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  1. 1. 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 Analysis of Conventional Features of Existing Products
  2. 2. Teaser Trailer The first clip of the trailer shows one of the characters at a close up shot saying ‘You, are about to die’. We can also see that her eye contact is towards the camera, making it seem as she is talking to the audience. From this clip it leaves the audience puzzled as to why ‘we are about to die’. But it also leaves the audience puzzled as who the character is speaking to. This clip is very effective towards the teaser trailer because of the puzzled response the audience gets from this, therefore the audience will want to find out more The production company logo is always shown first within the sequence of a film trailer. This is a conventional feature that is used in all film trailers. In this case it is an animated logo, but company logos may also be still image. This is part of the film promotion and audience recognition.
  3. 3. Teaser Trailer These next two close up shots give an introduction to some other characters that star in the film. The different facial expressions give the audience a clue into the situation that they are in within the scene and what role they may be playing in the film as appose to the type of character they are. When the first clip is shown, a ‘bong’ sound begins and the numbers start to count down from thirty. The ‘bong’ sound erupts on each clip and as you can see in the clips above, the number also appears. This is a start to a build up within the sequence.
  4. 4. Teaser Trailer In a lot of clips throughout the sequence, characters running are featured. From this the audience may question ‘What are they running away from?’ or ‘Why are they running?’. Featuring these parts of the production within the trailer are effective to make the audience want to view more to find the answers to their questioning. Also, the continuous countdown adds an effect of tension build up and from these fast pace clips it gives a great tense effect.
  5. 5. Teaser Trailer These clips then go on to reveal to the audience what weapons are involved in the film. The sword clip also includes the sound effect of revealing the sword. This gives the audience a sense of thrill when the sword clip is shown. The showing of weapons also gives the audience a small taster of the action involved in the film. Also, a tense drumming beat begins and then carry ’s on throughout the trailer continuously, along with the ‘bong’ countdown. This drumming sound is a bigger build up of tension within the trailer making the audience drawn into the sequence even more.
  6. 6. Teaser Trailer These two clips give the audience the full awareness of the main characters involved in the film. Featuring clips of the four characters together more than once gives the audience a clue that these characters are linked together in some way. These clips also give clues to the audience about the style, personalities and roles of these characters by showing their facial expressions in the low angle shot clip and their wardrobe in the long shot of the four characters. Some viewers may find themselves an interest or a relation to these characters in the clips and therefore will want to see more.
  7. 7. Teaser Trailer In these clips we can see the height of action that is featured in the film. With the sound of the ’Bong’ and the drums, it gives the audience a rush of excitement, like an adrenalin of some sort. Featuring these sort of clips in comparison to others gives the audience a taste of what a variety of action and suspense is featured in the production. To some audiences this may deem more exciting for them to see.
  8. 8. Teaser Trailer With this clip the director is shown appearing in the film. People who are familiar with the director will recognise this person and may intrigue them further into this production as they may have appealed to other film productions by this director. The clip that follows this image are the numbers 4321 shown in bold font which implies the title of the film.
  9. 9. Teaser Trailer The bong sound and countdown stops at this point. The clip shows a young girl stood on a ledge and then jumping off. This captures a tense effect from the audience as all the non diegetic sound has stopped. We can only hear the diegetic sound that is involved in the scene. This also gives across sense of shock to the audience when the sound stops and the girl jumps off the ledge.
  10. 10. Teaser Trailer In this clip we see a woman in a car rescuing a girl. The woman says “Is that blood? Don’t get it on the seats”. This gives an idea across that there has been some violence involved prior to this scene. This gives a big clue into the genre and narrative of this film. The final clip shows the car speeding away and then goes to a black screen. This gives a hint of action to the audience maybe leading them to think there is a car chase.
  11. 11. Film Poster This poster features the four main female characters in front of the title of the film which is the largest text on the poster. This is deemed a big conventional feature for film poster. Also the poster features the release date of the film which is important information to be featured on a film poster. The colour scheme of a poster is usually up to 3 colours which has been followed with this poster.
  12. 12. Film Poster An unusual feature of this poster is that there is some intertextuality being used. We can see that with use of background, colour and text that intertextuality has been used from the film poster of ‘Sex and the City 2’. The poster also features th punchline ‘Vexed in the City’. This gives an obvious comedic effect to the audience as it is taking the mick out of another famous title featuring 4 female main characters
  13. 13. Film Poster This is the other film poster for the film ‘’. As you can see with this poster, more characters have been featured. This gives the audience a wider idea about the characters featured in this film. A colour scheme has again been used and the date has been featured at the bottom of the poster. This poster is an original and hasn’t used intertextuality People who recognise the director of this film will realise that he has been featured in the poster letting people know that he has featured himself in his own production. Knowing that Noel Clarke has done this with his other famous films, this may be an appeal to the audience.