Judas Lyrics


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Judas Lyrics

  1. 1. The Charlatans - Judas
  2. 2. Analysis of the lyrics.. <ul><li>After analysing various song lyrics from differing music artists in preparation for my music video, this specific song has also been considered, but before hand it is essential that the lyrics are looked at in detail so that I feel confident it has the potential to be my own music video. The lyrics of a song are essential and if the music video does not fit in with the meaning of the lyrics, then it is pointless as it will contradict itself to the audience. The lyrics often come from the writers point of view and their own opinions which often means that songs in today's society are extremely subjective and opinionated and therefore there is the issue with a few songs where the public do not understand. I believe, however, that creating an unusual innovative music video will help create suspense and interest, it can still interlink with the lyrics, yet be slightly misunderstood to make it less conventional. This is one of the main reasons as to why I have chosen to analyse this song and it is due to its complex lyrics and how the vast majority of people will have to listen to it more than once to understand it. </li></ul>
  3. 3. The Lyrics.. Here are the lyrics for the song called Judas, this will help me gather a clearer idea about the song and how I could possibly use it in a music video Searching for the very souls who've already been sold Go on your way accordingly my son I will privately accept you And together sneak away and fly to another land It appears like a religious song with many hidden messages from the classic bible stories with references to Judas which links in with the idea of betrayal and weakness ‘ Searching for the very souls who’ve already been sold’ this could mean that people have already made their choices in life yet are given an opportunity to change When it discusses another land, it creates the impression that this land is private to get away from the public of people where he shall be privately accepted and therefore in the music video- there could be a rural scenery throughout creating the more secretive atmosphere The lyrics are very meaningful and therefore within a music video, the lighting could be quite bright to give a spiritual impression giving mixed meanings to the audience
  4. 4. <ul><li>In the cold, cold eyes of Judas Oh, help me in my hour of weakness I will secretly accept you And together we can fly away to another land </li></ul>This verse is based more upon betrayal and negativity, within a video, one possible idea would be to use quick shots creating suspense and tension possibly with words such as ‘Judas’ linking in with the lyrics but creating interest in a different way and the editing could be done to make the music words fit in with the shots Again it makes references to another land and therefore the shots should be possibly slanted to create an unusual impression about a place as though its not where people go but is rarer. In my opinion its based upon pretending to the public that you don’t like somebody but in reality understand them or believe them and by using metaphors of the bible, the lyrics give the impression.
  5. 5. Ooh, can you tell me how you feel today? I found love, sweet, sweet music Can you tell me how you feel today? I found love, sweet southern bliss, yeah, yeah, yeah This verse is the chorus which the most positive upbeat part of the song creating a change This verse is based upon finding love and this is linked in with music giving people a better attitude to those listening Because there is a change in the lyrics, there will need to be a drastic change in music video which needs to be carefully planned The environment could possibly be much sunnier in a different environment and shot in the daylight where the sun is at its highest point
  6. 6. Other songs.. <ul><li>The charlatans have released other songs in the past that may be more popular, it is important to understand the variety of songs released by the band to understand more about their genre and themes. One of the more famous songs is called ‘you’re so pretty, were so pretty’ which is well recognised. Also they have released ‘blackened blue eyes’ and ‘how high’.. </li></ul><ul><li>It is possible that this song will be used for the music video and if it is chosen then I will complete further research on the band itself through internet research to get an idea about their style of music and more about the song ‘Judas’ itself and what the public reaction was to it and the varying opinions including how well it did. </li></ul>http://new.music.yahoo.com/charlatans-uk/videos/view/how-high--2140210