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Why Real Estate needs to focus on content marketing?


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Know more about Content Marketing and why Real Estate Industry needs to focus on the same from Ashish Trivedi's presentation from Taboola at the Evolve- biggest Real Estate Marketing Conference by Amura @ JW Marriott, Pune.

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Why Real Estate needs to focus on content marketing?

  1. 1. Connecting People to Information Ashish Trivedi| Media Development & Partnerships -INDIA
  2. 2. In 1895 John Deere corporation began publishing a customer magazine.
  3. 3. Dell’s Tech Page One assembles original and curated content relevant to computer users and buyers
  4. 4. WHY CONTENT? Relationship Conversions Thought Leadership Education Trust Social Sharing SEO Engagement Inspiration
  5. 5. WHEN USERS SHARE 9 Users share 64% more using below article share tools than above article share tools Users coming from social sites share 4.5x more then users coming from search engines
  6. 6. Enabling Discoveries Through The Entire Funnel Awareness- Consideration- Decision- Loyalty- Engage through Complexities, Buying Challenges Establish credibility, Address Wants Drive to Goal oriented Content Brand Cross-sells
  7. 7. That “Moment” When You Discover Something For The First Time CONTENT MARKETING IS A STRATEGY Not a Campaign Long-term relationship No “ end date” Operate like a publisher
  8. 8. Discovering a New Brand
  9. 9. You Have Seen Us Before Enabling people to discover content at that moment when they are most likely to engage
  10. 10. Taboola placements “bust” banner blindness Taboola’s average ad CTR is 10x higher than display ads
  11. 11. “I want to find information about a specific topic” Search “I want to consume content” Discovery “I want to engage with my friends” Social State of mind
  12. 12. People spend 20% of their time online consuming content on the open Web Source: ComScore and Nielsen. 19% Communication 22% Social 13% Multimedia 21% Search 20 % Consuming Content 5% Shopping
  13. 13. News | Business | Finance Entertainment | Lifestyle Tech Recommendation s a Day 12B+
  14. 14. Top Publishers in India
  15. 15. India Reach 1 B+ monthly unique Users Globally 5M+ sponsored content items 54% mobile Traffic* 45% desktop Traffic* India desktop users reached, 3/2016 India Similar web 3/16 REACH PROPERTY 86.5% Google Ad Network 55.4% Facebook 51.9% Taboola 43.0% Microsoft sites 27.8% Outbrain 16.0% Times Of India 9.7 % NDTV 6.7% India Today
  16. 16. Global Footprint Engaging audiences across all continents. * Monthly recommendations, 10/2015 USA 74B Canada 6B Ireland 1B UK 15B France 12B Germany 2.3B India 10B Australia 8B Brazil 14B English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, Hindi Japan 12B
  18. 18. Powered by Our Predictive Engine Delivering personalized recommendations by ingesting numerous signals PERSONA SITUATION
  19. 19. Real Estate
  20. 20. Thank You