story of bahaulla


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bahai religion originated in persia.

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story of bahaulla

  1. 1. Father of the poor and Mother Of Consolation By atul mukand
  2. 2. Persian Empire Half a century B.C. Persia had been the centre of an Empire stretched from Africa to India. Horsemanship ,hunting ,and expert use of sword – these were the skills that Persians had prized from their earlier days as conquering warriors.
  3. 3. • He championed in horsemanship. • He made 65 mile trek by horseback from his home to Tehran to his mansion in the village of takur in the district of Nur . •Along the way he might stop to visit his sister SÀRIH.
  4. 4.  By 17 Husayn –Ali ,too, had reached marriageable age. In those days it was custom for people to marry young at young age &their families arrange the marriage. He got married to sariah ‘s husband younger sister ,Asiyih Khanum in 1835 Fall. Asiyih Khanum was pulchritudinous beyond imagination.
  5. 5.  People called it a marriage of wealth to wealth. They took their pride for not attending the parties of the rich ,but in caring for the needs of the poor. The doors of their home were always open to those in need, and the hungry were always invited. In the twilight oil lamps glowed from the mansion’s whitewashed walls, shedding their warm light on the faces of those who has no one else to help them.
  6. 6. The high officials to shah was suspicious of their generosity.  official said to Husayn –ali “you surely must be meditating a plot against me by feasting.” “Gracious god !” replied Husayn –ali .” is the man who ,out o f the abundance of his heart, shares his bread with his fellow men ,to be accused of harboring criminal intentions?” Couple wanted nothing for themselves in spite of officials couple continued to help the poor. They become as “father of the poor” and “Mother of consolation” for their kind and generous ways.
  7. 7. When husayn Ali was 22 yrs his father passed away. •His large family looked at him for leadership. According to Persian custom of the time, his father had 17 children. •To these husayn ali became like a kind father, by taking care of their needs. •Husayn –Ali was asked to take his father’s place in the government, but he did not accept the offer. •The govt. official said “ iam convinced that he is destined for some lofty career his thoughts are not like ours.”
  8. 8. single human recipe for unity is serving people who need desperate help.