro-V Formula Deeply nourishes Double Pro-V Healthy hair,2010 damaged Formula Lively hair hair & reduces hair fall Deeply nourishes hair Pro-V Hair Fall Something worthwhile forNow from root to tip, relieves Control Formula your hair hair fall Rejuvenates your hair
  18. 18. The Target AudiencePROMOTION PROPOSED TARGET TARGET GROUP S GROUP Female Female / Male 18+ years old 18+ years old Physical Lives in big cities / towns Lives in big cities / towns Capacity to purchase Capacity to purchase expensive products ostentatious products Seeking to look young Seeking healthy hair againPsychological Interested in beauty & Interested in beauty & fashion fashion
  19. 19. The Competitive Messaging The Competitive Positioning The Four P’s of Marketing The Conversation Marketplace Marketing Communication ToolsHOW DOES PANTENE GET THERE...
  20. 20. The Competitive MessagingLive. Recreate. Relive.
  21. 21. The Competitive PositioningSpring Of Life!
  22. 22. The Four P’s of Marketing Product PROPOSENUMBER OF PRODUCTS DPRODUCTS PRODUCT Hair Fall Control7 Shampoos Total Care + Extra Moisturizing Pantene 7 Smooth & SilkyConditioners Nourished Shine Pro-V + Anti-Dandruff RELIVE1 Hair Potion Lively Clean Repair & Care
  23. 23. The Four P’s of Marketing Price 1000AMOUNT 10 ml. 70 ml. 180 ml. 500 ml. 700 ml. ml. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.PRICES Rs. 4/- Rs. 46/- 117/- 325/- 455/- 650/-PANTENE Rs. PRO-V Rs. 7/- ~ ~ ~ ~ 150/- RELIVE
  24. 24. The Four P’s of Marketing Place Convenience Traditional PLACES Superstore Supermarket Store TradeAVAILABILIT Y    
  25. 25. The Four P’s of MarketingPromotion
  26. 26. The Conversation MarketplaceDay in the Media Life Trends Buying Cultural Behavior Trends
  27. 27. Marketing Communication ToolsThe Right Marketing Communication Tools for the promotion ofthe New Pantene Pro-V Relive Shampoo / Conditioner are: TV Commercials Radio Internet Magazines Newspapers Billboards / Hoardings P. O. P. Flash Mobs / Road Shows
  28. 28. Done By: Amrita Beri THANK YOU!