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Librarian at adams


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Published in: Education
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Librarian at adams

  1. 1. Librarian at Adams Goal:To teach information seeking skills To encourage pleasure reading
  2. 2. How to Make the Library More Effective aka Exemplary Library• Collaboration between teacher and librarian – Team plan units of instruction – Prepare task cards (Blooms Taxonomy) – Librarian is involved with curriculum planning• Major Unit on organized theme – E.g. Oceans • Varied activities that appeal to all learning styles – Mini units or subtopics • Weekly “Discovering levels of the ocean” • Librarian helps select resources • Uses technology
  3. 3. Exemplary Library• Integrate Library Program into class curriculum• Teach children how to be information literate – Child needs to interact with information sources (texts, online)• Teach information skills, teaching strategies, research methods, information sources
  4. 4. Exemplary Library• Only teach skills that fit naturally into the curriculum and have a need to use them• The librarian becomes an extension of the classroom… integrated … the students learn to apply skills immediately• Do not teach skills in isolation… need to learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom
  5. 5. Roles• Role of classroom teacher as content specalist• Role of librarian as resource specialist
  6. 6. How to work together• Brainstorming Session – Generate ideas – Information Literacy is the target• Librarian brings resources – Refining process begins – Decide objectives – Plans activities
  7. 7. Scheduling• Flexible Scheduling – Fits with students needs rather than a 30 min. block of time – Open access to library to the point of user need or desire• Simultaneous Use• No rigid schedule• Music/Art and PE are disciplines, Library is a service
  8. 8. Ideas• Collection Development Committee
  9. 9. What I can offer• Search Strategies – Big 6• Problem-Solving• OPAC• Databases• DKC Electronic Resources go to• Book Talks• Puppet Shows
  10. 10. Ideas• Latino Heritage Month• Black History Month• Children’s Book Week• Cesar Chavez• Evaluate Websites• Web scavenger hunt• How to make a newsletter on Publisher• Plagiarism/Copyright• Bibliographies
  11. 11. Ideas• PowerPoint• Newsletters• Dewey