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ShopSavvy Ideas


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Ideas for mobile advertising.

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ShopSavvy Ideas

  1. 1. Barcodes are everywhere. . . Everyone is excited about 2D barcodes, but the real story is with 1D barcodes. 2% of products have 2D, 97% of products have 1D!
  2. 2. ShopSavvy™ Mobile Shopping Assistant ShopSavvy is an award-winning application that connects consumers with products, brands and retailers. • Users scan 1D or 2D barcodes on any of more than 22 million products using their phone’s built in camera. • ShopSavvy returns product results with prices from online and nearby local retailers.
  3. 3. Progress Report The First Five Months • 1 million+ ShopSavvy Users and 2.8 million+ downloads in US (EU launch last month) • 105,000+ downloads last month alone • Won Google’s Android Developer Challenge • T-Mobile’s featured app for US launch of the Google phone in October ‘08 • T-Mobile’s featured app for EU launch in March ‘09 • Soon available on the world’s largest carrier: Vodafone • Second most popular app in Google’s Market, available soon for iPhone, RIM, Palm and Windows Mobile
  4. 4. Coverage Brands are starting to notice. . .
  5. 5. Ideas Driving foot traffic with games Integrate print (circular), web and mobile platforms to generate in- store fun, engagement and activity. Using ShopSavvy’s location awareness combined with an intriguing game, retailers can generate regular foot traffic. - Scavenger hunt with weekly clues in circulars and on web. Clues prompt user to enter store to find the next clue with their mobile phone. - Users connect (scan) loyalty card to track action. - Customers scan items from clues to get next clue and so on. Instant savings could be awarded. Hunt could continue week to week until a ‘grand prize’ was discovered and awarded. - ShopSavvy could return different results based on the user’s prior shopping activity, demographics, location and overall engagement. - Perfect for a partnership with a manufacturer and/or merchant network (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex)
  6. 6. Ideas Loyalty action rewards Brands could reward ‘points’ for simply scanning their brands and providing feedback. - ShopSavvy could track scanning behavior in a particular retailer (i.e. for each item in store scanned, user would receive ‘points’ which could be redeemed for discounts, free items, etc.) - ShopSavvy could track scanning behavior for a particular manufacturer. - ShopSavvy could award additional points for item feedback or reviews provided via the application (i.e. tell me what you like or don’t like about this product)
  7. 7. Ideas Building social connections Brands attempting to build social connections using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace can use ShopSavvy to help connect their ‘fans’ to one another. - Users who scan a particular brand are asked if they would like to join the brand’s community (best for aspirational brands). - Users opt-in to allow the brand (via ShopSavvy) to discover other members or fans in close proximity. ShopSavvy could ‘pop’ a screen with details about nearby fans (even a chat window). Distance could be set to 10 meters to 10 kilometers). - Brand could send location aware alerts whenever ‘fan’ entered a particular mall or walked near a store; offering a special offer, discount or additional information relevant to the consumer.
  8. 8. Ideas Reflexive pricing What if a retailer could alter their price based on a customers location, mode and demographic? ShopSavvy allows retailers to ‘know’ where potential customers are, who they are and what information they are receiving. - Retailer X knows that Bob is in Retailer Y’s store. Retailer X knows Bob earns $80K per year and has no kids. Bob scans a plasma TV. Retailer X knows that Retailer Y’s price will show up $10 more than their price. Retailer X knows that Retailer Y’s store is less than 1 mile away. Retailer X wants Bob’s business, but realizes that ten dollars isn’t enough of a savings to get Bob to drive a mile. Retailer X decides to deliver Bob an instant savings of $150 with a timer - come within an hour to get this ‘Special Price’. - Offer could be embeded with map, timer, etc…
  9. 9. Ideas Added value with expertise Why not offer mobile users FREE information about the products they are scanning? Tightly integrate that information around your brand. - Retailers and/or manufacturers can offer third-party or paid product reviews and related information. - Content can be text, picture, audio or video based - Provide immediate connect to consumers in buying mode via instant text chat or even telephonic connections (chat is less intrusive). - Offer related items such as warranties, cables and service. - Why not offer instant purchase options, loyalty card integration and in-store pickup too?
