OpenStack Toronto (Intro to OpenStack)


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Some slides to kick off an Introductory talk and discussion for OpenStack Toronto (

Some of the slides (and the layout) were borrowed from various other community-building slide decks. Feel free to do the same.

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OpenStack Toronto (Intro to OpenStack)

  1. 1. OpenStack: An IntroductionAdin ScannellCTO,
  2. 2. Who am I?• Co-founder & CTO, Gridcentric.• Systems and virtualization guy.• Responsible for technology vision at Gridcentric.• Email:
  3. 3. What is OpenStack?• OpenStack is an platform for building cloud infrastructure.• If you wish to make cloud infrastructure from scratch, you must first invent the universe….. what is the cloud, exactly?•The cloud is AAS.
  4. 4. Bits over a network • Users (human and machine) • Gmail, Application • Heroku, django, J2EE Platform • EC2, Rackspace, Fred the sysadmin Infrastructure Hardware
  5. 5. Why IaaS?• Enterprises are building clouds to… • Meet departmental resource needs & timelines • Control & monitor the entire environment • Improve the flexibility and responsiveness of their infrastructure• Here’s how they do it. • 1) Steal underpants Virtualization • 2) ? • 3) Cloud infrastructure!
  6. 6. Infrastructure is…• Servers• Networking• Storage• Sometimes …. • Load balancing • Configuration management • Monitoring • Databases and Queuing • Backup and Failover • …. and more
  7. 7. The Pieces of OpenStack OpenStack Compute (Nova) OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) OpenStack Image Service (Glance)
  8. 8. More Pieces of OpenStack!• Dashboard (Horizon)• Identity Management (Keystone)• Networking (Quantum)• Load balancers• Database• Queueing
  9. 9. Core Components 10
  10. 10. Horizon (Dashboard)
  11. 11. Nova (Compute) 12
  12. 12. Today• 1,500+ active participants• 200+ member companies• 17 countries represented at Design Summit• 60,000+ downloads• Worldwide network of user groups• Commercial distributions: Piston, Canonical, Redhat, Nebula…• Commercial clouds on OpenStack: Rackspace, HP…
  13. 13. OpenStack Community
  14. 14. How You Can Participate• Website:• Mailing Lists:• Wiki:• Twitter: @openstack• IRC: #openstack
  15. 15. Discussion• Is anyone involved in OpenStack?• Should you build your own infrastructure?• Will OpenStack be around in three years?• Which is more important: storage or compute?• Will OpenStack enable “cloud compatability?”• Would you use an OpenStack public cloud? • (Instead of EC2 or a VMWare-based cloud?)• What’s driving your interest in OpenStack?• How do you think the ecosystem will evolve?
  16. 16. Meta Questions• Interest in Hackathons?• How often should this meetup be held?• Other topics of discussion?