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  1. 1. The making ofAPPLICATION GUIDE FORGREEN STRUCTURES (Recommendations)Viva Jury : Dr.Abhijat Abhyankar (PhD – IIT Bombay) 2nd March 2012
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION “An enduring environmental ethic will aim to preserve notonly the health and freedom of our species, but access to the world in which the human spirit was born.” “The Diversity of Life” E.O. Wilson NICMAR,PUNE
  3. 3. SCENARIO Today, green building is one of the fastest growing building and designconcepts. Every month new magazines are popping up that report onthis growing trend. Architects, designers, and homeowners are becoming aware with thecost saving possibilities, energy saving emphasis, modern look, and thesymbiotic relationship with nature that green buildings possess.PROMOTIONAL PROJECTS : • Green Campus Day • Brochure • Posters and signs • Recycling centers • Environmental education • Awareness campaign • Green concept fostering competition • Festivals & Exhibitions. NICMAR,PUNE
  4. 4. PERCEPTION & REALITIES PERCEPTION REALITYPerception 1: Green buildings are The incremental cost would appear small if thecostlier baseline design is already at a certain level of good eco-design; it would appear huge if the base design has not considered green principles.Perception 2: Green buildings Green building concepts and the LEED rating canhave to be air-conditioned be applied for non-air conditioning buildings. It has been applied on three such buildings in India viz., IGP office, Gulbarga and Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management. for example – the envelop, lighting, roof insulation etc.Perception 3: Green buildings Due to the Green building movement; nowtake more time there is so much of capacity building that has happened in the country. NICMAR,PUNE
  5. 5. CLIMATE RESPONSIVE APPROACHIn India we have a diverse and rich tradition in ‘Building Design’. In the Indiancontext, climatologically aspects have always been at the core of buildingdesign.Pune region, with temperatures touching 40 deg cel, it is predominantly a hotclimate. The traditional ‘Vaada’ has thick walls that prevent heat penetration.The use of stones, with a high thermal mass, in construction further helps to keepaway the heat. The plans of the old buildings are inward looking ,almost entirely block the hotair coming from outside.Provision of cooling effect inside the house.Today :The target audience for green buildings is mostly the corporate sector. As wetake up large scale, complex projects the list of requirements in utilities like airconditioners, elevators, pumping systems etc. is expanding rapidly. The result isEnergy Intensive buildings. NICMAR,PUNE
  6. 6. TODAYS APPROACH The United States Green Build Council (USGBC) is the foremost leader.They are the sanctioning body for LEED, the program with which pointsare awarded to various design applications within a building ultimatelyresulting in LEED certification for the building. Whereas in India foremost leader in green building is Indian greenbuilding council (IGBC) and followed by GRIHA by TERI. The sanctioningbody is LEED-INDIA. Use of other standards like NBC,ECBC,BEE,ASHARE while implementing. NICMAR,PUNE
  7. 7. WHAT TO DO?ObjectiveTo recommend for preparation of an application guide for greenstructure in tropical climate, which shall impart awareness andunderstanding of green buildings to every user in the most simplifiedmanner. To attain this objective comparative studies of differentgreen buildings have been done in the region of Pune & otherregions of tropical climate.Scope & LimitationGreen building and sustainability in construction itself is a vast topic.Instead of giving examples and study of various green buildings, weare providing a reference guide for the construction of greenbuilding with respect to tropical climate which shall foster theknowledge about green building construction even to commoner. NICMAR,PUNE
  8. 8. CASE STUDYCII Godrej,Hyderabad Wipro,Gurgaon Suzlon Earth,Pune Yamuna Kirloskar,Pune NICMAR,PUNE
  10. 10. SOLUTION Define application guide and use The purpose of this guidance document is to provide direction when applying green building elements during construction. Commercial development and various projects represent a great opportunity for sustainable planning and design. We recognize that this market requires unique guidance in order to implement the sustainable structure with the help of availability of material and techniques. It also help to reach to the manufacturer of the product by the users. NICMAR,PUNE
  11. 11. MAKING OF Team Engineers, Architects, etc., APPLICATON GUIDE Draft With reference to US LEED Other ratings New interventions Abridged version Open for discussionPublic Architects Energy Consultants Builders Academicians Editings (Internal discussions ) Core Committee Meeting Architects Energy Consultants Builders 3rd party consultants Open for public Final launch Revised Versions NICMAR,PUNE
  12. 12. APPLICATON Team - IGBC GUIDE Green building credits Engineers, Architects, etc., CONSISTS…. Implementation With reference to US LEEDWith reference to project Other ratings Category Abridged version SubcategoryPublic Components Manufacturer Contact Product detail Products use NICMAR,PUNE
