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FNF Media Group


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A company overview of FNF Media Group, LLC.

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FNF Media Group

  1. 1. www.fnflive.comMedia Kit
  2. 2. Mission To become the market leader in exposing and connecting brands with the faith based Latino demographic via unique and innovative viral interactions across multiple media platforms and to create sustainable revenue via those interactions.Vision EXPOSE brands to the faith based Latino demographic via multimedia platforms that include radio, Internet, television, and mobile that will… CONNECT them with that demographic through unique and innovative viral interactions so that brands and that demographic will develop an ongoing... RELATIONSHIP that would build integrity, trust, and above all, a synergy that will result in sustainable... REVENUE for the company to continue to grow and maintain its stance as the market leader.
  3. 3. Brand Extensions
  4. 4. FNFLive onFNFLive is not the ordinary radio show on Miami’spremiere Latino gospel station, La Nueva 88.3FM.Playing the hottest and latest in urban Latino andEnglish gospel, the FNFLive radio format istrendsetting and one of a kind. With exclusivemusic, interviews, the Top 10 countdown, FNFLivetruly aims to give what most radio is missing.FNFLive airs every Friday night on La NuevaWGNK 88.3FM in Miami from 10:00PM to 1:00AMwith J-Blaze on the mic.KEY POINTS:- FNFLive is aired in a Top 15 Radio market during “prime time” (10pm- 1am) - Listenership and reach: 3 million + - Devoted Fan base: 80K+- Syndicated: FNFLive also airs on KBNO (KBueno) 89.3FM in the Washington -Oregon area - Listenership and reach: 6K + Latinos Twitter: @FNF883FM
  5. 5. is “the site that does more thanradio”. is not only the home ofthe live on camera, in-studio, and on-airversion of FNFLive, but the site also featuresnew music leaks, interviews, a monthly topten, and other informative news for the Bi-cultural Latino community.KEY POINTS:- provides content for FNFLive radio show.- Growing database allows for internet interaction with listeners from radio.- Receives a steady increase of both unique page views and unique visits daily. Twitter: @fnflivepub Facebook:
  6. 6. Fuego Television: “Your music...your movement...”Fuego Television is broadcasted onbroadband via the Hispanic GlobalGospel Network (HGNTV); the onlyone of its kind on the network thatencompasses music videos, artistsinterviews, and other forms of originalprogramming. Fuego Televisionprovides programming that inspires,encourages, and uplifts as well asutilizing the latest trends to reach awide variety of viewers.KEY POINTS:- Fuego Television can be seen in the homes of nearly 100,000 (and growing) viewers in Puerto Rico.- Channel can be viewed in all parts of North and South America- Demographics: 15-40+ Twitter: @fuegotv Facebook:
  7. 7. is online extension of theFuego Television network. Like thetelevision network, the site also features new,exclusive footage, interviews, music videos,and other informative news for the Latinocommunity.KEY POINTS:- provides content for and receives content from, Fuego Television network.- Growing database allows for internet interaction with viewers from television.- Receives a steady increase of both unique page views and unique visits daily. Twitter: @fuegotv Facebook:
  8. 8. The Stats
  9. 9. “WHO are we going after?” According to the surveys,  the majority of our  audience is male,  between the ages of  19‐25. 
  10. 10. “WHERE do we find them? HOW did theyfind us?” Finance 3% Self-employed 10.1% Marketing/PR 8.1% Arts & 15.2% Entertainment Education 4.0% Ministry 13.1% Student 22.2%According to the results, Unemployed 6.1%22% of our audience are students.At a close second, 18% is “other”15% work in Arts & Entertainment.*Top occupations are listed above in pie chart.
  11. 11. Social Media PresenceTWITTER: 4 distinct profiles -@Jblaze305, @FNF883FM, @fnflivepub,and @fuegotv- Total followers across profiles: 3,377FACEBOOK: 2 pages and 1 group – and Fuego Television;FNFLive – The LifeStyle Group- Total “Likes” on pages: 2,276- Total “Members” in group: 295YouTube:- Total Subscribers: 503- Average monthly views: 4,000
  12. 12. The Team
  13. 13. The Visionary...Manuel “Jblaze” Garcia“I believe God wanted me in radio and He did just that.” Born into a musical family, Garcia spent most of his time as a youth playing instruments in his local church. Driven by his desire and aspiration to have a career in music, he became a member of “Mindstate,” a rap group that included his cousin and a neighborhood friend. In 2004, after being diagnose with kidney failure, he left the group to begin to focus on his health. However, he was determined not to let the illness dictate his life and kept his dream alive by interning at two gospel radio stations in Miami, WMBM 1490 AM & WMCA 89.7 FM. With this new found love for radio, and his friend, DJ Tony Chiva, Garcia created the Friday Night Fuego (FNF) mix-tape radio show and distributed the mix-tape radio show for two years. In early 2006, he received an offer to have his own radio show on La Nueva 88.3FM, Miami’s #1 Gospel radio station. Since then, Garcia changed the name of Friday Night Fuego to FNFLive to appeal to a wider audience as well as form the name into a multi-platform brand via internet ( and television (Fuego TV). Garcia has made a decision to be faithful and diligent to the vision of FNFLive and push the ministry forward. For Garcia and the FNFLive team, ministry is major. Twitter: @jblaze305 Facebook:
  14. 14. The Team...Andre Mullen, Business Director Andre Mullen joined Garcia in early 2007 as FNFLive’s publicist. Over the course of four years, he has transitioned into co-owner of the brand. Armed with previous work in marketing for national media outlets (SPIN and Vibe Magazines), mobile companies (MobiVentures and New Visions Mobile), and an MBA in Marketing, Mullen brings a wealth of knowledge for the expansion of FNF Media Group. Twitter: @Drebooge Facebook: Jae M. Soto, Creative Director Jae M. Soto joined Garcia and FNF Media Group in 2011 as creative director while providing creative support for Shift Conference 2011 in Miami. A native New Yorker, Soto earned his degree from New York’s own premiere art school, Pratt Institute. Having designed for some of the fashion industries top brands and music’s biggest names, Soto’s eclectic yet simple design gives FNF Media Group brands a clean look. Twitter: @JaeMSoto Facebook:
  15. 15. For More Information...