Ruben Pawlik communication plan


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By Nienke Sinnema and Rose Bertins.

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Ruben Pawlik communication plan

  1. 1. Ruben Pawlik is a genderless brand. Selling hand- (1) BRAND IDENTITYcrafted, quality garments, made in Italy. Brand keys; Tone of voice; propositional, Topic; break open constructed values, Niche; New luxury to designer prices, Gap; commer- cial brand identity, Tool; Branded story, Message; Not gender constructions, but Quality rules fashion preferences, Meet Ruben Pawlik Primary aim; passionate intimate and Ruben (1974) is an Antwerp based interactive relations with the consumer, designer who speaks Base; proposing new realities and Flemish, French and Italian. He embraces Burgundy Red, Royal thereby breaking open gender Blues and handcrafted quality be- constructions, Expressive value; cause of his love for royal and Foregrounding theatrical allure. He grew up being intrigued by art in Broad audience / niche market all its facets. Drawn to traditional art for its weight and aura, modern art for its reflection on what is Jacket €1300 happening in society today and popular culture for the way people react to these notions. He is fascinated by the function of identity and signs in contem- porary society. He plays with the boundaries, just to see how far they stretch. His big example is Yves Saint Laurent for his magnetism, his broad perspective on sex and gender and his focus on the person.INTRODUCTION He is currently inspired by theories of;Traditionally the world was divided in masculine and feminine characters; Judith Butler –pragmatic vs. emotional, active vs. passive, ratio vs. physical and leader vs. follower.Postmodern society strongly decodes these binary oppositions. “You as a subject do not create or cause institutions, discourses and practices, but they create or causeRuben Pawlik proposes a new reality, in which gender constructions no longer rules you by determining your (…) gender”fashion expression. and Malcolm Bernard –He sparks conversation and co-creation through art. And builds a passionate, intimate,realtionship with the academic target consumer. “It is not the case that fashion and clothing simply reflect an already existing sex and genderCompetitior analysis often show lack of strong brand identity and branded story. identity, but that they are part ofRuben Pawlik offers more then genderless fashion. the process by which attitudes to and images of both men and women are created and reproduced”.This plan is divided in seven parts which elaborate on the brand identity (1),the target consumer (2), the communication objectives (3), budget (4), the message (5),tools and media (6), and media planning (7).
  2. 2. (2)Target ConsumerA broad interactive audience will help spread brand awareness. A niche will buy the product and become an brand ambasador.Ruben Pawlik targets open minded, and refined, individuals, who consciously think about life. They are aware of binaryoppositions in the construction of modern day society and like to play with this. They shape their new reality with the helpof the arts, literature and fashion, which provides inspiration to endlessly (re)construct their identity.They have a high level of patience, are highly educated, and enjoy creating long, lasting relationships. At the same timethey truly value their individuality and enjoy celebrating this in hidden details, royal blues and deep tones.You find them amongst noted artists, journalists, writers, art dealers, professors, (attorneys, physicians, PR specialists,etc.) People of today, who consciously choose their media input.They educate and entertain themselves by reading, writing, or engaging in weighty discussions with their peers during socialactivities. They are culturally engaged and frequently see art house movies and watch TED conference videos. They readspecial intrest magazines, like Metropolis M or X-tra magazine which they pick up during the day, and enjoy spending anafternoon in the theater cafe drinking coffee while reading a stack of newspapers.They spend their evenings between work/ family related activities, or conscious relaxation in attempt toenjoy the scarce evening tranquility.They are attracted by the inhibition and cultural buzz of the metropolis and like to go on city trips. From time to time,they rediscover their own city when friends or family come over for a visit.They are familiar with online shopping and have a regularly visited set of distinctive boutiques. The academics are okaywith paying a premium for name branded clothing to buy into exclusivity and actualization. For them fashion isn’t much aboutwhat is “en VOGUE” but mostly about what they can wear for at least ten years. Quality is never out of style. (3) Communication objectives Aim is to become part of the target consumer’s evoked set regarding genderless fashion. Cognitive objective -Brand level: To break open current ways of looking at society, propose new visions, through art. Encouraging the potential consumer to think in a new, conscious light. -Product level: To generate awareness of the hand crafted, genderless fashion collection. Affective objective -Brand level: For the consumer to formulate a personal vision, on the construction of gender, and link the new insights to the brand. -Product level: Drawing the consumer to a close-up level of the collection, so they can get acquainted with the hidden details of handcrafted quality, linking this interst with genderless fashion. Behavioral objective -Brand level:To create a dialog by facilitating the target consumers and ambasadors to share their personal vision. -Product level: The campaign, leading the formulation of a personal vision, binds consumer and brand to convince him or her to buy a piece of the collection.