  13. 13. Site Sustainability Development and construction processes are often destructive tolocal ecology. Fortunately, steps can be taken to reduce impacts onpreviously undeveloped lands and to improve site.Sr.No Category Subcategory ComponentsSustainable sitesSS2 Site development For physically challengedAlmost any building can be made accessible to physicallychallenged ,so that ingress and egress to buildings by physicallychallenged maybe facilitated while preserving the desired design andeffect of the architecture. NICMAR,PUNE
  14. 14. Water Efficiency  Freshwater becomes increasingly scarcer due to urbanisation and available sources being rendered polluted and unsuitable for human consumption.  Conservation of water, thus, is an inevitable recourse for sustenance of human life.Sr.No Category Subcategory ComponentsWater EfficiencyWE 1 Landscaping Water efficient plant. Draught and native plants list. NICMAR,PUNE
  15. 15. Energy Efficiency Energy consumption can be dramatically reduced through practices that are economical and readily achievable. improving the energy performance of buildings lowers operation cost, reduces pollution generated by power plants and other energy producing equipment and enhances comfort.Most energy efficiency measures present and excellent rate of returnSr.No Category Subcategory ComponentsEnergy EfficiencyEE2 Renewable energy Wind Power FlowersPower Flowers is the latest iteration of advanced wind powergeneration. These wind trees need less space. Less land intensive than even a pole-mounted residentialhorizontal axis wind turbine NICMAR,PUNE
  16. 16. Material and resources Building material choices are important in sustainable design because of the extensive network of extraction, processing and transportation steps required to process them. Activities to create building materials pollute the air and water, destroy natural habitats and deplete natural resources.Sr.No Category Subcategory ComponentsMaterial and resourcesMR4 Locally available Roof material , bricks etc Ferrocement , material compressed earth bricks. NICMAR,PUNE
  17. 17. Material and resourcesCompressed Earth Block (CEB)The Auroville Building Centre has designed a press for CEBs, which ismanufactured by Aureka, and sold in India, Africa and even Europe.In Auroville, the average results obtained with CEB at 5% cement are(±) 50 kg/cm2 .Local fired country bricks are at (±) 35kg/cm².AUREKA, Aspiration Auroville Consulting:Auroville 605101 Saracon Building, KottakaraiTamil Nadu- India AurovilleTel: +91-413-2622278 Tamil Nadu 605 101Email : Call : 91 0413 2622571Website : www.aurovilleconsulting.comFerrocement is a form of reinforced concrete using closely spacedmultiple layers of mesh and/or small diameter rods completely infiltratedwith, or encapsulated in, mortar. The most common type ofreinforcement is steel mesh.Other materials such as selected organic,natural or synthetic fibres may be combined with metallic mesh. NICMAR,PUNE
  18. 18. Indoor environmental qualityMajority of human population spend an average of 90% of their timeindoors, where levels of pollutants may be very high. This emphasizesthe need for optimal indoor environment quality (IEQ) strategies.Sr.No Category Subcategory ComponentsIndoor environmental qualityIEQ 3 Low emitting materials Agrifiber Products. Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritatingand/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants. Shall contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins Composite wood and agrifiber products are defined as: particleboard,medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood etc NICMAR,PUNE
  19. 19. ECONOMICS“Green design can actually decrease construction costs, chiefly by saving infrastructure expenses and by using passive heating and cooling techniques that make most costly mechanical equipment unnecessary” - Natural Capitalism NICMAR,PUNE
  20. 20. ECONOMICS Year Built in Rating % Pay Building Awarded Area Achieved increase Back in cost period CII girded 2003 20,000 PLATINUM 18% 7 years Hyderabad ITC Green Centre 2004 1,70,000 Platinum 15% 6 years ,Gurgaon Wipro,Gurgaon 2005 1,75,000 Platinum 8% 5yearsTechnopolis,Kolkatta 2006 72,000 Gold 6% 3years Spectral services 2007 15,000 Platinum 8% 4 years consultants office,NoidaHITAM,Hyderabad 2007 78,000 Silver 2% 3years Payback period for green buildings LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT LCA Tools NICMAR,PUNE
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONSynthesizing possibilities for building materials in the key areasof production, consumption, recycling, evaluation andregulation which might be of interest to those more generallyconcerned with either social change or ‘information age’economic development strategy.This enabled us to make an application guide comprising ofthe most efficient techniques which could be implementedwhile constructing any other green projects in future and inthe same geographical context, which will be helpful toevery individual who desires to construct the energy efficientstructure. NICMAR,PUNE
  22. 22. NEED OF TIME… I think the environment should be put in the category of ournational security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. – Robert Redford. Thank you… NICMAR,PUNE
  23. 23. 2nd march 2012 PRESENTATION ON RECOMMENDATION FOR APPLICATION GUIDE OF GREEN STRUCTURES (TROPICAL CLIMATE) PRESENTED BY Ms.Amruta Badodkar 241014 Ms.Pallavi Donode 241045National Institute of Construction Management & Research Pune