Coldplay Fix You Music Video Plan 2


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Coldplay Fix You Music Video Plan 2

  1. 1. Coldplay Fix You Music Video Plan second Draft This time I have looked closer into the plan and have added various camera shots to create a more accurate perception of the video. I shall then create a storyboard by drawing images and then adding a few comments about before getting feedback from that. 0- 12 seconds - Church scenes - Different shots of a church (a variety) - Gloomy impressions - Establishing shots - Long shots and tilting up to the top of the church to show how it is quite scary and dominating in the scenery 12- 28 seconds - Walking down the church isle (despair), camera shots at a low angle following at the feet (mysterious) - Tilt up to the cross to show how it is important - Walks to the end in front of the cross - Shots to the church organs to link to the backing music at this point - Low angles of the cross - Person at different parts of the church cutting from one to another showing restlessness: shot motion shot 28- 33 seconds - walking through graveyard at night linking to the lyrics of ‘can’t sleep’ - establishing shots - Long shots - shots of the sky being dull and bad weather 33-39 seconds - Car reversed in night and there are street lights or could also be daylight or a mixture flicking between the two (reversing done through the editing) –‘stuck in reverse’ lyrics - Long shots of the car and panning to show how it is reversing 39- 47 seconds - ‘Tears come streaming down your face’ so will have someone with running makeup to create the dull impression - Shot of the church organ/ bell to show how it dominates and is scary - Gloomy dark woods - Extreme close ups and close ups on the face 47- 1.08 seconds - Grey gloomy depressing scenes - Mainly there will be establishing shots but the camera movements such as dolly trucking to create a smooth image of the scenes and also panning around the scenes - Sun setting - Cross - Graveyard - Black and white scenery shots- establishing shots - Graffiti derelict areas, this scene could be zoomed in on to show the extent and level of the negativity and crime - Shots which I have created which is artistic through spray cans linking the lyrics and words
  2. 2. - Someone walking through the woods, this can be medium closes or ranging from long shots, extreme longs shots and then close ups to create different impressions - Someone on a bike with unsteady camera 1.08- 1.44 seconds - scene to someone playing piano with candles around possibly- any scene shot could be used possibly close ups though, to emphasise the light - lights (street lights, motorway at night, outside window, candles) - ‘ignite’ ‘your’ ‘bones’ separate words artistically used (graffiti) – a slightly off angle, slanted angle to show artistic imagination - Starts to walk faster or run- there could be a mixture of unsteady camera and smooth - Piano again – long shots, medium close ups and also zoom in or extreme close ups of somebody’s fingers when playing the piano - ‘fix you’: sunset possibly, woods becoming lighter from the early morning - establishing 1.44-1.50 seconds ‘High up above or down below’ - could use two differing scenes, one low angle and high angle on someone upset - possibly an extreme close up on tears to show despair 1.50- 2.12 seconds - Guitar kicks in - Negativity - Grey - Could be a mixture of scenes, mainly scenes such as black and white sceneries using establishing shots and long shots 2.12- 2.28 seconds - Piano shots- medium close ups, long shots, close ups – as long as the piano is captured to the timing of the music - ‘lights’ scenes- long shots/ establishing shots - Kieran standing before the night scene- a long shots or medium close up 2.28- 3.31 seconds - smiling shots, could use many people from all ages- extreme close ups - train scene sped up and at night time- establishing shots, the camera does not have to move as the train will creating the movement of the scenery - possibly a live gig on the electric guitar- any shots but zoom in or close up of the electric guitar at some point - motorway sped up scene- establishing, could move the camera panning from right to left or visa versa for more interest - car driving through the lights- establishing - running through the woods- could be an unsteady shot or smooth or a mixture, medium close ups, long shots and establishing shots - holding hands in air in front of scenery- medium close ups/ long shots - running through sceneries - camera spinning in a field- establishing, may become blurred - bike and camera in woods 3.32- 4.24 seconds - tears streaming whilst smiling- extreme close up
  3. 3. - camera spinning at different scene or sunnier at same place- establishing 4.24- the end - Piano to begin and at the very last shot- long shots or extreme close up - Church scene- establishing and extreme long shots - Shots not moving or in slow motion of lights: candle, streets at night etc - Train in slow motion or slowing down- establishing - ‘ignite your bones’ stuck down somewhere in a scene- close ups and long shots to show where it is and what it says