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APWA CFB Newsletter OCT 2013

  1. 1. Special points of interest:  Upcoming Events Page 2  Give Kids the World Page 7 Fall Edition  Young Profes- Chairman’s Message sionals Events Page 11  Florida Local Government Coalition Pages 16-19  December Event Page 21 Inside this issue: Upcoming Events 2 UCF Football 3 Social ASCE Ice Breaker 4 Meet Chris Thompson 6 GKTW Landscape 7 Day Project Spotlight 8 YP Event 11 Lunch and Learn 12 Event September New Members October 2013 20 CONTACT Christiane Nelson (Universal Engineering) Newsletter Editor CMNelson @universalengineering.com   So,  as  we  enter  the  fall  season,  we  continue  to  stay  active  with  some  upcoming  events.    October  26th  is  our  second  annual  football  tailgating  event,  along  with  Florida  Engineering Society, to watch UCF take on Uni‐ elcome  to  the  season  of  fall,  versity of Connecticut, thanks to our sponsors  cooler  weather,  sports  starting  up  or  culminat‐ England,  Thims    &  Miller,  Inc.,  Universal  Engi‐ ing in a championship run, and new budgets for  neering  Sciences,  Vanasee,  Hangen  Brustin,  many  of  us  to  work  with.    Summer  was  good  Inc., and WadeTrim.  November 7th Thompson  with  no  major  storms,  and  the  association  re‐ Pump is providing a one‐day workshop provid‐ mained  active  with  a  few  events.    We  met  at  ing hands‐on and classroom sessions on pump  Stoneybrook  West  Golf  Club  with  a  presenta‐ operations.  The  fall  landscaping  day  at  Give  tion from Bill Burns on his venture to Finland for  Kids  the  World  has  been  delayed  due  to  an  the  International  Federation  of  Municipal  Engi‐ event in January called Extreme Village Make‐ neers meeting, landscaping day at Give Kids the  over  .  November  15th  the  Central  Florida  World,  participated  at  the  ASCE  Icebreaker  at  Branch  is  hosting  a  Young  Professional  Event  Orlando  Science  Center,  and  held  a  technical  social .  We also have tentatively set our next  Lunch  and  Learn  session  on  permeable  pave‐ Lunch and Learn event for November 20th with  ment.    These  technical  sessions  are  being  held  the  topic  of  Superpave  specifications  and  free  of  charge  to  assist  members  in  obtaining  Warm  Mix  Asphalt,  to  be  held  in  Kissim‐ CEU’s  and  PDH’s  for  professional  certifications  mee.    And  finally,  our  Holiday  meeting  will  and  licenses.    Thank  you  to  TitanAmerica  and  held  on  December  6th,  including  a  tour  of  the  ACF Environmental for hosting this event.  new  Welcome  Center  followed  by  dinner  on    Public  Works  is  a  field  of  individuals  the waterfront.  that  provide  services  to  millions  of  lives  each    In closing, I wish you all a safe season  day.  APWA and many municipalities supported  and  hope  to  see  you  at  some  of  these  an initiative recently from the Florida Local Gov‐ events.  Also, remember to tell your acquaint‐ ernment  Coalition  to  recognize  these  efforts  ances  of  the  great  things  APWA  does  and  through a campaign for public awareness called  benefits  of  membership.    Any  new  members  Local  Works.    Though  this  recognition  was  not  you  enroll,  notify  Amy  or  solely for Public Works, it did provide education  Greg to enter for a drawing  to  the  public  of  the  many  aspects  of  services  provided  by  local  governments.    This  initiative  Mike McCabe, PE, should be a driving force for our association to  Central Florida continue  the  improvement  of  our  services  for  Branch Chairman the betterment of our society.  Public Works Division W Mgr. City of Palm Bay The Central Florida Branch includes the counties of Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia.
  2. 2. Page 2 APWA Central Florida Branch . SAVE THE DATE FALL2013!! October 26 Page 3 UCF Knights v UConn Huskies Football Social—Orlando University of Central Florida Brighthouse Stadium, Time: 9AM (Social); 12PM (Game) November 7 Page 12 Thompson Pump in Partnership with Daytona State College—Pumpology School Daytona State College, Time: 9AM to 4PM November 15 Young Professionals Networking Event— Orlando Page 13 The Imperial Wine Bar and Beer Garden, Time: 6PM to 7:30PM November 20 Lunch and Learn—Superpave and Warm Mix Asphalt Applications Kissimmee Public Works Facility, Time: 12PM, Further Details TBA December 6 Page 17 Branch Holiday Party and Business Meeting Tour of Port Canaveral Welcome Center, Brevard County, Time: 4:30PM Rusty’s Seafood, Cape Canaveral, Brevard County, Time: 6PM 2013 Central Florida Branch Officers Chair Chair-Elect Vice Chair Mike McCabe, PE Public Works Division Mgr. City of Palm Bay Matt LaChance Project Manager VHB Orlando Amanda Millirons Public Works Division Mgr. City of Palm Bay District Representative Secretary Treasurer Amy Blaida, MPA Business Development RS&H Orlando Angela Lawrence Operations Coordinator Atkins Althea Parrish Utility Coordinator City of Sanford
  3. 3. Fall 2013 Page 3
  4. 4. Page 4 APWA Central Florida Branch 6th ANNUAL ASCE ICE BREAKER Orlando Science Center July 18th, 2013
  5. 5. Fall 2013 Page 5 CENTRAL FLORIDA BRANCH AT CONGRESS! AUGUST 25-28 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Happy Halloween from APWA Central Florida Branch Officers & Executive Committee
  6. 6. Page 6 APWA Central Florida Branch . APWA Central Branch Volunteer Committee Chair Chris Thompson, Director of Public Works—City of Tavares Chris Thompson has recently completed the newly developed APWA Donald C. Stone Center Public, Works Manager Level 2 Program. Here is what Chris has to say about the program.: “After 18 months and hundreds of hours dedicated to this program, I successfully finished the newly developed APWA Donald C. Stone Center Public, Works Manager Level 2 Program. My mentor, Rick Keeney, Public Works Director for Punta Gorda, FL, accepted the certificate on my behalf at Congress in Chicago. This program was developed primarily as a career path option for emerging leaders in the Public Works profession. I highly recommend the Donald C. Stone Center for anyone looking for professional improvement. Congratulations Chris!
  7. 7. Fall 2013 Page 7 Give Kids the World Landscape Day August 20, 2013 The CFB gathered together in August to volunteer at the Give Kids the World Village landscape day. Landscape days are held on a quarterly basis and are coordinated by Chris Thompson. If you would like to participate in the next landscape day in December (date TBA), please contact Chris at: cthompson@tavares.org Give Kids the world is hosting a special event in January 2014- "Extreme Village Makeover" based on the TV series. ABC's Good Morning America and the Host of Extreme Makeovers—Ty Pennington will be at the event. If you want to volunteer between January 5th through the 26th, you can sign up at www.extremevillagemakeover.com
  8. 8. Page 8 APWA Central Florida Branch Project Spotlight TAKING THE RAPID ROUTE TO PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION By Gregory Kern, MBA, AICP; Planning Manager, STV Inc. Orlando and LYNX have enjoyed a successful partnership in funding and operating the LYMMO transit service – a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system running in downtown Orlando. In operation since 1997, it was time to expand the service to attract additional riders and serve existing plus planned development. The City even had funding for the project through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants. The only obstacle – the FTA funds had to go to LYNX, an eligible FTA grant recipient. With the City actively working on the redevelopment of the former Amway Arena into a high-profile mixed use development called Creative Village, there were only a few months available to encumber the funds through a procurement process or potentially lose them. The solution was to go through an aggressively-paced Design-Build procurement process, with close partnership between the City and LYNX, to get a Design-Build firm under contract in approximately four months. While the City had implemented several design-build contracts, LYNX had never procured services in this manner. The project was, in fact, really two projects for the expansion of the LYMMO system – the Parramore BRT, extending the service north and west to provide access to the planned Creative Village mixed use project; and