4.5 Day travel in Hainan Island


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4.5 Day travel in Hainan Island

  1. 1. Welcome to my2nd hometown ——Hainan Island Class 094 Amy H.Y. Zhang
  2. 2. Day 1, Haikou• Sam Bo Luong -refreshing and nutrient 清补凉
  3. 3. Location!• located at south end of China.• Separated from Leizhou Peninsula by Qiongzhou strait.• Hainan Island, Xisha archipelago, Zhongsha archipelago and Nansha archipelago.• Philippines towards the east,• Malaysia and Brunei towards the south,• Indonesia towards the southwest• Vietnam towards the west.
  4. 4. The prominent delicacies of Hainan• Wenchang Chicken 文昌鸡• JiaJi Duck 加积 鸭• DongShan Mutton 东山羊• Hele Crab 和乐 蟹
  5. 5. History!• dominated by Guangdong P.• In April 1949, the Hainan special administrative region senior official government office• subordinated to Gd P.• In April 1988, Hainan provincial peoples government.• The Hainan special economic zone.
  6. 6. weather character• tropical monsoon climate• the tropical oceanic climate
  7. 7. The Wugong Ci The Wugong TempleThe Five Officials TempleThe Five Great Men Shrine
  8. 8. the Tomb of Hai Rui
  9. 9. • Coconut Glutinous cake ¥3• 加积牛腩粉 Jiaji Noddle with Sirloin• 陵水酸粉 Lingshui Pickled Noddle• 灵山粗粉 Lingshan Thick Noddle• 抱罗粉 Baoluo Noddle• 海南粉 Hainan Cold Noddle
  10. 10. Day 2 , Sanya • Hawaii Of The East —Yalong Wan Yalong Bay Asian Dragon Bay • sea, sands, sunshine, lush green plants and fresh air. • Coconut grove
  11. 11. Sanya: a paradise for birds and bird lovers
  12. 12. Hainan Coconut Recipe Feast
  13. 13. Tropical Paradise Forest Park• Director Feng Xiaogang• "You Are the One Ⅱ" filming set
  14. 14. Tianya Haijiao• literally means edge of the sky, rim of the sea .• Ultima Thule of China.• Admission: 65 yuan
  15. 15. Tips!
  16. 16. Riding the waves in Chinas Hawaii• Riyuewan- Sun and moon Bay• Chinas biggest annual surf competition, Surfing Hainan Open• Spectators can watch for free.
  17. 17. Dinner!• Seafood Cuisines 海 鲜风味• Local caught lobsters, prawns, crabs, conch, sea cucumbers and jellyfish• tropical fruits are plentiful and inexpensive.
  18. 18. Dining Highlights• 海南萝卜糕 Hainan Carrot Pie
  19. 19. Day 3, Monkey Island• macaques
  20. 20. Ethnic Minority Groups• Li, Miao, Hui• retain their unvarnished customs and living habits.• 黎家竹筒饭 bamboo rice of the Li nationality• 特色黎家生态宴 LiJia Ecology Banquet
  21. 21. Hainan Island Nature Resource• the tropical crop base of China.• sisal• rubber outcome accounts 60%• coffee, coconut tree, pineapple
  22. 22. Luhuitou Peninsula• literally a deer looking back• The statue of Deer Turning Head• The highest point of Sanya City –LuHuitou Park• a landmark of Sanya city with a moving love story.
  23. 23. Wuzhizhou Island• scuba diving• ship diving• seabed strolling
  24. 24. 第四版人民币 2 元
  25. 25. Speciality!• 灵芝蟹• 海胆
  26. 26. the Pirate Bar
  27. 27. Day 4 , Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone• The land of Auspicious & Happiness 幸福吉祥之地 — NanShan Cultural Tourism Area• a precious land of Fengshui• the giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin which stands 108 meters (353.33 feet) high.
  28. 28. A second statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva• stands 3.8 meters high (12.47 feet)• diamonds and jade, among other precious stones.• It is said that its craftsmen used over 100 kg of gold to make this statue.
  29. 29. the Nanshan (South Mountain) Temple
  30. 30. protect all living creatures and to bring favorable weather and ample harvest.
  31. 31. Nanshan Nutritional Vegetarian Banquet 吃斋念佛• wild fungus• konjak 魔芋,蒟蒻• bean products.
  32. 32. Sea Watch Terrace• Just in front of the Nanshan Temple• directly facing the South China Sea
  33. 33. Fruits Feast