RESUME’                                    +201118989092                          +20106550848...
AMRO ADEL HASSAN1B, Al Gezirah Al Wosta Street, Zamalek – Cairo, Egypt, 11211Tel:    27372305 / 35692770 (H)Mobile: +20111...
Despite the current small size of the bank, I am confident that with the managements clear visionand the strong support of...
In this Bank, I started my professional banking career. Throughout the period I spent with theNSGB, I acquired thorough kn...
11-      Cash Flow Projection/Analysis                                  12-Evaluation       ofCompaniesBUSINESS SKILLS   ...
APPENDIX I TRAINING EXPERIENCE                                [Courses Delivered] The Egyptian Banking Institute          ...
5. Workshop on “Export development of SMEs in Developing Countries”                      July     2011 Organized by Cairo ...
22. Cairo Investment Forum                                     Egyptian Ministry of   Investment23. The role of financial ...
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Resume Amro Adel March 2012 Detailed Honac 002 Extra Header 1


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Resume Amro Adel March 2012 Detailed Honac 002 Extra Header 1

  1. 1. RESUME’ +201118989092 +201065508484 +201020103399AMRO ADEL HASSAN March 2012
  2. 2. AMRO ADEL HASSAN1B, Al Gezirah Al Wosta Street, Zamalek – Cairo, Egypt, 11211Tel: 27372305 / 35692770 (H)Mobile: +201118989092 /+201002909683E-Mail: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Twenty years of extensive banking and finance experience with several multinational and development banks. Core professional strengths include but not limited to, SME Banking, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. Work experience also covers Trade Finance, Investment Banking, and Sharia Compliant Finance. In addition, I am an accredited instructor at the Egyptian Banking Institute for several programs in SME Banking and Risk Management. Furthermore, I am holding the position of the Regional Director Egypt for the internationally well-regarded PRMIA “The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association” since 2010. Attended several world-class training programs and seminars in Risk Management, Corporate Finance, MSME Banking, Marketing and Islamic Banking, arranged by world class financial institutions and universities such as the World Bank, Euro Money, Scotia Bank, BCG, Societe Generale Banque, Islamic Development Bank, Ernst & Young, Ashredge School of Management, AUC, Maastricht School of Management …etc. Team motivator who drives outstanding results and enjoys a vast network of relationships with Egypt’s top players in Corporate and SME markets Possess vast experience in various industries and knowledge of different business dynamics. A well-traveled multi cultured person. Interests include Fine arts, History, Politics, Traveling, Motor Biking and Internet surfing. Lived in or visited the following countries: Egypt (Country of residence), Kuwait (18 years), UAE, Syria, France, UK, Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar, KSA, China, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, India, Belgium, Bulgaria and Austria. JOB HISTORY1. Industrial Development & Workers Bank of Egypt (Feb. 2010 - Present) General Manager - SME Banking GroupDuring the first three months of this current assignment, I have formed the SME Banking Groupfrom scratch by laying down the basic groundwork such as drafting a comprehensive policy manual,identifying the target market, and building the division’s work force capacity. In parallel, anapproach has been made with international donors and the Social Fund for Development to securethe appropriate funding needs. In this mission, I successfully secured cheap funding in theneighborhood of EGP 1.0 billion with tenors up to five years at very competitive rates. Followingthis stage, a well-planned marketing task has started targeting specific categories of customers indifferent industries; the result of which was soliciting 250 borrowing relationships that havecontributed in building a fresh credit portfolio of EGP 781 million within a period of 18 months withthe assistance of seven credit officers. 2 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  3. 