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Amurt Roamania March 2012


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AMURT Roamania March News.

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Amurt Roamania March 2012

  1. 1. | newsGRASSROOTS ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LIFE SKILLS | AMURT Romania | March 2012 MISSION STATEMENT Encourage and facilitate self development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and programms that lead to their socio­economic independence. 5 SKILL DOMAINS ­ Daily living skills ­ Self­care & Personal develop. ­ House & Communty resources ­ Social image & RelationshipsLatest News ­ Work & Entreprenerial skills and prepared the location for each workshop. The TV room was converted to a "carpentry" space to manufacture 75 pic­ ture frames with wooden stand and to paint 50 spoons. Com­ puter room was assigned for production and painting diffe­Our beneficiaries who act this rent types of masks. Theyear as pioneers in creating Activity room for 50 paper PLAN FOR 2012the new Entrepreneur skill do­ hats. Curriculum: • Innovative visual and practicalmain, entered the 2nd phase of Item wise it was a simple task but the learning to work with aUnited Way of Romania invited routine, artistically, creatively, Vocational training: • Certified to participate in the Easter and in a coordinated manner,exhibition by producing diffe­ was the challenge. The weath­ Entrepreneurship:rent decoration materials made er was sunny and some of the • Start your own the beneficiaries. For five productions were done outsidedays each exhibition was held the building. This created a Investments: • Heating system: new woodin different companies who pleasing "family industry" at­ burner and central system.provided funds for our project. mosphere where small talks, • Furniture: kitchen and beds.This event gave us an ex­ gossips, coffee and tea are • Social enterprise: create and included. This environment construct.cellent opportunity to exercisea working routine with the help created the feeling what a Partners & Sponsors:of newly created "departments" social enterprise will be, feel • Unted Way of Romaniamentioned in February news. like. • Ministry of Labour (Law 34)"Recreation & Sport" assigned • DGASMB (Bucharest) • AMURT Italy, Portugal and UK • Ateliere Fara Frontiere, FOR Children, Parada Fundatia