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A "new, new" Search Engine


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Microsoft announced Bing, the new search engine that will compete with Google. But is it the first time they do it?

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A "new, new" Search Engine

  1. 1. A “new, new” Search Engine
  2. 2. 1997 1997: “It's official. Microsoft has entered the search engine game”
  3. 3. 1999 1999: “MSN is implementing its new search engine with technology from Direct Hit, RealNames, and AltaVista”,39042972,13019711,00.htm
  4. 4. 2003 2003: quot;Across the board, we're in a good place with our search engine, but there are good opportunities to increase the relevancy.“
  5. 5. 2004 2004: “Microsoft Corp. is set to unleash its much-anticipated search technology, as it ramps up efforts to take on market leader Google Inc.”
  6. 6. 2005 2005: “Microsoft today launched an internet search engine that it hopes will challenge the global dominance of Google.” gines1
  7. 7. 2005 2005: Ballmer: “In the next six months, we'll catch Google in terms of relevancy“ push/0,130061733,139199269,00.htm
  8. 8. 2006 2006: “Microsoft plans to officially launch its new Windows Live Search engine on Tuesday, a pillar in its strategy to topple market leader Google” engine/2006/09/12/1157826922021.html
  9. 9. 2007 2007: “Microsoft has gathered a team of twenty or more “rock star” developers who’ve been tasked at building their next generation search engine”(…) “and is very cool” team-building-stealth-search-engine/
  10. 10. 2007 2007: “We have made dramatic progress in delivering a better search experience to our customers”
  11. 11. 2008 2008: “Microsoft hopes to convince searchers to take the last mile to a transaction through the search engine, generating more advertising revenue for Microsoft and simultaneously hurting arch-rival Google”
  12. 12.