3. Despite the current small size of the bank, I am confident that with the managements clear visionand the strong support of the Egyptian Government, I could lead this bank become the leadingMSME bank in Egypt within 5 years.2. National Bank for Development (March 2008 – September 2009) [A Subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Group] General Manager - Head of Wholesale Banking GroupWhile supervising a wide array of sectors including Corporate Banking, SME Banking,Correspondent Banking, Structured Finance, and Syndications, my main achievement throughoutthis assignment was to redress a major part of the banks distressed credit portfolio and bring it backon track. In addition, one of a lifetime experience was helping in restructuring the bank from aconventional bank to an Islamic Bank dealing under Sharia compliant laws and regulations.3. US Agency for International Development “USAID” (June 2006 – Feb. 2008) [SME Business Development Center] Investment and Finance SpecialistDuties included facilitating access to finance for more than 50 Egyptian SME companies as well asadvising several Egyptian banks on starting up specialized SME banking divisions. During thisassignment, I took an active role in advising the Egyptian Government on setting parameters duringthe establishment of the SME Stock Exchange “Nilex.”4. The Bank of Nova Scotia – Cairo (February 2005 – May 2006) General Manager, Commercial BankingResponsible for managing the bank’s Credit Portfolio in addition to deputizing the RegionalManager. Throughout this assignment, I managed to successfully double the Credit portfolio to reachUS$ 610 million through marketing for new borrowing relationships among which were a number ofmultinational corporations.5. National Bank of Abu Dhabi – Egypt (December 1995 – January 2005) Head of Corporate Banking GroupResponsible for the entire credit portfolio of the bank booked at Egypt and Sudan branches. Beforethat and for 3 years, I was managing NBAD’s Risk Management Division, called back then theRegional Credit Department, making my way in the bank from a senior credit analyst in 1995 to theRegional Manager of the Credit & Risk Department in 1998. Direct responsibilities involveddelineating business plans and objectives, setting budgets, monitoring process to ensure thatobjectives and standards are being met and bank policies are being followed. During this assignmentat NBAD, I managed to achieve a healthy growth of 260% in its lending portfolio in a period of 3years to reach US$ 970 million.6. National Societe Generale Bank “NSGB” (Feb. 1993 – Nov. 1995) Credit Risk Officer 3 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  4. 4. In this Bank, I started my professional banking career. Throughout the period I spent with theNSGB, I acquired thorough knowledge and expertise in a wide array of technical aspects related toCorporate Finance, Credit Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Branch Management. ACADEMIC EDUCATION 1. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Maastricht School of Management – Netherlands May 2006 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Half MBA] including 8 Courses as follows: 1. Financial Accounting 5. Managerial Accounting 2. Marketing Decision-Making 6. Financial Resources Management 3. Creating, Structuring & Managing Organizations 7. Manufacturing & Service Operations 4. Competing in the Global Arena Management 8. Strategy, Strategic Design & Strategic Behavior 2. Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration May 1991 Helwan University – Cairo Graduation Grade: Very Good PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION 1. Modern Accounting Certificate The American University in Cairo Sept. ’89 - May ‘91 Full time study consisted of 12 courses each for three credit hours, GPA: 3.32. 2. Business Administration Certificate The American University in Cairo Jan 1992 Three sequential courses totaling 108 contact hours. 3. Comprehensive Banking Credit Management Certificate The American University in Cairo Sept. ‘95- July ‘96 Institute of Banking & Finance Grade A+ (97%) 1. Introduction to Accounting and Financial analysis 2-Lending Rationales 3. Asset Conversion Lending 4- Cash Flow Mechanics 5- Assets Protection Lending & Legal Aspects of Credit 6-Hedging FOREX Exposure 7- Capital Markets and Securities Industry 8-Trade Finance 9- Modern Concepts & Theories in Banking Credit Management 10-Correspondent Banking 4 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  5. 5. 