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Location ideas


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Location ideas

  1. 1. Location ideas
  2. 2. Introduction • Before starting to film our music video, we wanted to research into possible locations and sites. • After researching similar artists to Erick Baker, I found that out door spaces was typical of the alternative/ folk genre.
  3. 3. Whitcliffe, Ludlow • The introduction to the video starts with a scene over a town, before the music begins. This image is accompanied by atmospheric sounds. • I think Whitciffe common would be a good location to use. It is local, free and offers a good view over town. The location can easily be revisited to get the right light etc.
  4. 4. Images of Whitcliffe
  5. 5. Queenswood • Queenswood suits the woodland location we were after. There are lots of woodland footpaths which would suit the narrative side of the video. There is a wide range of locations to use throughout the woodland, giving us more choice. The colours during the autumn season will also give our video colour & vibrancy. • Filming at Queenswood would have to be a day trip as it is about a 40 minute drive from Ludlow. We would have to plan for good weather and for everyone to be available on the same day.
  6. 6. Images of Queenswood
  7. 7. Ideas for per formative part of video • Ludlow Assembly Rooms- The group had an idea to use Ludlow assembly rooms, which has a small stage and auditorium which would contrast the outdoor scenes of the narrative part. • Low lighting on the stage would create a ‘low key atmosphere’ which would suit our alternative genre. The location is local, easy to use and again free! Permission would be needed to film here, I aim to ask whether it would be possible to use this space over the next week.
  8. 8. Images of Assembly Rooms
  9. 9. Hazards and precautions • • • • • • Tripping on tree roots Traffic Wires & leads in assembly rooms Heavy/ delicate Stage equipment Members of the public Uneven ground (especially in woodland areas.)