The long path to freedom


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5th Grade students paraphrased information from a story about Harriet Tubman.

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The long path to freedom

  1. 1. The Long Path to Freedom Paraphrased by the Fifth Graders
  2. 2. 512 &513 Harriet’s mother, Rit, was a slave for a woman named, Mary Patterson. Rit was suppose to serve Mary until she was 45. Mary died earlier, so Rit was supposed to be free, but another woman had snatched Rit to be her slave. One Day Harriet saw a quaker in a buggy. The quaker told Harriet that any time Harriet needed help, she could go to her in Bucktown. Harriet was grateful for the quaker.
  3. 3. Harriet swears to keep the secret of the Quakerwoman’s words about coming to her house. It would behard to escape with the scar on her head, everyone couldrecognize her. She brought her brothers along so shewasn’t lonely. Her brothers were scared and didn’t knowthe woods like Harriet did. They wanted to go back to theplantation because they were scared. She tried toencourage them on but they were to scared. She saidthat she would just go on her own but they didn’t let her.She fought but her brothers were too strong and theybrought her back to the plantation. Now if she didn’tescape she would be traded and have to work with thechain gang. 514
  4. 4.  Harriet thought if her husband went with her, he might help the men. She could not take anyone. She had to let someone know that she was leaving or her family would worry. When she saw her mother go and milk the cow, Harriet knew she could not tell her. She just told her mother that she would milk the cow instead of telling her the truth. Soon she went to find her sister, Mary, to tell her the big secret. Once she found her, she saw the other slaves and needed to tell Mary in secret. She pretended to wrestle with her and once she was in private, a white man rode by and Mary ran away. So Harriet just sang a song.Pg 516-517
  5. 5. Harriet ran away one evening and tried to wade in streams. She went tothe quaker’s house. The quaker told her she must go to the to the Hunn’s place. She gave the quaker her beautiful quilt. Pg. 518-519
  6. 6. Crossing the Line Harriet continued north all night. But when the sun started to rise, she had to dig a hole to climb into to stay out of sight and to rest. When the night came again, she got up and kept going. She knew that she had to go faster for her owner would send out slave hunters and bloodhounds to go after her. After a while, the river began to narrow until it was nothing but a few drops and then she saw the road. Harriet was just about to cross it when a sleep spell came. She fell to the dirt, unconscious. When she woke up, she heard slave hunters talking a bout a run-away girl.
  7. 7. 522The men said that they should come back inearly morning. Harriet should be at theHunn’s before early morning. When shereached the Hunn’s she saw a woman.Harriet showed the woman the paper and thewoman introduced herself. Her name wasEliza Hunn. Eliza introduced Harriet to herhusband, Ezekiel Hunn. Harriet stayed therefor 3 nights. The 4th night Eliza gave Harrietfreshly washed clothes and a parcel of food.Mr Hunn helped her in the wagon and put ablanket over her head.
  8. 8. Mr.Hunn drove Harriet a little bit farther inher journey to a town named Camden. Hestopped and couldn’t take her on any farther. Shehad to go to Wilmington, Delaware with slavehunters around. She walked to the cemetery andsaw a man like Mr.Hunn said, and he gave hersome clothes and a hat to cover her scar to looklike a worker. He brought her to another manwho works in a shoe factory who gave her shoesand let her go into the house. 523
  9. 9. Harriet Tubman stayed in Thomas’s house all day he was a Quaker known for helping slaves . Since he worked in a shoe factory he always supplied runaways with a new pair of kicks. The next nightThomas gave Harriet new fancy lady cloths to wear then they were in a carriage going through town nobody would think she was a runaway slave in that kind of clothing. He gave her a piece of paperwith the writing… Pennsylvania he knew she couldnot read but he said there would be a sign that said exactly what he wrote on the paper. But there wereguards everywhere near the border of Pennsylvaniaso he did not bring her all the way through once she walked through the gates she knew she would befree. When she walked through she was happy for a moment then she realized that she would one day go back and get her family and free them from enslavement! 524- 526