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Saudi Arabia


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Saudi Arabia

  1. 1. Saudi Arabia { An Economic Profile
  2. 2. Figure StatisticGDP (PPP) $622 billionGDP growth rate 3.7% Index ofPopulation 26,131,703 EconomicPer capita GDPUnemployment $24,200 10.8% { Freedom Ranking ofInflation Rate 5.7% 54Statistics
  3. 3. Brief History  Unified on September 23, 1932  Birthplace of Islam  Home to Mecca and Medina  Oil encompasses 90% of trade and 88% of government revenues  Current leader is King Abdulla bin Abd al-Aziz Al Shaud, been in office since 2005
  4. 4. Political Environment  Monarchy governed by Islamic law, sharia  Shift to regional politics under King Fahd  King Abdullah’s new initiatives  Improving social welfare  Diversification  Reorganizing the government sector
  5. 5. Trade  Imports  Machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, motor vehicles, textiles  U.S., China, Germany, Japan  Exports  Petroleum and petroleum products  Japan, South Korea, U.S., China  Domestic Changes  Demand for specialized skills in the industry sector
  6. 6. Production and TradeFlows  Weighted average tariff rate was 3.9% in 2009  High tariff on agricultural goods and ban on the imports of swine  High protection on intellectual property  Low freedom of trade score was a result of existence of nontariff barriers
  7. 7. Figure Statistic Trade Balance $39,082 million Current Account Balance $18,604 million Level of External Debt $82.92 million IIP ($7,832 million) Exchange Rate of 3.75 Pegged to the U.S. dollarInternational Finance
  8. 8. Financial Crisis  “Oil was like a drug that drove out other opportunities.” -Vietor  Oil shocks  A bailout for OPEC
  9. 9. Regional Trade Agreement  Gulf Cooperation Council  Customs Union  Official date of entry: January 1, 2003  Benefits  Fostering scientific research  Unified military presence  Further attempt to diversify  Imports in years following signing rose by over $40 billion (Vietor)