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Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate


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Published in: Real Estate
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Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate

  1. 1. Role of Digital in delivering Marketing ROI
  2. 2. Need for a Cross-device
  3. 3. Marketing Engineered is our service doctrine of ensuring marketing & business success for our clients, using world-class digital know-how, supported by a next generation technology-core of proprietary platforms & products, processes and an outstanding technology team. What is marketing engineered? At Amura, Marketing Engineered is delivered through five (5) performance areas: REACH ENGINEERED BRAND ENGAGEMENT ENGINEERED SALES ENGINEERED ROI ENGINEERED GROWTH ENGINEERED
  4. 4. Enhancing Brand Reach via Multi-Channel Marketing
  5. 5. Digital Campaign Strategy
  6. 6. Nest Fest – Pune’s Biggest Home Expo
  7. 7. Objective of Nest Fest • To get maximum bookings for home expo organized by Kolte Patil Developers • To reach maximum potential buyers across multiple geographies like: Pune, Mumbai , Indian Metros and NRI markets. • To increase Top-Of-Mind Recall during the 30 day of Pre & Post Home expo • To drive 200+ on-line bookings and pre-registrations of 20,000. • To drive maximum footfall for the home expo. • To move inventory worth around Rs. 600 – 800 Cr. (approx 900 – 1200 units)
  8. 8. Strategy & Execution • Strategy was to create maximum brand touch points during pre-registration phase • 360 Degree Marketing Approach using Online Budget of Rs. 2.25 Crores & Offline Media Support • Differential communication strategy for each phase of the campaign, devices, geographies. • Video Marketing Strategy using Celebrity Videos • Social media contests to create buzz & virality (My Dream Nest, Find your Dream Nest) • Amura’s Assisted Buying Platform with Payment Gateway integration. • Using Big-Data Platform along with Sell.Do for Real-Time Analysis of the campaign performance.
  9. 9. Planning the Media, Creating Reach • Target to reach 80 Million people globally using Media Platforms Budget (Rs.) Search Google Search, Yahoo, Bing 20 Lacs Display and Remarketing Google Display Network, Doubleclick by Google, News Network, Business & Financial News 80 Lacs Social & Video Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 50 Lacs Database Marketing Property Portals, email marketing, SMS, Whatsapp 30 Lacs Content Marketing Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Native 10 Lacs Professional Network LinkedIn 10 Lacs Mobile First Strategy with over 60% budget spent on Mobile & Handheld Devices
  10. 10. Online Booking & Assisted Buying Platform • Real Estate buying is more of involved purchase so people need assistance when they are making a purchase decision. • Online booking platform and payment gateway integration helped use to achieve 30% of our booking targets before even start of the exhibition. • Implemented Amura’s proprietary Assisted Buying Platform to resolve the customer’s queries in real-time, using big data analytics for visitors’ scoring, mapping entire sales funnel on website. • We proactively engaged people on website when they were on payment page, and about to take a decision of purchase. • Different Gamification techniques were used to create urgency in buying • Like 5 hours left to save additional Rs.40,000 your home purchase. • Showing real time number of bookings, number of enquiries on website.
  11. 11. Results Of NEST FEST Campaign Results: • Number of units sold : 1150 • Approximate worth of inventory sold : Rs.750 Cr. • Number of unique People reached : More than 80 Lac • Online Enquiries : 32,000+ • Online bookings : 303 (with a online payment of Rs.30,000 token payment) • Inquiries from 80 cities, across the world • Number of people reached daily : 10 lac+ with 5-6 brand touch points • Number of ad impressions delivered : 150 million+ • Inventory-wise booking breakup • 2 BHK inventory sold: 60% • 1 BHK inventory : sold: 30% • 3-4 BHK Homes , penthouses & bungalows: 10%
  12. 12. Thank you! You can reach us at email: