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Amura Evolve - Digital Marketing for Real Estate


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Evolve 2014 is a conference for digital marketing for real estate. Aimed at discussing the next generation technologies and their applications in Real Estate Industry, Evolve 2014 covered significant topics like : Digital Marketing - getting it right, Big Data and Remarketing

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Amura Evolve - Digital Marketing for Real Estate

  1. 1. DIGITAL IS PRIME “Customers have moved online… Have you?” Vikram Kotnis MD – Amura Marketing Technologies
  2. 2. Internet Usage in India “Time spent online over PC, Mobile & Tablets is growing substantially every year in India” Internet user-base grew by 40% in 2013 breaching 20.3 Crore user mark By June 2014, India will have 24 Crore internet users India has 2nd largest mobile internet user base 9 Crore Facebook users in India What does this mean for advertisers?
  3. 3. Real Estate is Local “Internet user base in Mumbai alone is larger than TOI’s nationwide circulation by 65%” Times of India Divya Bhaskar Daily Sakal The Hindu Mumbai Mirror The Telegraph Publication Language Circulation (million) English Gujarati Marathi English English English 7.253 3.770 3.707 1.473 1.084 0.937
  4. 4. What does this mean for Real Estate?  Launch & Sell entire projects on the internet  Spend as low as just 25% compared to other mediums  Avoid overspending & boost MROI Company A, Pune Company B, Pune Company C, Pune Mid-Premium Segment Mid-Premium Segment Premium Segment Budget – 8 Lacs Budget – 23 lacs 250 units sold in 1 month 1050+ enquiries in two weeks More than 2000 leads 75 Cr. Sale in 1 month Budget – 9 Lacs
  5. 5. Why is the adoption slower?
  6. 6. Don’t know what to track & how… Cause-Effect Perception: “Difficult to pinpoint campaign performance to rise in sales closures” How to use data efficiently? Technology is Expensive… Accountability faces resistance within the company… Debunking the Myths
  7. 7. Measurement is the key “Solution is data-driven marketing approach for Real Estate Industry”
  8. 8. Metrics Success Rate Lead Generation Branding Customer Loyalty Marketing Sales Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per Site-Visit Cost Per Visit Cost Per Lead Cost Per Conversion Cost Per Impression (CPI) Click Through Rate (CTR) Time on site Bounce Rate Online Referrals Social Actions: Like, Share etc. Engagement on Social Media Response to Emails Lifetime Value of Customer Direct Traffic Social Mentions Branded Keyword Search ROMI : Revenue / Cost Response to Phone Calls / SMS Cost Per Qualified Lead Churn Rate ROMI=Revenue by Referral/Cost
  9. 9. Doing Optimum Supercedes Doing Everything  Website  Paid Marketing  Social /PR  Portals  SEO/Content Marketing  Email Marketing Right Prioritisation  SMS Marketing
  10. 10. Digital: How do you get it right? “Leverage maximum value at optimum cost from the channels where the customer is present ”
  11. 11. Getting it Right Knowing which channels work best  Localized channels work best : Social (Facebook , Google+ …)  60 – 70% budgets allotted to Search & Portals whereas the real marketing value lies in Display Advertizing  Experiment: Set up micro-campaigns “Failing Earlier ! ” More customers are using Facebook on mobile
  12. 12. Companies know their TG but… How to nurture it?How to approach it?  Profiling  Segmenting  Targeting  Re-Targeting  Re-Targeting  Email / SMS  Social Media  Educate via Blogs The actual sale occurs offline… But greater value is in tracking all the events in the customer journey: Trigger to Closure
  13. 13. Long Story Told Short… Customer is online for sure… However, digital is getting expensive and media is getting more fragmented The onus is on companies to get their digital strategies right Real Estate companies which invest in Digital & Right Technologies will reap the maximum benefits in future.
  14. 14. Thank You!!! Vikram Kotnis