the EastWest BRT, extending service to existing residential and commercial areas just south of the downtown core area. The LYMMO expansion projects were identified in the City’s 2006 Downtown Transportation Plan, and in the 2007 Transit Circulation Expansion Report. Subsequent to these planning efforts, Orlando was implementing numerous high profile development and redevelopment efforts which would support enhanced multi-modal transportation. These projects included:  New Amway Arena  Dr. Philips Center for the Performing Arts  SunRail commuter rail  Creative Village educational, office and residential development  Sports and Entertainment District  Major League Soccer stadium (proposed) A key aspect of the LYMMO expansions was the close partnership between the City and LYNX. Upon notification of receipt of the FTA grants, the City and LYNX worked together tirelessly to develop a procurement characterized as a progressive design-build procurement model. This project delivery method would reduce the time required to get the project under contract and completed, a requirement of both the FTA grants and the City’s timeline for project implementation. It’s often most effective when rapid project delivery is required, when the project owner desires a clear delineation of responsibility (great for high-profile projects!), and when the project requires greater collaboration from design to construction to testing and final implementation. The total project costs were $16.75 million for the Parramore system, and $10.3 million for the East-West system. The local match was $2.4 million and $3.75 million, respectively. These funding matches were in the form of cash payments, and “inkind” contributions which included the following:  Utilities (water, wastewater lines, cable and phone)  Irrigation (re-use water)  Electric duct bank  Construction project management (by City staff) The FTA grants were in the form of a New Starts Grant for the East-West BRT, and a TIGER II grant for the Parramore BRT.
  9. 9. Fall 2013 Under the new MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century) legislation, there have been some changes that affect how agencies may apply for and utilize project funding. For instance, most discretionary grant programs have been eliminated, replaced by more predictable formula grants which are based on various factors including population, urbanization status, population density, and a combination of bus revenue miles and related operating characteristics and expenses. An emphasis has been added to the maintenance of transit assets, and MAP-21 provides formula funding for transit agencies to ensure the “state of good repair” of capital assets including rolling stock, infrastructure, and facilities. The agency must prepare a transit asset management plan, which as all public works professionals already know, is a great method for continually assessing the age and condition of assets for the purpose of identifying future maintenance and replacement costs in the annual budget cycle. The LYMMO extension projects have been touted by all stakeholders concerned as a successful program of inter-agency coordination. As of the date of this article, designs have been completed and construction is well under way for the BRT projects. Page 9
  10. 10. Page 10 APWA Central Florida Branch
  11. 11. Fall 2013 Page 11
  12. 12. Page 12 APWA Central Florida Branch Lunch and Learn Design and Installation of Permeable Paving Blocks September 24, 2013 Greg Strickland with Titan America and Randy Thomas with ACF Environmental presented on Sustainable Stormwater Solutions including Pave Drain Technology. Topics discussed included design requirements for using permeable paving blocks, types of permeable paving blocks, installation of permeable paving blocks, and maintenance requirements. For more information on Pave Drain go to: http://www.pavedrain.com/ news/
  13. 13. Fall 2013 Page 13
  14. 14. Page 14 Congratulations to the Central Florida Branch for winning the Florida Chapter Membership Competition for the second quarter in a row. Progress of the Troutman Boulevard Realignment and Harris High Tech Center projects in the City of Palm Bay. Update from Spring Newsletter April 2013 APWA Central Florida Branch
  15. 15. Fall 2013 Page 15
