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PowerPoint presentation used to train librarians at The New York Public Library on career resources available through databases and for free via the Internet.

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Career information resources at your fingertips sasb

  1. 1. Career Information Resources at Your Fingertips People, Books, Databases, and more!
  2. 2. Introductions Happy to be here!
  3. 3. What to Expect This workshop is about doing things Goal: To have every participant here leave with at least three things you can’t wait to use to help a job seeker at your branch
  4. 4. Career Resources Information for People Who Don’t Know What they Want to Do
  5. 5. Defining Resource “ 1 a. a source of supply or support . . .” “ 1 e. a source of information or expertise.” “ 2 Something to which one has recourse in difficulty.” "resource." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary . 2010. Merriam-Webster Online. 23 January 2010
  6. 6. Career Information We All Need Self knowledge—who are you and how do you fit into the world of work? Interests, values, skills and personality Occupational information Job description, working conditions, typical employers, wages, education and training required, career progression; outlook Employer information Location, size, culture, organizational structure, trends/initiatives, leadership team
  7. 7. Where Does the Library Come In? Information Emotional support Workspace Referrals to resources outside the library
  8. 8. Job Seeker Resources @ the Library People Librarians Staff (Pages, Technical Assistants, Security, Specialists) Volunteers and Volunteer Career Coaches Presenters Information/Materials Databases Books Computers/Wireless Space
  9. 9. Self Assessment & Exploration Parties, Quizzes and Career Cruising
  10. 10. Free Informational Interviews Road Trip Nation Ben Zander and Tom First
  11. 11. Bolles’ Party Exercise Adapted from What Color is Your Parachute? Assumption: people like to work with people like them Based on Holland personality types
  12. 12. Realistic Types Practical Thrifty Genuine Enjoys the outdoors Prefers tangible to intangible/theoretical
  13. 13. Investigative Types Curious Rational Analytical Critical Intellectual Enjoy research; ask a lot of questions
  14. 14. Artistic Types Expressive Idealistic Original Nonconforming Includes those who appreciate art as well as those who create it
  15. 15. Social Types Helpful Cooperative Kind Patient Like to be of service to others or to provide emotional support
  16. 16. Enterprising Types Persuasive Talkative Confident Highly Money-Motivated Energetic
  17. 17. Conventional Types Efficient Orderly Obedient Methodical Love to establish and maintain order
  18. 18. Holland Hexagon Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional Data People Ideas Things Opposites
  19. 19. Overview of Career Cruising Electronic resource Available from any computer with internet access with an NYPL Library Card Career Matchmaker Job profiles, school search, financial aid Resume Builder
  20. 20. Looking for Work How it’s done versus how it should be done
  21. 21. Most Effective Job Search Strategies Networking—co-workers, previous supervisors, friends, family, etc. Yellow pages/cold calling Classifieds in the newspaper Internet job postings
  22. 22. Most Heavily Used Strategies Responding to job postings online Newspaper classifieds Networking Cold calling
  23. 23. In Short The average job seeker has no idea how to go about looking for work.
  24. 24. Job Hunting Challenges Job seekers with international degrees Lack of computer skills No phone/email address/computer
  25. 25. International Degrees U.S. Department of Education Credential evaluation services Usually nonprofit Reports are not free Non-credit/non-degree evaluations Other evaluation services Cost for evaluation or exam
  26. 26. Computer Skills Computer Resource Centers- -NYC Department of Parks and Recreation Courses by skill level Locations throughout NYC Free courses Internet and printer access
  27. 27. Phone Service Lifeline Service by SafeLink Wireless Universal Service Administrative Company Information on options for low income families—wireless and landline
  28. 28. Free Email Services Top 17 Free Email Services
  29. 29. Resources for Older Workers AARP Foundation Worksearch National Employer Team
  30. 30. Print Resources aka Books
  31. 31. Recommended Books Farr, Michael (2006). Seven Step Job Search: Cut Your Job Search Time in Half Whitcomb, Susan Britton (2006). Job Search Magic: Insider Secrets from America’s Career and Life Coach Beshara, Tony (2006). The Job Search Solution: The Ultimate System for Finding a Great Job Now Lore, Nicholas (1998). The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success Bolles, Richard Nelson (any edition). What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job Hunters and Career Changers
  32. 32. Evaluating Resume Books Target audience Presentation/format Quality of information Quality and breadth of examples
  33. 33. Target Audience Career and education level Skill set/Industry? Situation
  34. 34. Presentation/Format Correct grammar and spelling Professional layout Clarity of instructions Examples and worksheets
  35. 35. Information and Examples Examples of good resumes Range of samples “Typical” career path Special situations Chronological, Functional and Combination
  36. 36. But We Don’t Have a Copy of That Book Maybe not on paper, but perhaps digital?
  37. 37. eNYPL Materials Great for tech-savvy patrons Materials can’t get lost Patron may need extra guidance on reviewing the records and using materials at first
  38. 38. Can’t I Learn About Job Hunting During My Commute? But of course!
  39. 39. E-Audiobooks Search for Job Search Click on E-Audiobooks I’m drawn to The Ape in the Corner Office , but follow your own bliss on this one
  40. 40. Important Information Plays on Just because the e-audiobook plays on i-Pods and i-Phones doesn’t mean it can be downloaded to a Mac and transferred to the device Size Does your portable device have space? Digital Rights Information How can it be used?
  41. 41. E-Audiobooks Pros and Cons Extremely convenient option for commuters and people who love the gym Not a great choice for techno-phobes If your iTunes or OverDrive are more than three days old, odds are you will need to update one or both of them to get things to work Need high comfort level with adjusting import settings on iTunes to voice only
  42. 42. Best Part of eNYPL Resources They are available to anyone with a personal computer regardless of location!
