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Costa Rica


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Costa Rica

  1. 1. Costa Rica “Pura vida” Pura = pure and vida = life(Part of Mesoamerica—literally, "middle America" in Greek)
  2. 2. Los Angeles and San Jose, Costa Rica is 2736 miles (4403 km) (13 hour flight)
  3. 3. Hotel in Manuel Antonio
  4. 4. Manuel Antonio Park
  5. 5. Arenal volcano
  6. 6. Sloth Sleep up to eighteen hours a day.Adapt in the trees, sloths are awkward on the ground, are strong and graceful swimmers.
  7. 7. Arenal-zipline: 11 cables and platforms allow you toexplore the forest from unrivaled vantage points. Views of the forest, river and volcano while racing throughgorgeous, rainforest. The two hour "zip" features over 2kilometers of cables. One line is almost a half mile long.
  8. 8. Parasailing
  9. 9. Banana Boat
  10. 10. Snorkeling