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Launching Fashionable Khadi: Sworgonic


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Launching Fashionable Khadi: Sworgonic

  1. 1. by: Done Beri ita Amr hi ngL au nc on ic S wo rg
  2. 2.  A bo u t T he  Clien Com pany view t B r ie  Resea f rch  ProduOver ct An  Cons alysi s ume  Comp r Analysis petito  Strat egy rs An alysi s  Creat ive  Execu tion  Concl lusio n
  3. 3. e sire, ou D Y Idea lize. eam , We r You D Do. The The C We to d icate top- ded ith a is Com w e ST li ents ey desir enLU ng our c ere th n of ompa Gre vidi Abou h io Abou p ro ice w The vis ovide serv lfill. pr otch e fu x n to e bo pany w is of th sing, and T t nLUS nted, ou dverti Gree s-orie ny A t e ir t t esul ns to th g needs. r o n s oluti Marketi d P R an
  4. 4. f Laun t Br ie c Fabr h Khad ic i As A Co utur e Cli en Rese arch  Strat egy  Crea tive  Exec ution
  5. 5. Rese arch
  6. 6. is ture  cou ing" e h sew ing" Haut h for "hig mak Prod c Fren igh dres “. s o r "h h fashion e lusiv Haut ig exc ted or "h f uct A uture n o e & fit Cr eatio mad  c ustom .  - high e Co s c lothe e from bric mad sive fa naly y suall expen extreme  U q y, ualit wn with ail and se det most and ion to sis: nt the a nd atte d by fi nishe nced sses . ie re e xper e seamst l c apab
  7. 7.  T he mea term Kh Histo s is:  n s co a tton. di or r y of r ic s India Khad n h dar nal y wove ands n cl pun wool oth of c and h i Fab , w h ich otton a threa ds o a , silk nd- n a re spu u ct A calle , or dac  hark spinning n into I t is ha. K had a wh whee by o le m l Gand Mohand ovemenP rod h i in as t sta  It w as a the 1 920s Kara m ch rted and Swad n in . eshi tegra move l pa men r t of t. the
  8. 8. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A s Of s Of Prod Prod Type Type rics rics i Fab i Fab Khad Khad hadi s of K t typ ws: ffere s follo e he d are a n br ics i faT
  9. 9. is: d  Perso B ra n na ly s nalit y: Acco Pers rding onal ity S to the Br t Th e falls uc t A unde cale, a Swor nd  Posit io n in r SO P H IS g TICA onic g: TION Soph .A b ou isticaPro d fashi onab ted c wear le ev omf o f or p e r yd r get a e ay co table ddic ople wh u ted. o wa ture nt to
  10. 10.  The re e Muk spected is: herje S d cloth e is d abyasac B ra n es f o e h na ly s r Sw signing i orgo t nic’s he laun ch . t Th e uc t AA b ouPro d
  11. 11. is: sis: nalys naly uct A ction uc t A ionProdProd Collect Colle
  12. 12. Pro d uc t A na ly s Form is: a l We ar
  13. 13. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A ar arProdProd al We al We Form Form
  14. 14. Pro d uc t A na ly s Et hn is: ic We ar
  15. 15. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A c We ar arProdProd ic We Ethni Ethn
  16. 16. Pro d uc t A na ly s Cas u is: a l We ar
  17. 17. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A ar arProdProd al We al We C a su C a su
  18. 18. Pro d uc t A na ly s Pa rt y is: Wea r
  19. 19. is: sis: nalys naly uct A Wear uct A WearProdProd Party Party
  20. 20. Pro d uc t A na ly s Ex ot is: ic We ar
  21. 21. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A c We ar arProdProd ic We Exoti Exot
  22. 22. Pro d uc t Ana l Kids y sis: Wea r
  23. 23. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uct A Wear arProd Kids WeProd Kids
  24. 24. Pro d uc t A We d na ly sis din g : Wea r
  25. 25. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A ar earProd ding WeProd ing W Wedd Wed
  26. 26. Pro d uc t A na ly s Ac ce is: sso r i es
  27. 27. is: sis: nalys naly uc t A uc t A es esProdProd ssori ssori Acce Acce
  28. 28. is: f it s na ly s Features Benefits Be ne Organic fabric with organic dye Skin – friendly, Non – irritable Eco - friendly Bio – degradable uc t A Primarily made All season wear re s & with cotton Light material Comfortable Pro d Looks Clean crisp fabric sophisticatedFea tu
  29. 29. The The T Cons ConsSegmentation Target Audience Male / Female Targe All age groups um e umer arget Upper Middle Class & Upper ClassDemographical  Lives in big cities & towns r Ana t Aud  Capacity to buy Analy Audi pricey products  Interested in fashion  Wants to look good lysis: ience ence daily sis:  Seeking new trends Psychological  Loyal to Indian products  Sentimental comfort zone
  30. 30.  Telev ision  Radio  P r in t A M ed i aly sis: it s ds  Direc t Ma a Ha b  Hoard rketing ings  Malls r An  Fashio n Ho  Digita uses um e l Ma  Viral M rketing  Word arketingCon s – of –  Road mou th – sho ws
  31. 31. Strat egy
