Sell anywhere link introduction 2011 [compatibility mode]


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Sell anywhere link introduction 2011 [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Boost sales conversion by allowing shoppers to buy with as little effort as shoppers to buy with as little effort as possible 
  2. 2. • If you accept orders on‐line, the right landing page  has a huge impact on your sales conversion rates • Over 75% of sales are lost due to complex buying  and checkout processes creating confusion and  uncertainty s oppe s a o buy a e , a e a do a o o • If shoppers want to buy an item, make a donation or  purchase a ticket – shouldn’t they be sent to a site  where they can do this with as little effort as  y possible?Reference: The Future of Search Series, 2011
  3. 3.  15 years successful ecommerce experience (3D3 com/ ( 3D3.COM Pty Ltd GlobeCharge) Develops owns and distributes ShopFactory since 1995. Provides development services for GlobeCharge and santu.  Melbourne based, 95% of Resells GlobeCharge and santu services. revenue from Global Clients  Domestic and International presence E-Commerce software  Over 230,000 Customers Worldwide  Partners world wide, IFC (WorldBank), PayPal, SSB (Italian Banks consortium) and others  30 People GlobeCharge Pty Ltd Product Search EngineProvides order processing services to Lists products from ShopFactory shops and Smart Buy Now Links.  $2.4m pa – Profitable!ShopFactory and santu users.Owns and operates santu. Provides Smart Buy Now Links  Core Technology protected by patents
  4. 4. The Market is going Mobile• Mobile Payments to triple to $670B by 2015; Digital goods will represent 40% of  transaction (Juniper Research, July 2011)• Mobile payments will be mainstream within the next 4 years (KPMG, July 2011)• ‘Online Retailers top media shopping lists’ (AFR, July 2011) – Fairfax and James  Packer pursing their stakes in online retailing• More than half of all Australians are expected to have a smartphone by the end of  p p y the year*• 86% use their mobile device in conjunction with watching TV*• Half of all internet searches are done with a mobile device (*AMI, Oct 2011) Half of all internet searches are done with a mobile device (*AMI Oct 2011)Are you positioned to capture your share?
  5. 5. Imagine if you could ...• Add value to your existing business and stake key ground in the on‐line retail market• Convert more sales by preserving the buyer impulse of customers who know what they  y want to buy ‐ Over 75% of sales are lost due to complex buying and p y g checkout processes creating confusion and uncertainty• Capture your share of the markets for Physical and Digital goods
  6. 6. Sell Anywhere Links look like any other Internet Address. But they have a complete e‐Commerce Add B h h l Csolution with shopping cart built in. For example:  | |  |•Click the Sell Anywhere Link online, in an email, or enter the link into a browsing device such as an iPhone, PDA or computer. a browsing device such as an iPhone PDA or computer•Arrive directly at a secure Checkout, instead of a webpage, pay and have digital or physical goods automatically deliveredh di it l h i l d t ti ll d li d
  7. 7. • Not Just another Ecommerce Solution – If you have no current solution, you get everything you need – If you already have a solution, it can be an adjunct to existing Ecommerce solutions by  enabling quick set up of campaigns to take advantage of market opportunities, without  the IT hassle – A tool to help increase sales by making it easier for customers to buy, when they have  already made the decision • Security & Privacy – Multiple delivery mechanisms • Your customers can still browse – Sell Anywhere Links are designed to capture the buying impulse and hold onto  customers until they have placed their order by minimizing any distractions. And once  customers until they have placed their order by minimizing any distractions And once they have placed their order, they can still browse your products to order even more.6 October 2011
  8. 8. Find a Sell Anywhere Link in a magazine. Link in a magazineEnter it in any browsing device to buy the iPod device to buy the iPodright now!Grab your smartphone & try it yourself! 
  9. 9. There it is. In the shopping cart. I h h iCheck out and it is yours.No distractions which cost sales. The No distractions which cost sales Thebuyer goes straight to the checkout page.  Click on a link online or enter the Sell Anywhere Link address into the Sell Anywhere Link address intoany browsing device. The outcome will be the same.
  10. 10. A Simple URL can be much more (Physical Goods Example) Identity & Security  Interfaces to Payment management & Shipping Partners Shopping Cart •Device independent •Isolation from technology churn Isolation from technology churn Ecommerce Features •Order Management •Advertising Tracking •Fraud ManagementTurbo Charged URL g g •Accounting Packages A ibl i T diti l & O li di•Accessible via Traditional & On‐line media •Discount Vouchers•Underpinned by 15k lines of code •Membership Management•Direct to Secure Check out Capture Buying  For Buyers who know  Impulse what they want
  11. 11. A Simple URL can be much more (Digital Goods Example) Identity & Security  Interfaces to Payment management Shopping Cart Enabled by yp g g Ecommerce Features •Order Management •Advertising Tracking •Fraud Management Turbo Charged URL g g •Accounting Packages A ibl i T diti l & O li di •Accessible via Traditional & On‐line media •Discount Vouchers •Underpinned by 15k lines of code •Membership Management •Direct to Secure Check out Isolation from Technology  Device IndependentNB Bunnings DIY is an example only & & Backend Churnnot associated with Santu
  12. 12. Use one, consistent solution  , online & offline  W b it | Magazines | R di | PDF files Websites Radio fil MS | Blogs | Newspapers | Word | Email | Classifieds | Movie advertising | Emails | Facebook | Newsletters | Advertorials | I Images | MySpace | TV | Brochures | Promotions | PowerPoint | YouTube | Livery | Multi-media presentation | Concert posters | Instore TV | Flash tutorials | Fli k | RSS feeds | C t t Flickr Billboards | Product placement | SMS | Live Messenger (MSN) | Skype | Business cards | Online videos | Product presentations | Forums | Publications |Podcasts | Chats | Stickers | Vodcasts | Flash animations | Skywriting | Internet radio | Google AdWords | Postcards | Twitter g
  13. 13. NO technology hurdle when transferring sales  initiated offline onto the Internet for payment initiated offline onto the Internet for payment Order by SMS 123 667 d• Customers must have a  • Customer must be registered  • Simply enter the link into  scanner or camera  before being able to buy any browsing device to buy connected to their Internet • Complex Process: PayPal  • Works online and offline access device requires customers to send an i d • Supports mobile devices• Software to convert the data SMS to a number, to wait for a matrix into an online link return SMS, to click on a link in must be installed must be installed that SMS to go online to locate that SMS to go online to locate• Data Matrixes only work in product to place an order print • Process is not transparent –• Many potential customers Many potential customers  customers don t know what to customers don’t know what to do not know what this is  – expect – education is required.  education is required • Only works offline.
  14. 14. What stops other e‐solutions p PayPal Amazon e‐junkie Santu Buy Now Button Buy Now Button Buy Now Button Sell Anywhere Link Works anywhere online     Works offline     No HTML coding     Supports manual payment  methods such as cash on      Delivery, postal pick‐up Connects to 50 + Payment  gateways     Supports Digital product sales Supports Digital product sales     Supported  Not supported  Limited support or 3rd Party support
  15. 15. Getting Started• We value your feedback so we’d love you to start trying it...for FREE! • Go to and select the ‘Free Trial’• We will upgrade you to the  ‘Enterprise’ Plan  to use for FREE for 3 months• And let us know what you think!