  16. 16. Page 16 APWA Central Florida Branch W hat is the Florida Local Government Coalition? The FLGC was developed to advocate for local governments by educating residents and sharing resources among its members. The Florida League of Cities manages the coalition, which now has more than 25 local government association partners. APWA FL Chapter is a member of the FLGC Steering Committee with Jim Myers serving as one of the Committee Chairs. For 2013, the Coalition's primary initiative is "to help Florida citizens understand, appreciate and support local government and the services and values these governments bring to millions of lives each day." To do this, the collation is launching a public awareness campaign with the theme Local Government - Quality Services You Can Trust. To help promote this theme, the official name of the public awareness campaign is "Local Works." The Coalition chose "Local Works" for its simplicity, and because the term "works" tends to have a public services connotation. On July 25, representatives of the 25+ associations attended a workshop and press conference to kick off the initiative, coming together for the first time since the group was formed. Local Works Day (September 6, 2013) was a major component of the public awareness campaign. This is an opportunity for members of the Coalition to engage, educate and interact with their communities by celebrating the trusted services that local governments provide. Although this initiative is year-long, Coalition members see it as an ongoing effort. The hope is that all local government associations will continue to promote this important initiative throughout the year and beyond. Local governments provide trusted services that millions of Floridians depend on. It's time to share our stories. "We are celebrating what is extraordinary about the ordinary!!" How does APWA FL Chapter participate?     APWA FL Chapter prepared a Local Works Day Proclamation. Some APWA Branches sent in letters to the editors to the local newspapers. A social Media Plan was developed and carried out by the FL Chapter as well as the Central FL Branch. Greg Kern, Membership Chairperson for Central FL Branch/ and Recruitment and Retention Membership Chair for FL Chapter, participated in Teacher for A Day.
  17. 17. Fall 2013 Page 17
  18. 18. Page 18 APWA Central Florida Branch APWA Florida Chapter participates with Florida Local Government Coalition Greg Kern with the Central Florida branch recently presented Public Works to 2nd and 4th grade students as part of the Florida Local Government Coalition APWA In the Classroom “Public Works and Mad Math Skills” By Gregory Kern I recently had the opportunity to explain to 2nd and 4th grade students what public works is, how it’s all around us, and how you need “mad” math skills to do it. It was relatively easy to explain what public works is, and how we all use “it” every day – roads, parks, water, etc. What was really challenging were the questions. It’s always enlightening when we look at something through the eyes of a 7 to 10 year old. What seemed so simple and blasé suddenly becomes confusing and complicated. Even a bit scary. Case in point – Question: “What are those caves; the ones where you can only see half of the cave”? It took me a minute, but then I asked the inquisitor if these are next to roads. When he said yes, I explained what a drainage culvert is and what it does. Half of the fun of these sessions was interpreting their questions and coming up with age-appropriate answers. Here are a few more examples:
  19. 19. Fall 2013 Page 19  Q: “What are those round things in the road?”  A: Manhole covers.  Q: “How much dirt does it take to build a road?”  A: Hundreds of dump truck loads.  Q: “What are those blue lights on the road?”  A: Reflectors to locate fire hydrants.  Q: “My dad’s an architect and he is going after that I-4 job.”  A: Well goody for him.  Q: “What’s the longest slope of a drainage pipe you’ve ever seen?”  A: (A somewhat long explanation of minimum required slopes, increasing pipe diameters along the run, and lift stations. No one asked another pipe question again.)  Q: (in discussing how our taxes pay for public works and how much the projects can cost) “How much money do you have?”  A: Not enough to pay for these projects. In the end, I had a great time in these two presentations to Seminole County students. My feedback was that they now understand how the public works facilities and services that are all around them actually get there. Even the teachers admitted that they had no idea what public works really meant. They referred to a space on a Monopoly board game as their only clue. The students also understood that the math skills they are learning today are actually used in professional practice. It was definitely a fun experience. And it’s always good practice to reduce what you do into simple language that anyone can understand. Comes in handy for some public involvement and agency presentations!
