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Resources for veterans and career professionals

Recommended websites, tools, books, documentaries, and films to help understand veterans of OIF and OEF and provide veterans with job search and career/educational planning assistance. #MACCA2014 #GIBill

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Resources for veterans and career professionals

  1. 1. Provided by Amy Armstrong Websites and Other Resources on OIF/OEF Veterans User-friendly information on a range ofbenefits for active dutymilitary andveterans. Also, offerseasy accessto websites forstate veterans’ benefits. Remember:veteransare eligible for state benefitsinadditionto federalbenefits,but they needtoapply for them separately.Alsoincludesa military to civilian skills/job translator. About Careers/Military Careers Includesdescriptionsof most military jobsby branchand a list ofrelated civilian occupations. This information canalso be helpful if youare working withstudents whoare interested in joiningthe military and wantmore information about required ASVABscoresandother qualifications. United States Census—“A Snapshot ofOur Nation’sVeterans” Infographics Visual representations ofkey statistics related to the demographicsof veterans. Veterans Administration Accesstokey online services includingregistration with VA formedical andeducation benefits. GI Bill(via VA) This is the direct link to VA’sGI Bill page.This information canbe foundthroughtheir main website as well. IAVA—Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Founded byOIF veteran, Paul Reickoff, to connect veterans to each other,ease the transition to civilian life, and advocatefor veterans’ rights. Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) Advocatesforactive duty career military women as well as female veterans. Recommended Booksand Films Chasing Ghosts by Paul Reickhoff Baker Boys: Inside the Surge (documentary)—Jon Steele The Invisible War (documentary)—Kirby Dick Generation Kill (HBO mini-series, 2008) based Rolling Stone reporter, Evan Wright’s account of his experience being embedded with a platoon of Marines in Iraq. The Forever War by Dexter Filkins (Google his original reporting as well.) American Sniper, Chris Kyle