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Slideshare to show my progress of my contents page


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Slideshare to show my progress of my contents page

  1. 1. I have kept my website for my magazine throughout it. I wanted my image to not be as eye catching as the one on my front cover as a contents page to be filled with more with information rather than images. My contents page title is in the same style and font text as my magazine name ‘TRASH’ on my front cover. My magazine will be separated into sections as shown on my contents page as this will be easier for the reader to find what they want to read about. My main headline is shown to be the most important story as it is supported by a large image and is in the bigger text compared to the rest.
  2. 2. Issue dates were put on to my contents page to look professional and to show the reader what issue they are buying. Page numbers were added as well as what is on each page to show the reader where to look. It also makes it easier for the reader to find the pages.
  3. 3. Smaller images were added to my contents page to make it filled as well as giving information to the reader and showing them music related images of artists/bands or events. Shapes were added to give my contents page a unique and individual style to it. An editor’s column was put on the contents page to make my music magazine look more professional and realistic towards the reader. This also gave the reader an idea of what was to be seen in this issue.
  4. 4. Backdrop shadows and back lights were put on some texts to make them have different effects as well as making them stand out more against the others if needed to.