How To Learn Manga Drawing Through Online Videos


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Learning how to draw manga has been the dream of many including myself. As a kid, I became so obsessed with manga that I skipped studies and classes occasionally to go to comic stores, buy comics and learn to draw at nearby McDonald or Burger King outlets. Now you can learn all these through online videos.

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How To Learn Manga Drawing Through Online Videos

  1. 1. My Love For Manga My love for manga begins when I was 7. Iremembered the very first series I watched was Spaceship Yamato if I canremember correctly in 1979.What followed was Battle Of The Planets and Marzinger in early 80s andMacross and Transformers in mid and late 80s. Other than just watchingthem on TV, I enjoyed collecting their robot toys - which were mostlyassembly model kits - and comics.But it was in 90s that I finally began drawing my first piece of manga.Though I have done that during primary school days when I should bepaying attention in class, it was the first time I put my heart and soul intomaking my drawings the best.
  2. 2. The first character I drawn was Lynn Minmei -the young 16 year old girl who brought about the downfall of Zentraedialien race in Macross with her enchanted singing.Then Rick Hunter - her love interest and main character of Macross andsubsequently his sworn big brother Roy Fokker and battleshipcommander Lisa Hayes who was drawn into love triangle with Rick andMinmei. The sketches were not bad but the coloring was awful.After school, I would hang out at comic stores in both Bras Basah andOrchard Roads in downtown Singapore. I usually went there alone as ithelps me to be more focused on getting what I want.
  3. 3. My budget - which is just the pocket money given by my parents - couldonly afford me a couple of comics. But buying the Robotech novels –which are much cheaper - is more than enough for me to know the wholestory. In case you might not know, Robotechis a result of American and Japanese collaboration which comprises ofMacross, Southern Cross and Mospeada as three generational trilogyseries. They later came up with Sentinel series and 2 movies namelyRobotech The Movie and Robotech Shadow Chronicles.
  4. 4. I also went to Kinokuniya which wasthe only bookstore with the largest import of Japanese comics, graphicsand video tapes.Unfortunately books and TV series were the closest I can get to manga asthe videos are quite expensive and you have to be a member to rentthem. Moreover, those videos were entirely in Japanese with no subtitles.Moreover during that time, manga was not so popular in Singapore as itis now.It was also unfortunate that my passion for manga developed during thetime when I should be studying hard for O levels. It got the better of meto set my mind and priority on drawing and coloring everyday evenduring weekends and holidays. It became my obsession and affected myresults badly.Nevertheless, I had no regrets for what I did. While drawing, I am alsolearning at the same time. Besides comics, I bought a ton of graphicbooks and Japanese New Type magazines to study the finer art of bothdrawing and coloring.Those were the only tools and resources I could rely upon besideswatching animated series and movies as internet did not exist that time.My interest waned when I went to serve army. After which, I wentstraight to work as admin and data entry clerk. It was only when I facedjob crisis in early 2001, I renewed my interest in manga.
  5. 5. Besides the Gundam and Macross, I also had akeen interest in Silent Mobius - an animated series combining bothfantasy and science-fiction.I am very impressed by Kia Asamiyas works which looked even betterthan Gundam and Macross characters by Yoshiyuki Tomino andHaruhiko Mikimoto. I also invested in books that teaches how to drawmanga.For the first 6 months and towards the end of that year, I focused onmanga. I came up with 3 stories called Dragons Blade, Techno Heros andHouse No. 64. A fantasy, science-fiction and horror stories.But sadly the last 2 were turned down. The artwork was fine but the storydid not meet up to their expectations. The first one was accepted but Icould not afford the publishing fee of $10K.Still I pulled myself and continued working on those stories. I watchedYoutube videos online and do Google search for anything related tomanga.I wish I could say my book was finally accepted and ready for publicationbut I could not. What I could say is I am still working on those and hopethat Dragon Blade - my first manga story - would be better than what itwas about 11 years ago. If you have been a manga fan like me but has beenstruggling to come up with that perfect manga character, feel free tocheck out my site on How To Draw Manga Faces.
  6. 6. But should you find drawing by hand to be tootedious and time-consuming, you might automation via Manga Studioas the next alternative.