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Ladyhawke Lyrics

  1. 1. Ladyhawke- My delirium lyrics analysis
  2. 2. Late night, waiting by the phone Tonight waiting for an answer Heartbeat drumming double time I need one more chance to be near you This means waiting for somebody after being with them, she sounds infatuated with this person with strong emotions yet my argument is that in the music video I have researched her emotions seem blank and I would argue that there needs to be more obvious emotions to show how desperate she is for communication This is a frustrating thing for somebody when waiting and trying to be patient and therefore this singer is probably filled with mixed emotions of excitement and frustration This states desperation. After researching the music video, the mise en scene setting was what I expected where the singer is lying on the bed with the phone waiting singing out her emotions This gives the impression that everything is s silent that she can even hear her heartbeat, which also suggests she is nervous as it beats double the amount of normal
  3. 3. Still hanging on (for what) Can't operate (fired up) I won't eat eat and i sleep for you yeah No rest till i (get through) Coz I'm holding out (for you) Am i the only one who's insane When she says ‘for what’, it shows that she's doubting this person and is beginning to become fed up This shows how she's beginning to feel alone and is asking others whether they feel the same because she is doubting her own mental state This is slightly irrational but the songs gives the impression how one person cares but the other doesn’t at all This depicts how her thoughts and need to see and meet this person again is affecting how she is in her daily life and how she can’t operate
  4. 4. Hey! you're playing with my delirium And the longer i wait the harder I'm going to fall Stop! playing with my delirium Coz I'm out of my head and out of my self control Still here in this quiet room Deep in delusion sending me over Outside watch the world go by Inside time stands still as i wonder This shows how the person is ‘messing’ around with her head, in other words her ‘delirium’ This could be a metaphor for her feelings and how she is going to be hurt if he never calls back when she eventually falls and gives up This shows how she’s eventually becoming annoyed with her slowly building her frustration Many girls can relate to this feeling where they become so frustrated and angry at a situation that they feel out of control of their own emotions This gives the impression that she's alone or feeling lonely with the room and her emotions only being there This describes how the world around her is fast yet her own personal world is slow as she wonders alone in her room
  5. 5. About her.. <ul><li>Ladyhawke is an individual in the music world, she wears only men's clothes because she says she feels more comfortable in them but doesn’t loose any femininity. Her best known song is ‘Paris is Burning’- this was written after a visit to Paris and is played in various runway shows, another intriguing fact is of how she named herself after the 1985 film ‘Ladyhawke’. </li></ul> This is a link to a forum which has began to discuss Ladyhawke’s recent album. I intend to research up more on forums and how they affect the music industry, I also want to ask questions or research answers on forums to get public feedback a different way other than surveys but a wide range of research and knowledge.