  20. 20. Page 20 APWA Central Florida Branch Welcome to all of our NEW Central Florida Branch Members who joined APWA in the JulyMember Employer City Month Joined Ms. Lillian Colon Palm Bay Public Works Palm Bay July Mr. Michael Drozeck, PE, CFM Mr. Rodney Lynn, PE, CFM Orange County Engineering Department Orange County Stormwater Management Orlando July Orlando July Mr. David May, PE Osceola County Kissimmee July Mr. Daniel Negron, PE, CFM Orange County Engineering Department Orange County Engineering Department Orlando July Orlando July Ms. Penny Post, PE, CFM Mr. Barney Weiss Palm Bay Public Works Palm Bay July Mr. Edward Diggs Granite Technologies Deltona August Mr. Shane Kovacs Granite Technologies Deltona August Mr. Thomas Mehegan Granite Technologies Deltona August Ms. Yolanda Price City of Palm Bay Palm Bay August Mr. Joseph Sondheim City of New Smyrna Beach New Smyrna Beach August Ms. Stephanie Thomas City of Ocoee Ocoee August Mr. Stoney Brunson City of Clermont Clermont September Mr. Tim Clayton City of Clermont Clermont September Mr. Curtis Leonard Titan America Longwood September Mr. Joe McMahon City of Clermont Clermont September Mr. David VanDever, Jr. City of Clermont Clermont September The Central Florida Branch would like to THANK all of our current members and WELCOME all of our NEW members who joined APWA during this quarter. We would like to encourage input on how we can make our Branch better and we can better provide you with better educational meetings and events. Please contact anyone listed on the back page of this Newsletter. And we always have room for more folks on our Branch Executive Committee. The Branch is only as good as WE as a TEAM make it!
  21. 21. Fall 2013 Page 21   2013 APWA Central Florida Branch   4:30pm Tour of Port Canaveral’s NEW Welcome Center!! December Business Meeting  WHEN: Friday, December 6, 2013  WHERE: Rusty’s Seafood  628 Glen Cheek Drive, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920, (321) 783‐2033  For map and directions please visit www.rustysseafood.com    4:30pm: Tour of Port  Canaveral’s NEW Welcome  Center   Buffet Dinner Includes:    Salad Bar  6:00pm—Networking  Appetizers:  Bacon Wrapped Scallops   Bacon Wrapped Shrimp  Smoked Fish Dip  Fresh Fruit Tray  7:00pm—Dinner  Carved Prime Rib  Encrusted Mahi­Mahi  Sautéed Chicken w/Onions &  Mushrooms  Roasted Red Potatoes, Rice Pilaf  Steamed Vegetable Medley    COST: $40/PERSON  Please make checks payable to:  “Central FL Branch APWA”,   PO Box 1788, Sanford, FL 32722‐1788  REGISTRATION  COMPANY/ ORGANIZATION:___________________________________________________________  YOUR  RSVP by Monday, December 2, 2013 to   Althea Parrish via EMAIL Parrisha@sanfordfl.gov (no shows will be billed) 
  22. 22. APWA 2013-2014 Central FL Branch Officers & Executive Committee Chairman: Chair-Elect: Secretary: Mike McCabe mccabm@palmbayflorida.org Matt LaChance Mlachance@VHB.com Angela Lawrence Agela.Lawrence@atkinsglobal.com District Representative: Vice Chair: Althea Parrish parrisha@sanfordfl.gov Chris Thompson cthompson@tavares.org Membership Chair: Awards and Newsletter Chair: Christiane Nelson cmnelson@universalengineering.com Scholarship Chair: EC Member: EC Member: Dave Derrick Dderrick@kissimmee.org Rick Howard richard.howard@cityoforlando.net Amanda Millirons milla@palmbayflorida.org Treasurer: Volunteer Chair: Rodeo Chair: Amy Blaida amy.blaida@rsandh.com EC Member: EC Member: Greg Kern Gregory.Kern@stvinc.com Paul Moore paul.moore@sanfordfl.gov Scott Martin smartin@volusia.org Herb Raybourn hraybourn@rcid.org Mark Juliano mjuliano@hollyhillfl.org $85 Membership JOIN APWA FOR $85 (regularly $169)! FIRST-TIME MEMBER SPECIAL OFFER! The American Public Works Association is offering a $85 one-year Individual Membership to industry professionals who have never been an APWA national association member. The American Public Works Association is an international educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies, and individuals dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services. APWA is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated in the state of Illinois. GO here for the offer.