  10. 10. Ideas Consumer generated sales Why not allow consumers to determine what should be on sale? - Retailer could set a certain number of items as ‘ShopSavvy Deals’ in the store based on location, time of day or any number of factors. Users who ‘found’ them could then accept the offer and then move the offer to another item in the store. The next consumer to scan the other item would be able to accept the offer and then set the next sale item. Lots of PR for very few actual deals. - Manufacturers could offer a similar deal within the context of a coupon or a rebate. Users would be allowed to move the offer from item to item within the same manufactures product line.
  11. 11. Ideas Branded user generated conversation Consumers are already using ShopSavvy to shop. Why not allow consumers to interact based on their prior activity? - Build branded chat conduits between users. Bob scanned a plasma TV last week, this week Jill is scanning that same plasma TV. ShopSavvy could connect the two via a branded chat session to allow Bob to share his experience with Jill and for Jill to ask questions of Bob. Brand could insert a third-party - i.e. expert into the conversation if it wished. - Chat room could be permanent and allow multiple online and offline conversations. Continued conversations could continue long after chat conduit was closed. Function would be similar to IRC chat, but easier to use and, of course, branded.
  12. 12. Ideas Opt-in rebate, coupon and warranty offers Offer users the ability to opt-in to receive rebates, coupons and warranty offers via the application and via email. - User would scan item, ShopSavvy could ask user if he wanted to see if there was a coupon or rebate offer. Opt-in would be for both on app and in email offers. If there is an instant offer it could show up right away on the handset, if one was later found we could email it at a later time. Great way to increase opt-in rates (i.e. directly tied to an item, versus hey do you want special offers from Sony, “no!”)
  13. 13. Ideas Branded or themed ShopSavvy Allow users to brand or theme their installation of ShopSavvy. - Each page within ShopSavvy could be ‘skinned’ or branded. - We could build single-brand version of ShopSavvy or simply private label a full or partial version of the application.
  14. 14. Ideas Buy now and in-store pickup Retailers could offer ‘quickpay’ feature to their users on ShopSavvy (integrated with Cardinal Commerce). - Items from retailer would show up as ‘QuickPay’ offers allowing the user to click the price, enter a pin and ‘buy-it-now’ for in-store pickup.
  15. 15. Ideas Branded Features (existing or new) Offer users features that are branded by a retailer or manufacturer. - Recommend a product to a friend (offers discount to friend and benefit to user) - Price Alerts - 50% of ShopSavvy users create an use price alerts. Why not sponsor them? Retailers could even review them to cause action. Look at outstanding price alert UPCs and make offers. - Wishlists - 90% of ShopSavvy users create an add products to wishlists. Why not sponsor them? Bridal, Baby and Gift brands would be perfect. - Find Deals - Allow user to hit a button for a specific retailer that shows all the items that are the lowest price in the store. Loss leader finder.
  16. 16. Specific Ideas? Custom ideas for your brands . . . Are your clients asking you for ideas around mobile advertising? Let us help, just tell us: - who your clients are - what they are trying to accomplish - what resources they have (data, programs, etc). We can then create some custom ideas for you to present.
  17. 17. ShopSavvy Team Startup within a mature business ShopSavvy has been incubated by Architel, a company owned by ShopSavvy co-founder Alexander Muse. With 55 employees, network operations center and dedicated data center, Architel has helped the ShopSavvy team stay lean and focused. • Alexander Muse - Co-founder. Serial entrepreneur. • Rylan Barnes - Co-founder and lead developer. Rylan won Google ADC for ShopSavvy. • Jason Hudgins - Co-founder. Jason was part of the Google ADC winning team that build TuneWiki. • The Hulk - actually, Architel provides IT, support, legal and accounting staff as-needed. (just don’t make them angry…)
  18. 18. Alexander Muse Co-Founder, Big in Japan Inc. 1+214.550.2003 Website: Blog: Twitter: