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Technology for Effective Marketing


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Know more about How Technology will change how you look at Marketing from Ketan Sabnis's presentation at the Digital Bites- a Digital Marketing Conference by Amura & Google @ Bangalore Google Office.

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Technology for Effective Marketing

  1. 1. Technology for Effective Marketing for the Real Estate Industry
  2. 2. What is “Marketing Success” Understand marketing’s contribution to business goals, or how those contributions can be improved Factor in the strategic intent of all marketing investments
  3. 3. Changing landscape
  4. 4. Site visit Awareness & Discovery email & SMS nurturing engagement via social media Site visit BlogsVideo Search Display Ad Outdoor Social Media Portal Review sites Print Radio Calls web enquiries live chat Comment on FB SMS via channel partner Email via portal Short code Outdoor Portal Print Calls web enquiries via channel partner Communication channels Sales & Nurturing Closure • Marketing has become Multi channel • 6+ interactions before enquiry • Social discovery • Average attention span is reduced • Multiple ways to reach you • Difficult to track every medium • More information seeking • Expects content for decision making • More competition • Closure for NRI clients • Online bookings
  5. 5. What metrics to use? How to measure success?
  6. 6. REACH Cost per impression Click through rate Time on site Bounce rate Direct traffic Social mentions Branded keywords search ENGAGEMENT Online referrals Social actions: Like, share, etc Engagement / Commenting Reach achieved Positive sentiment Lifetime value of customer More people talking about brand DIRECT RESPONSE MROI: Revenue / Cost Cost per click Cost per website visit Cost per qualified lead Cost per site visit Cost per sale Marketing Sales measurement metrics success metrics
  7. 7. Lead Capture Analytics platform Automation Lead nurturing Campaign automation Recommendation engine Assisted buying platform Visibility into customer journey Sales & Marketing analytics Social monitoring A/B Testing 
 Engagement Analytics Form Live Chat Phone Calls SMS Portals Facebook Channel partners How to accurately track your ROI
  8. 8. Nest Fest - Technology enabled campaign • Kolte-Patil’s 15 Projects across Pune’s micro markets on offer. 15 days of online fest followed by a 3 day offline expo • Limited Period Deals with bank tie ups & Online Payment option • Massive Campaign : 2 Cr Online Spend 
 with 30,000 Leads in 15 days • Daily website traffic - 15,000 • Challenge : How to monitor / track massive lead flow & still deliver a good experience from the Sales Team
  9. 9. Nest Fest - Technology enabled campaign • Segment leads in real time and intelligent responders over Email / SMS • Assisted Buying Platform • Website Analytics & Visitor analytics tied with pre-sales / sales team • Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring • Intelligent Live Chat with dedicated chat support for Online Payment Visitors • Cart abandonment integrated with automated outbound calling • Outbound dialler and automated voice blasts • Offline Marketing Integrations with Sell.Do for end to end tracking of leads • Lead Segmentation: Priority Call Back to highly engaged visitors • Automated summary reports and real time insights for campaign performance visibility
  10. 10. Auto Lead capture Ensure all your digital sources are captured Calls (inbound and outbound) all monitored and an outcome attributed to them Leads from offline sources must also flow into the lead management system Track marketing metrics - from impressions to enquiry Measure every campaign Tag input sources including the actual referral website (ad placement) Sales & marketing automation Automate your engagement with customers - relevant content based on their sales pipeline status Improved re targeting campaigns to bring lost customers back Built in communication platform Implement proxied communication Eliminate the need to use any other communication medium Key take aways powered by
  11. 11. Future of marketing & Advertising
  12. 12. An Industry First Sell.Do - Advertising automation
  13. 13. Current pain points with running a large digital campaign • Multiple ad platforms • Analytics, Advertising data, Reporting platform, sales knowledge are all available in silos • Need to check multiple softwares to analyse and optimise campaigns - no single dashboard or insights. • Advertising platforms are agnostic to industries or verticals and don't understand buyer intent • Tracking requires a lot of technology implementation (pixel tracking)
  14. 14. • Single dashboard to measure all your campaigns, sources, channels. • Track key metrics all in real time - club your marketing and sales data. • Cost per click, cost per lead • Cost per qualified lead, cost per site visit, cost per booking • Automated Search + Facebook campaign setup • Continuous data collection for advertising and sales data • Automated analytics & predictive algorithms - running every hour • Optimisation engine based on campaign objective - Outreach, Leads, Qualified leads, Actual Sale • Learning algorithm to predict and modify ad content that suites better engagement and CTR • Algorithm to alter user flow on website • Advertising level A/B testing - test different ad creatives, different targeting campaigns • Intelligent bots to interact with customers on websites
  15. 15. – Ketan Sabnis | +91 9552523663 Thank you