  43. 43. I’ve Heard About this Obscure Career. Tell me about it. The Wild World of Occupational Research
  44. 44. Occupational Research Tools Occupational Outlook Handbook—widely available in print and online O*NET Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Career Cruising
  45. 45. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Search for Job Profiles Let’s look for a job profile together
  46. 46. Pull Up Ferguson’s Go to Books, DVDs and More Articles & Databases Click on the Home link in the description Narrow results by the subject Jobs Click on Ferguson’s
  47. 47. Search for Profile Type Ergonomist in the search box and click on the arrow button You will see two job profiles and one industry profile
  48. 48. Search Results
  49. 49. Information Available Description of what the work is like Earnings information Employment projections Related careers Related industries Traits Education and training/licensure requirements
  50. 50. Resources Directory of directories Let’s look at resources by industry Pick an industry that interests you What do you see?
  51. 51. Sample Industry: Fashion Education—list of educational institutions Periodicals and Websites—Includes consumer and trade publications Professional Industry, Trade Associations, and Unions
  52. 52. Career Cruising Assessments Matchmaker Skills Learning Styles Careers Schools Portfolio
  53. 53. Assessments Good for anyone making a career transition or unsure about what they want to do next Starts with 39 questions Can answer more if they want Results can be saved in portfolio
  54. 54. Careers Search by word Search by subject A-Z search (index) Search by cluster Career Selector—narrow choices by interest area/subject, earnings, required education, etc.
  55. 55. Career Cruising School Information Search for programs using specific criteria Courses of study offered Specific student services available Extra curricular activities Easy-to-use financial aid search
  56. 56. Researching Companies and Industries Vault and Wet Feet
  57. 57. Intro to Vault & Wet Feet Vault conducts surveys of individuals currently employed at large companies and incorporates the data into profiles of those companies. They also include discussion and message boards as part of their site. Vault’s Career Insider site includes career guides Wet Feet is mainly focused on career guides which used to be available in print only and are now digital.
  58. 58. When to Recommend Patrons who have an interview with a Fortune 500 company and need to do some research Patrons who have a good idea of the company or industry they want to work in, but need more information on who the big players are in the industry or want a list of the top companies for a particular industry
  59. 59. Wet Feet and Vault Not Ideal For Patrons who have absolutely no idea what they want to do No interest inventory Most of the information is too specific for a patron who is beginning career exploration to use at that point Patrons primarily concerned about coping with job loss or making a major life transition Patrons seeking employment with small businesses
  60. 60. Good Guides to Keep in Mind Wet Feet Changing Course, Changing Careers Finding the Right Career Path Careers with a Conscience Green Careers Vault Guide to the Case Interview Advanced Finance and Quantitative Interviews Culinary Careers Nursing Fashion Careers Media, Entertainment & Journalist Careers
  61. 61. Tips for Using Vault & Wet Feet Vault’s site will not work with IE 6 To use Vault---even on site---each user must register and create a user name and password before they can access the site Currently, Vault is only available on site at SIBL, but guides can be emailed home Wet Feet Guides can be emailed home to patrons or downloaded to a flash drive, but will require a password to open each time
  62. 62. People as Resources Librarians, SCORE, career coaches and more
  63. 63. People as Resources Librarians Technical Assistants SCORE counselors Career Coaches Friends/Family Co-workers Supervisors
  64. 64. Listening Does Something If you have a problem and you talk to someone about it, do you really want their answer? Experiment: Divide into pairs One person tells the other about a problem Switch
  65. 65. Listening Experiment Did the other person offer advice? Was it helpful? Why/why not?
  66. 66. Challenges and Problems Focus on listening and reflecting rather than trying to fix everything Clarify what the patron would like assistance with Review possible options Walk the person through as much as you can Show the patron how to look-up materials Walk with the patron to set-up an appointment
  67. 67. Career Coaching Expectations & Realities
  68. 68. Quick Question How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
  69. 69. What does coaching mean to you? Motivation Guidance/suggestions for improvement Creating a plan
  70. 70. Coach and Client Coach Clarifies needs Establishes goals Collaborates with client on creating an action plan for reaching goals Assesses progress Client Describes needs Agrees to established goals Collaborates with coach on creating an action plan Acts on action plan Tracks progress and reports to coach
  71. 71. Coaches are Resources For Emotional support Guidance on selecting and using career resources at the library Referral to other community resources, as needed Clarification and reframing; acting as a sounding board to help clients organize their thoughts regarding job search/career exploration
  72. 72. Advice-giving vs. Coaching Nobody wants to be told what to do; patients don’t listen to their doctors. Who is going to take a coach’s word as gospel? Coaching is about empowerment Helping people solve their problems Building skills to use for the rest of one’s career Decision-making Gathering and using information Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses
  73. 73. Reasonable/Unreasonable Expectations Reasonable Coach critiques resume Coach recommends tools for client to use in job search Coach helps client clarify interests and career goals/direction Unreasonable Coach writes resume for patron Coach gives client a job, list of open positions, or list of companies hiring now Coach tells client what he or she should do
  74. 74. Coaches at SIBL Approximately 19 career coaches including AARP coaches AARP coaches see clients who are age 50 or over on Tuesdays and Thursdays Some coaching appointments are available in the evenings as well as Saturdays All coaches are generalists---we do not assign clients by coach “specialty”
  75. 75. Coach Credentials Certificates/Certifications National Certified Counselor (NCC) Awarded by the National Board of Certified Counselors the same organization the publishes the National Counselor Exam for Certification and Licensure (NCE) Educational and experiential requirements Five O’Clock Club Coach Certification Program Other Programs Professional Background/Expertise