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Pink Video Analysis

  1. 1. Pink Video Analysis I have analysed one music video of Pink: Just like a pill, I have focused on four aspects: camera, editing, sound and mise en scene. This will gain me knowledge about music videos as well as primarily analysing videos to a higher standard. I also intend to look at videos in more detail as I continue to analyse them to initially improve my own personal standard and I intend to compare contrasting videos for more analysis in later video analysis posts.
  2. 2. <ul><li>This song is based on a relationship which is not a good one and they need to get out and leave but ‘pink’ keeps staying in the relationship giving the metaphorical language that she is addicted similar to a pill hence ‘just like a pill’. In the song she discusses her anger and her need to run and leave but she doesn’t, she makes references to hospitals and rehabs hinting as though she needs help. In the video, the mise en scene, editing, camera and sound has been deliberately made to show her frustration and need for help as though she is desperate. </li></ul>Just like a Pill Video Analysis
  3. 3. <ul><li>Camera: The camera zooms in and out going in and out of focus showing how things are confusing to her, creating a mental state similar to when somebody is suffering from an addiction- this helps the audience to understand her emotions better. In my opinion, the main camera movement is the focus lens which focuses in and out of scenes, there is also the pan which moves from scene to scene with quick editing cuts. The pan movement is easy to follow allowing the scenes and different images to flow into one like a film. The camera movement is also unsteady at times to show the desperation and sudden need to run, this is when she is running creating the impression of realism. There are a lot of medium shots helping to show her body language which is full of anger and shame. There is also the first shot of Pink which is a birds eye view showing her upside down, again reflecting her mental state which correctly conveys the lyrics of despair and hopelessness. When the camera zooms in though, there are various close ups of Pinks face helping the audience to be drawn in and to understand her thoughts and emotions much better. </li></ul>Just like a Pill- Camera
  4. 4. <ul><li>Mise en Scene: The whole way through the video, it is very dark and bleak giving negative connotations depicting her life in an unhappy sense which also links to ‘Pinks’ current emotions. At the beginning, her name ‘Pink’ is stated on a wall like Graffiti, the wall is dull and faded representing her as a person to have faded into somebody she dislikes. It also allows the audience to associate graffiti with derelict areas so therefore the audience already have gathered a mental image of a negative setting and atmosphere. It then edits to the piano playing by itself depicting a ghost which can be associated with Pink herself and how she is not in control of herself feeling lost where she is. Her makeup and hair is dark giving connotations of vampires and as though she only comes out at night to escape people and the outside world. In the rehab scene, there are many people behind in action yet she feels out of place alone, she also shows her body language as though she is frustrated. One scene of her surrounded by rabbits and another with an elephant is bizarre but helps the audience to clearly visualise her thinking methods which are not the social norm giving a clear portrayal of her need for help and her desperation. </li></ul>Just like a Pill- Mise en Scene
  5. 5. <ul><li>Editing : Editing is the process or selecting and bringing different shots together, different music videos have different sounds and editing tends to fit well and work around the sound and this is why I have decided to analyse the two aspects together. The main editing technique is similar to ‘wipe’ where a visible screen takes over the one already on, however, this is extremely old fashioned but a similar concept has been applied to the more modern Pink video, where instead of a bar as traditionally used coming across, the new scene is applied. Its unique and contemporary and therefore it catches attention rather than using the simple cut. There are also signs of cross cutting back and forth to different scenes which can be fairly disorientating but again is fascinating and professional when in beat to the music. The main beat of this song is the drums which creates a harsh effect in the background and her singing over the top is what the video is based on creating a plot around the lyrics. </li></ul>Just like a Pill- Editing & Sound