  3. 3. (4) Budget
  4. 4. (5) The messageAttention:To reference social constructs, we foreground current visionson them in art expressions. We thereby invite our consumer toconsciously think about how they view the world around them.Interest:Handcrafted quality, a collection which is not led by gender,The Art scene, Fashionweek, Postmodern society, Gender constructions,social constructions, conscious living, an internship programme tocelebrate Italian handcraft, Plenty of angles on the brand story toinspire and encourage consumer and press.Desire:With the angles and tone of voice we propose to create renewedawareness. Which establishes a bond between the consumer and the brand.The encouragement to form a personal vision on the matter serves thedesire to express this by becoming a brand ambasador. S.M.A.R.T ObjectivesAction: 1. Selling 2000 pieces of the collection.The consumers and ambasadors are invited to read and perhaps write for Average price € 700.the magazine. To form, share, and express their vision on the website.they are enticed to visit an art exposition, get triggered by the 2. 500 editors representing differentcollection, buy a part or otherwise explore our brand story. For Ruben magazines and online expressionsPawlik the ultimate honor is for them to take us on and invest time into attending the press event.responding to the message 3. 100 different media feature an editorial article about Ruben Pawlik within two months after the press event. 4. 700 visitors come to view our art exposition per metropolis. 5. 5,000 free copies of the magazine are picked up in the art expositions in the different metropolis 6. 6,000 free copies of the magazine are picked up in the stores where the collection is sold. 7. 20,000 website visitors. 8. 10,000 online magazine readers. 9. 2,000 online commenters. 10. 200 online article writers. 11. Break even point withing the first yr.
  5. 5. Tools & Media (6)Seven art expositions of seven Ruben Pawlikinspired paintings(a), in seven Europeanmetropolis.A press event and conference(b), at which allforty nine paintings are shown simultaniously,generate publicity.A sponsored magazine(c) available at theexpositions, which redirects readers to website Objectives Art Expositionand retail stores, further elaborates on the -Breaking open current ways of looking at; binary oppositions inbrand story. society, art and fashion communication through visual representations. 1)Artistic credibility, as this communicative means can only work whenA website(d) at which the consumer finds the the advertising presented as art is accepted as such.collection, creates an interactive relationship -Brand awarenessand buys the product. 2)Commercial value. The paintings will be used in and as print ad campaigns/ free publicity, and represent our brand and collection.All media link to each other, and the consumercan connect to each of them individually. Broad audience 3)Fashion aesthetic representation, as the consumer identifies with the brand aesthetic through the art.(a) Art ExpositionA collection of 49 Ruben Pawlik inspiredpaintings that foreground new realities on theconstruction of binary gender oppositions, isshown in groups of sevenThe comminuaction tool references the interestthe target consumer has in art.The expositions are held in Antwerp, Arnhem,Berlin, Paris, London, Milan and Stockholm, asthe collecion is sold at local retailers in thesemetropolis.Ruben Pawlik briefs seven up and coming artist tocreate a visual translation of the brand storythat serves as a representation of the fashionaesthetic.It is important to display different visions onthe gender matter to open the discussion.Visitors can pick up a limited special edition ofthe sponsored magazine at the exposition.
  6. 6. Project briefing – Ruben Pawlik – Proposing new realities Ruben Pawlik is a new brand selling handcrafted, genderless fashion. Our primary aim is to create extensive brand awareness with our target group. The brand is based on proposing new realities and thereby breaking open constructed values. A major branding objective is to invite our target group to think about what their personal vision is regarding these issues. We view the world as follows: In the post modern western society we have seen a strong shift of gender roles. Females have been fighting for the same rights as males and the criteria for emotional maturity have changed. Gender traits are no longer fixed; women can be pragmatic and rational, men can talk about feelings and inner conflicts. As these binary oppositions of genderThere are 3 rules: construction are being decoded we wonder what this could mean1. The paintings have to reference the Ruben Pawlik collection. Like art for the way we dress.and drawings traditionally displayed new fashion styles before photographywas invented.2. The paintings should show your personal vision on gender and itsrole in society. (remember that the aim is to make people more With this in mind we ask 7 upconscious about how they construct meaning in society) and coming artists from 7 me- tropolis to create 7 paintings3. You are asked to attend the grand opening, including conference and on canvas format 50 x 40 event in Antwerp. The paintings replace photo- graphic advertising. The aim of the exhibitionis to gener-You are invited to cooperate on a no sell/ no pay basis. Ruben Pawlik generates free publicity, and thereby helps ate free publicity stimulateyou establish your name in the world of art. Profit from paintings sold after the expositions in entirely fundedto the artist. Paintings are not for sale during the campaign. people to think for themselves and create new opinions.For an image of the target group, a broader perspective on the brand identity and collection please consult theincluded brand manual.