  32. 32. : t tra tegy targe to a a ge S n g the them d Mess pe amo cing mth an n g hy introdu fort, war Invoki e and m en c el of co audi new lev Strat Strate d bran joy. e o ssibl g y: m all p trate s fro egizi S se edia r sen gizin i  M n g the rridi rces. Ove u ia so med ng: t eren g: ff o rm: ery di for all Platf in a v sons,  Copy K hadi f sea trend s. du cing kinds o kinds of Intro for all , for a ll a vatar f people o k inds
  33. 33. (Inte IM C gratC om Ma rk e d m un i et ing ca tio ns)
  34. 34. Prom Prom n ele visio zines , T s, Mag a Ra d io aper otion otion  N ewsp Ads:  Print ings d Hoar ketin g ar ct M al Ac al Ac Pre – Pre –  Dire n ti vatio Ma ll Ac s  H ouse Fas hion g  ketin tiviti tivitie ar Even Even al M  Digit g arketin Vir al M th  mou es – of – Word s t t  – show s oad  R ra ndin g – Ac t  Bus B l Mon o S igna T raffic
  35. 35.  In Lin e Show With PR s Activ  n Co-b ities: Road pa ig rand Fash i ion W ng Activ  1 Tel evisi eek ity: L akm e  on ACa m 1 Rad dver io Ad tisem  3 Pr i nt Ad verti seme ent nt / J  3 Ad verti verti seme ingle nts  3 Ou tdoo seme nt C a mpa  Web site / r Ad verti seme igns Inter nts net P romo tions
  36. 36. Crea tive
  37. 37. Description Video Audio Scene 1: A very neat Frame 1: Panning Light girl’s bedroom. Frame 2: Stops on music The girl sitting on face & zooms out playing the bed. Scene 2: Suddenly the Tempo girl gets up & starts Frame 1: Follow shot rises as looking for something. Frame 2: Over the she keeps Com Com In the process, starts shoulder shot lookingthrowing things around. Telev ial Telev ial Scene 3: She runs over Frame 1: Follow shot Tempoto the cupboard & starts Frame 2: Close up of keeps pulling out things. mess rising merc mercScene 4: The girl picks Frame 1: Follows Tempo ision ision up a scarf from the shot of hand slows mess. Frame 2: Close up down Then she smells it. Scene 5: She smiles Frame 1: Zooms in Creepy peacefully . Frame 2: Zooms out music Scene 6: Introduction Frame 1: Shows the Playful of the brand. logo / name music
  38. 38.  Quest mate tions rela o r te Muk ial & Sab d to Kha t Ra di m en h y di air. erjee wil asachi l be  T he co n t aske d on est w rtis e betw ill be een 11:00 the 7 a am & :00am ired T he winn 5:00p m to toAdve be re e rs o 9:00p ward f the m. pass c es fo ed with c ontest w Wee r the oupl ill k. Lakm e e Fas h io n
  39. 39. Adve Adve r t is e rtisem ment Print Print ent 1 Get High On Fashion WithKhadi Couture Dresses 1For more details, visit:
  40. 40. P rint 2 m en t rtiseAdve Get High On Fashion With Khadi Couture Dresses For more details, visit:
  41. 41. Adve Adve r t is e rtisem ment Print Print ent 3 Get High On Fashion WithKama Sutra Couture Bras 3 For more details, visit:
  42. 42. Adve Adve FASHION SO ADDICTIVETHAT YOU NEVER r t is e rtisem WANNA TAKE THEM OFF! Ou td 1 Ou td ment ent 1 oor oor Visitwww.sworgonic.comfor more information.
  43. 43. Adve O ut d rtise oor m en t 2
  44. 44. We b si te
  45. 45. Exec ution
  46. 46. Time Details The Journalists / Press are invited to the The The P1430 venue & served refreshments.1500 The press release meeting begins. The CEO of the company talks about the Press1505 Brand, Product, USPs and the Future of ress R Even Even the Company. The Brand Ambassador / Show Stopper1530 – Priyanka Chopra launches the product in front of the Journalists / Press. Relea t Flow t Flow Q&A Session between the Press and eleas1540 Company for half an hour till 1610 hours. Tea and snacks are served while the1615 press gets a chance to check out the se :: collection personally. e1700 The Press Release comes to an end.
  47. 47. Time Details The MC introduces the basics of Khadi, 1900 Theme Khadi, Company – Sworgonic. w: ch A basic khadi themed round starts. 1915 t F lo Everything is simple. La un 1925 The MC introduces the CEO, the CEO speaks bout his company, USP, Khadi, Trend setting, etc.E ven The Fashion show starts displaying all 1945 the different ranges that SworgonicThe carries. Co-branding is introduced. 2010 Sabyasachis Collection of Khadi wear is introduced. Brand Ambassador / Show Stopper – 2025 Priyanka Chopra wears a khadi saree – designed by Sworgonic & Sabyasachi. The show ends and F&B are served. 2030 Personal interviews with Celebrities & Company people.
  48. 48. Conc lusio n
  49. 49. un ch e s utl e t la tivitie s O otion al ac Conc Conc  Prom v ents rate e or p o  C o rship pons ffers  S ts & O ludin ludin n Di scou  laun ches  New g g
  50. 50. ! Done Yo u! by:  Amr ita B er i kT ha n