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  • Allahabad BankAndhra BankBank of BarodaBank of IndiaBank of MaharashtraCanara BankCentral Bank of IndiaCorporation BankDena Bank
  • HDFC Bank ICICI BankIDBI BankIndusInd BankING Vysya BankJammu & Kashmir BankKarnataka BankKarurVysya BankLaxmi Vilas Bank
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  • Finance club

    2. 2. Basic Accounting Quiz(1)The properties used in the operation orinvestment activities of a Business arecalled-a) Owner’s Equityb) Revenuesc) Assetsd) LiabilitiesAssets
    3. 3. (2)Who is considered as the father ofaccounting?a) John Adam Smithb) Luca Paciolic) Pythagorasd) George Stiphensonsone) None of the aboveLuca Pacioli
    4. 4. (3)A relatively new type of businessstructure that combines the benefits of apartnership and corporation is called a-a) Limited Liability companyb) Corporationc) Hybrid Partnershipd) Sole partnershipLimited Liability company
    5. 5. (4)If Assets=1,00,000 and liabilities=75,000 then owner’s equity(capital) is-a) 25,000b) 175,000c) 75,000 25,000
    6. 6. (5)A debit is an entry made to the leftside(column) of an account and alwaysIncreases an accounts balancea) Falseb) TrueFalse
    7. 7. (6)Debit/Credit Rule-enter an amount in the normal balance side of account to increase the balance and in the opposite side to decrease the balancea) Falseb) TrueFalse
    8. 8. (7)The concept that requires every businessto be accounted for separately from itsowners is called the-a) Accounting period conceptb) Matching conceptc) Business entity conceptd) owners entity conceptBusiness entity concept
    9. 9. (8)Owner’s withdrawals (Draws) are not used to figure the profit or loss of a businessa) Falseb) TrueTrue
    10. 10. (9)The single entry book keeping system isthe system recommended by most accountsfor recording financial transactionsa) Trueb) FalseFalse
    11. 11. (10)Profit is the amount that a business sexpenses exceed revenuesa) Falseb) TrueFalse
    12. 12. (11)Which of the following accounts is what is known as a temporary or nominal account?a) Capitalb) Assetc) Revenued) LiabilityRevenue
    13. 13. (12)Which of the following is not a version ofthe accounting equation.?a) Assets=Liabilities +Owner’s equityb) Property=property rightsc) Assets=Liabilities +Beginning capital+investments+Revenue-Expenses- Drawsd) Non of the aboveNon of the above
    14. 14. (13)Preliminary expenses belongs to__________ Asset category.Fictitious assets
    15. 15. (15)Which one is the example of Wasting assets?a) Copy rightsb) oil wellsc) Motor card) Prepaid Expensesoil wells
    16. 16. (16)Those assets which are not representedby anything concrete or tangible are knownas---------.a) Current Assetb) Tangible Assetc) Contingent Assetd) Fictitious Assete) None of the aboveFictitious Asset
    17. 17. (17)Golden Rules Of nominal Account ------“Debit all Expenses and Losses Credit all Incomes and Gains”
    18. 18. (18) Pick the Odd man outa) Salaries Paidb) Interest Paidc) Interest receivedd) Freight chargesInterest received
    19. 19. (19)bills payable is an example of -------------a) Current Assetb) Current liabilityc) Fixed Assetd) Contingent LiabilityCurrent liability
    20. 20. (20) Which among is not an example ofArtificial personal accounts?a) Banks Accountb) Company Accountc) Firms Accountd) Ram’s AccountRam’s Account
    21. 21. (21) Recording of transaction is known as_____.a) Recordb) Entryc) Transactiond) Book-keepingEntry
    22. 22. (22)Jour(Day) is a ________ worda) Japaneseb) Greekc) Spanishd) FrenchFrench
    23. 23. Journal Entry(23)Insurance premium prepaid for 3months. Annual premium Rs. 4000Insurance premium A/C Dr To Insurance A/c
    24. 24. (24)Purchased from M 25 fans @ 500 perFan in cash Fan A/c Dr To Cash A/C
    25. 25. Banking Awareness(25)The Imperial Bank of India was named asthe—(A) Reserve Bank of India (B) State Bank ofIndia(C) Union Bank of India (D) Bank of IndiaState Bank of India
    26. 26. (26)Which is/are not an associated bank ofSBI ?(A) The State Bank of Hyderabad(B) The Union Bank of India(C) The State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur(D) The State Bank of MysoreThe Union Bank of India
    27. 27. (27)Which is not a nationalized bank ?(A) Bank of India (B) Canada Bank(C) AXIS Bank (D) Vijaya BankVijaya Bank
    28. 28. (28)The RBI was established in—(A) 1935 (B) 1940(C) 1947 (D) 1949 1935
    29. 29. (29)When RBI has decided to circulate‘Plastic Currency Notes’ in the market ?(A) July 1, 1999 (B) July 1, 2010(C) July 1, 2011 (D) Sept. 1, 2011July 1, 2010
    30. 30. (30)NPAs stands for—(A) Net Present Value(B) Non Preforming Assets(C) Net Pure Assets(D) Net Permanent AssetsNon Preforming Assets
    31. 31. (31)What is Repo Rate??(a) It is the rate at which RBI gives loans to itsprime customers.(b) It is the rate at which RBI gives loans topoor people.(c) It is the rate at which commercial banksborrows rupees from RBI.(d) It is the rate at which RBI borrows rupeesfrom Commercial banks.(e) None. It is the rate at which commercial banksborrows rupees from RBI
    32. 32. (32)Define KYC in banking sector. (a) Know Your Customer. (b) Know Your Consumer. (c) Know Your Collapse. (d) Knew Your Customer. (e) None.Know Your Customer
    33. 33. (33)Nationalized Banks are also called as(a) Public Sector banks.(b) Private Sector banks.(c) Corporate banks.(d) MFI.(e) NonePublic Sector banks
    34. 34. (34) Currency of japan is(a) Real(b) Peso(c) Euro(d) Dollar(e) none of the abovenone of the above
    35. 35. (35)what is the minimum time of operationan insurance company is required tocomplete for becoming eligible to launchan initial public office(ipo)?a.3 yearsb. 5 yearsc. 7 yearsd. 10 years7 years
    36. 36. (36)Name 5 public sector bank name startingwith alphabet (A-D) Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra Canara Bank Central Bank of India Corporation Bank Dena Bank
    37. 37. (37)Name 5 private sector bank name staringwith the alphabet (H-L)HDFC BankICICI BankIDBI BankIndusInd BankING Vysya BankJammu & Kashmir BankKarnataka BankKarur Vysya BankLaxmi Vilas Bank
    38. 38. Current Affairs(38)Who is the current governor of Reservebank of India?D.Subba Rao
    39. 39. (39)Government of India have allowed FDImulti-brand strategy in how many cities inIndia?. 20
    40. 40. (40)Current Sensex index point oftoday_________(with decimal value)18752.83
    41. 41. (41)Current Nifty Index point oftoday____________(With decimal value)5691.15
    42. 42. (42)Current Finance minister ofIndia__________P.Chidambram
    43. 43. (43)How many points in Sensex had risendue to the multiband retail strategy afterone day ?a) 410b) 540c) 230d) 180410
    44. 44. (43)What is the name of the highest currentrichest person in the world.?a) Bill Gatesb) Warren Buffettc) Carlos Slimd) Li Ka-shingCarlos Slim
    45. 45. (44)What is the name of the highest paidwomen in corporate sector?a) Carol barzb) Safra catzc) Irene Rosenfeldd) Carrie CoxCarol barz
    46. 46. (45)Rank of BSE according to highestmarket caps and Traded valuea) 14b) 15c) 16d) 1716
    47. 47. Financial Terms(46)Current Asset and Current Liability CA Those assets which can be converted into cash within short period of Time or normal business cycle or within one year.CLthose liabilities which are to be redeemed within a year.Exa- creditors, bank loan, bills payable
    48. 48. (47)Book-keeping and accounting
    49. 49. (48)Journal and ledger
    50. 50. (49)Accrual and Realization concept ofAccounting
    51. 51. (50)BSE and NSE
    52. 52. (51)Deficit and Surplus
    53. 53. (52)Capital and liability
    54. 54. (53)Personal and nominal A/c
    55. 55. Abbreviation(54)CIFCost,Insurance,freight
    56. 56. (55) CIMAChartered Institute of ManagementAccountants
    57. 57. (56)GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principle
    58. 58. (57)SEBISecurity Exchange board of INDIA
    59. 59. (58)ROIReturn On InvestmentRate of Interest
    60. 60. (59)VATValue Added Tax
    61. 61. (60)FMSFinancial management System
    62. 62. (61)AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified publicAccountants