  7. 7. (b) Public Relations Objectives PRThe art expositions represent a new way of fashion advertising, drawing -Media bubble.back on historical fashion industry traits. 1) The press event will establish a link betweenThe press event and conference are aimed to start a discussion about the society, the Arts, Fashion, lifestyle,function of gender notions and to generate free pulicity in the postmodern discourses (their mediamagazines our target group reads. representatives), the internet (blogs, websites) and the brand.500 editors are invited to a press event and conference held in Antwerp,the residence of Ruben Pawlik, where, solely for this event, all 49 -Brand awarenesspaintings are shown at once. 2)Press is encouraged to form their ownThe conference will feature panels discussing the proposed issues to opinion inspired by the panels discussions atinspire the editors to form their opinion on, and write about, Ruben the conference.Pawlik. The brand story provides many different angles from which toapproach Ruben Pawlik. 3)It will generate traffic to the art, magazineThe artists will attend the event to elaborate on their inspiration and and website which are all media for thechoices. For them this is an interesting opportunity to connect to a brand to communicate its story.large and diverse group of press as well as like minded internationaltalents.All press will receive a special edition magazine serving as press pack,including all digital image material. Showstudio Adbusters Monocle Metropolis M Volkskrant Magazine X-tra Magazine Science of the time Nico Glamcult Little white lies
  8. 8. (c) MagazineA total of 12,000 FREE, bi-annual, special edition magazines is distrib-uted to seven countries.Each magazine batch is hand-numbered (1 /1250, 2/ 1250 etc.)The consumer edition is issued in 6 languages and available at the artexpositions and in Ruben pawlik selling retail stores.(Leclaireur, Paris. Ennu, Amsterdam. Paul & Friends, Stockholm. Daad,Milano. Dover Street Market, London. Apartment, Berlin. Louis, Antwerp.)The press edition is hexa-lingual; 6 languages in inoe magazine. Theseare only available during the press event and conference and serves aspress pack.Next to this an online version magazine as part of our website, will beavailable in each of the six languages.For the content of the magazine Ruben Pawlik refers you to the editorialformula. The tone of voice will be open, proposing and inviting. Ruben 1,250 ItalianPawlik will write about the topics that inspire and fascinate him, which 1,250 Swedishcome from society and will primarily evolve around gender issues. The 1,250 Germanreaders are triggered to give us their opinion and contribute to 1,250 Englishsubsequent editions, using the website as their medium. 2,000 French 4,000 Dutch (BE/NL)The follow up bi-annual editions are available online and in limited 1,000 Press editionshardcopy batches. 12.000 totalObjectives magazine-Brand awareness1) With the space to go deeper into the subject, the magazine elaborates on the brand’s vision and invites the reader to form their own vision, and display this in a next issue.2)The special press editions aims to inspire the editors to write about the brand and provides insight in the many angles to the brand story.-Consumer involvement3)Createing a magazine people want to keep because they attribute value to it.4)the magazine generates traffic to the art exposition(s), the website and the retail stores, as all of these different tools can be the starting point for the relationship between the consumer and Ruben Pawlik.
  9. 9. (d) WebsiteA no-nonsense approach to the online expression focused on co-creation of functional content andsales of the collection. Topical articles, conducted by the editorial team, relate to the brandstory and are complemented by work of actively involved consumers.The website is an essential tool to differentiate from the competition. Since, as stated in theintroduction, competitior analysis shows a lack of strong brand identity and branded story.The website has three main functions. All aimed at placing fashion within a more profoundsociological discourse.1. A platform which breathes vision, proposes new realities and tells the complete brand story.2. The implementation of a social conversation platform, where target consumer comments, produces and shares content.3. An online location for sales of the collection.Consumers enter the website from any of the four media used. (Art, Free publicity, Magazine, andpurchased items in retail stores). All very different worlds, and very different levels ofinvolvement.To bridge this gap, the website is divided in five visitor types; watchers, sharers, commenters,producers and ambassadors.Each type is linked to a stage. From forming vision to actively expressing it.Objectives Website- Form VisionWatchers can find their world in the visual and textual representations of the brand story. Thepaintings and magazine will be featured on the website accompanied by the collection presentation.- Formulate & share visionSharers distribute the Ruben Pawlik content over the Internets. As they usually share through theirown social media, the website is compatible with standard profile applications. For them, anotherpart of the website with additional sharers-only information is opened.Commenters comment on any topic, to stimulate them to form and share their vision sections on mul-tiple topics are opened to research and conrtibute to.Procucers actively create content. They contribute to both web content, and future editions of themagazine. A special feature will enable them to give shape to their own vision. They can copy piecesof the website and alter texts to their liking. And therewith create their own online content. Theycan play with visuals and upload personal references to their work.- Contribute to the brand story-Buyers of Ruben Pawlik garments are considered the ambassadors of the brand, they represent thebrand’s vision and spread it through worth of mouth.they are honored and treasured and contribute to the continuation of the brand story by sharingtheir purchase on the web.
  10. 10. (6) Media planning
  11. 11. Communication planRuben PawlikBy: Nienke Sinnema &Suze BeekeMay 2009 AMFI Int.Fashion Branding Yr 2