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Advertising in ShopSavvy with AdOns!


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ShopSavvy is one of the oldest and most popular shopping applications on Android and iPhone. Scan barcodes to find the best deals from local and online retailers. Retailers and brands can take advantage of our reach through our advertising framework called AdOns.

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Advertising in ShopSavvy with AdOns!

  1. 1. AdOns® Reach Retail Shoppers•  More than 10 million* shoppers are using our smartphone barcode scanners when they shop.•  91% of barcode scans take place in a retail stores moments before a shopper puts a particular product in his or her shopping basket.•  50% of barcode scans are of consumer electronics, 25% are of books, DVDs and CDs and 25% are of soft-goods, health/ beauty and groceries. * 7 million using ShopSavvy and 3 million using licensed apps like Consumer Reports, Price Grabber, CNet and others.
  2. 2. What Savvy Shoppers Look Like •  Most are young •  More are female •  Most are wealthy •  Most are married •  Most are well educated •  Most are employed
  3. 3. AdOns® Don’t Seem Like Ads Built using HTML5 technologies, AdOns® appear to be "features" of theWithout an AdOn® With an AdOn® application, NOT advertisements. In this case the fourth row provides a ‘play now’ feature for Netflix. The user can also watch watch the trailer of the scanner DVD within the AdOn.
  4. 4. Local to USPS Conversion AdOns® In this example GameFly has enhanced the user’s experience by providing a video game trailer, while also reminding the user he can add the game to his GameFly account.
  5. 5. More Example Fourth Row AdOns®Amazon Digital Movie Download iTunes Digital Movie Download Chase Freedom Savings Reminder
  6. 6. More Example Fourth Row AdOns®Tide Product Video Facebook Safeway Find the Store AdOn Best Buy QuickPay AdOn
  7. 7. Fourth Row App Promotion When an application relates to a product scanned, there is a perfect and immediate way to take advantage of the attention of the user, using a fourth row AdOn.The first example, lets the user know that Consumer Reports has an expert review of the scanned product and prompts the user to download the app to read the entire review.The second example shows the user there is a digital iPhone/iPad version of the physical book the user has scanned.Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper Disney’s Digital Books
  8. 8. How AdOns® WorkAdOns® are delivered based on the UPC/EAN of the productscanned + the location of the user.Just a few examples of how you can use AdOns: •  Target Competitive Retailer Locations •  Target Competing Brands •  Deliver Offers on Related Products •  Deliver Coupons and Rebates •  Drive Brand Awareness •  Drive Downloads of Related Mobile Apps & Content
  9. 9. Ideas for Consumer BrandsScavenger Hunt. Provide a specific clue about one of your products. Let consumers know that if they scan the right product theywill get another clue to scan a second product and so on. Consumers could win prizes along the way and the first person to findthe ‘final’ clue would win something exciting.Rebates. Depending on the goal of your rebate program you can get users to give you demographic details via the app. We coulddisplay the rebate immediately following the scan of a qualified product or against the UPC of a competing product to show howmuch cheaper it would be if they took advantage of the rebate program.Facebook ‘Like’. Looking to drive more Facebook interaction between your brand and consumers? Get users to ‘like’ yourproduct on Facebook by suggesting they ‘Like’ the product. Offer them something for their trouble. Perhaps a coupon on yourFacebook page.Targeted Video. Do you have product videos? We can run them whenever someone scans your products. If you want to targetspecific competitors we can run your ‘competitive’ but topical videos whenever someone scans your competitor’s products.Compare & Contrast. Is your product better than the competitors in a way that can be expressed in a sentence or two or with apicture? Run a text/picture based ad against competitor’s products.User Generated Content. The easiest way to get users to interact with your brand is to get them to take a picture of themselvesholding your brand to replace the standard image. You can run contests to see who can make the best photo and we wouldreplace the standard photo with the user generated image.Scan Contests. Run a contest in the ‘Deals’ tab suggesting that the user to scan the most products will win something special.Offer special prizes along the way.Coupons. Take your coupons to the next level and run them whenever someone is scanning a competitive product.Scan with ShopSavvy. Use our badge to highlight QR codes on your packaging.Product Pictures and Titles. You can always just give us a file containing your preferred product titles and images and we willuse them instead of the ones provided by our users and/or retailers.
  10. 10. Learn MoreVisit our website at to learn more or email