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  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE Company Name: Asian Paints. Type: Public Ltd. Industry: Paint. Founded: 1942 Head Quarter: Mumbai, India. Key people: Mr. P.M.Murti CEO & MD. Workforce: 4700 Website:
  2. 2. Company History Champaklal H. Choksi, Chimanlal N. Choksi, Suryakant C. Dani and Arvind R. Vakil get together to manufacture paint in a garage on Foras Road, Bombay. They name their company 'The Asian Oil & Paint Company.
  3. 3. Asian paints today  Asian Paints becomes the 10th largest decorative paint company in the world  Asian Paints is more than twice the size of its nearest competitor.  It is one of the most admired companies in India Present in 22 countries with 27 manufacturing locations.  Asian Paints aims to become the 5th largest decorative paint company in the world.
  4. 4. Product Portfolio Segments Chemicals Paints Decorative paints Industrial Paints Pathetic Anhydride Pentaerythritol
  5. 5. Group subsidiaries
  6. 6. Indian Manufacturing Plants Asian Plants Bhandup (Maharashtra) in India Asian Plants Sriperumbudur in India Asian Plants Kasna (Uttar Pradesh) in India Asian Plants (Rohtak, Haryana)
  7. 7. Overseas Berger International Plants Barbados Berger International Plants Singapore Berger International Plants Bahrain Berger International Plants Jamaica Berger International Plants Trinidad
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy • Company is using different techniques such as advertising Campaign, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and public relation to increase sales •A total amount of 85 crore is spent on the ad campaign by asian paint. Their particular ad campaign „Mera Walla Blue” “har ghar kuch kehta hai” are being liked by the customer. • Online marketing for urban customer: Asian paint online marketing system is helping. The company in lot of ways, providing all the necessary information to the customer. It is an unique way of promotion.
  9. 9. Promotional Strategies
  11. 11. Market Share in India ICI 11% Berger 17% Nerolac 17% Asian Paints 55%
  12. 12. SWOT analysis  STRENGTH:    Market leaders with 55% market shares. Strong in inventory control. The pricing strategy is oriented to middle and lower end consumers.  Widest product range in terms of products, shades, pack sizes.  Comprehensive nation wide coverage of the market.  Brand name with 68 year experience.
  13. 13. WEAKNESS: Seasonal demand and hence in off seasons it can lead cash flow problems.   Innovation in developing new product is inadequate.  Weakness on the technology front in industrial paints. In industrial paints, AP has only a 15% market share. to
  14. 14. Contd.. OPPORTUNITIES: Acquiring/ increasing market share in Industrial paint sector.  Competitors have gone in for hi-technology compare to AP.  The automobile industry accounted for 50% of the industrial markets. THREATS:  Domination of few foreign companies.  Competition is catching up fast, hi-tech facilities gives abundant choices.
  15. 15. Competitors in India  Akzo Nobel India ltd  Bombay  Hard Paints ltd Castle & waud manufacturing company ltd.  Jenson & Nicolson India ltd.  Nerolac  Sarika paint ltd. paint ltd.
  16. 16. GLOBAL COMPETATOR 1 AkzoNobel nv 2 PPG Industries Inc. (Netherlands) (Pittsburgh) 3 DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies Group (Wilmington ) 4 ICI Paints (Berkshire, UK ) 5 BASF Coatings (Germany) 6 Nippon Paint Co. (Japan) 7 Sherwin-Williams Co. ( Cleveland)
  17. 17.      Environment and Safety Total Water Management water conservation Tsunami relief: Helping community in need of time providing infrastructure support to this school Corporate social responsibility
  18. 18. Future plan    Asian Paints is planning an international network of technology centers spread across Australia, Jamaica, Egypt, Dubai, Mauritius, Fiji and Singapore. The paint project will use the latest techniques in production, packing, conveying and storage in an ecofriendly manner, with zero discharge of effluents. Company aims to come under top-5 paints companies list in the world in next 2 year.
  19. 19. THANK YOU