11- Cash Flow Projection/Analysis 12-Evaluation ofCompaniesBUSINESS SKILLS  Computer Skills: Excellent command of MS-office applications [MS-Excel, MS- Word, MS-PowerPoint], Moodys KMV, SPSS)  Language Skills: Arabic and EnglishPERSONAL DATA  Date of Birth: August 14, 1969.  Nationality: Egyptian  Marital Status: SingleEXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Regional Director of PRMIA chapter in Egypt [“PRMIA” is the internationally well recognized “Professional Risk Managers’ International Association” :  Member of the Egyptian Sudanese Business Council  Membership to the Basel II Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA)  Member of Commercialists Syndicate – Cairo  Member of Al-Ahly Sporting ClubFAVORED PSASTIMES: Music [Rock, Jazz, Blues, classics, world music] Internet surfing Fine Arts Reading: History, Politics, World Heritage and local cultures Traveling Motor biking, Squash and BilliardsREFERENCESFurnished Upon RequestPublic Profile & Recommendations: 5 /6Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  6. 6. APPENDIX I TRAINING EXPERIENCE [Courses Delivered] The Egyptian Banking Institute Sept. 09 - Present An Accredited Instructor for several Training Programs in SME Banking and Risk Management Regional IT Institute & the University of George Washington  SME Banking for Entrepreneurs June 2007 Arab African international bank • Financial and Cash Flow Analysis and Projections Nov 2004 • Introduction to Credit Risk Management Dec 2004 CONFERENCING EXPERIENCEChairperson and Speaker1. The "Middle East SME Banking" ConferenceBy Marcus Evans International ` -Dubai, UAE May 2010Speaker and Panelist 1. Islamic Finance Road show 2010, Organized by the Malaysian International Islamic Finance Center June 2010 2. ADFIMI Development Forum 2010 Lectured on: Poverty Alleviation through SME Development Association of National Development Finance Institutions in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank “ADFIMI” - -Istanbul Turkey October 2010 3. Arab Expo Business Forum Lectured on Risk Management in SME Banking Cairo November 2010 4. Workshop on “Challenges of SME Access to Finance” Cairo May 2011 Organized by the Egyptian Banking Institute and Environmental Quality International (EQI) with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), 6 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  7. 7. 5. Workshop on “Export development of SMEs in Developing Countries” July 2011 Organized by Cairo University 6. Conference & Exhibition on “Future of Egyptian Industry July 2011 Organized and sponsored by the Union of Egyptian Industries & Ministry of Industry & Trade, 7. Young Entrepreneurs’ conference –“Starting a new Business” Sept. 2011 Organized by Leadership & Management Development Center -Cairo APPENDIX II PROFESSIONAL TRAINING & CONFERENCES1. SME Study tour to India: 10 days tour to India’s SME banking sector2. Operational Risk Management & Basel II Organized by ADFIMI & IDWBE – Cairo3. Certified Advanced Basel II Master Class Pillar 2: Supervisory Review & Evaluation4. Basel II: Implementation & Compliance Training Pillar 3: Disclosure After the Global Crises5. Ashredge Leadership Process Ashredge School of Management, Berkhamstad, UK6. Making Great Leaders Hay Group International – Dubai7. Managerial & Supervisory Skills Ernst & Young International8. Building SME Banking - Business Training IFC & the World Bank Institute9. Risk Capital Investing in ICT Nathan Associates INC, USA10. SMEs Financing: An Integrated Vision for the Next Era - The Egyptian Banking Institute11. Developments in Retail Banking Batt & Partners Consulting, London, UK12. Internal Rating Systems – Basel II The Arab Center for Economic Studies13. Understanding the Venture Capital Process - Dingmans Center for Entrepreneurship –USA14. Service Marketing in Highly Competitive Markets The Egyptian Banking Institute15. Foreign Trade Finance Cairo university16. Reducing the Risk Scotia Bank Group’s Anti Money Laundering Training Program17. The Public Private Partnerships MENA Summit “PPP” The IFC and Ministry of Finance18. Retail Banking & Consumer Finance Conference International Economic Forum19. Quality of Risk Evaluation Societe Generale Banque – Paris20. Credit Problems in Public Sector Companies Union of Arab Banks – Cairo21. Bank Marketing & Management Forum American Bankers Association 7 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)
  8. 8. 22. Cairo Investment Forum Egyptian Ministry of Investment23. The role of financial markets in supporting competitiveness of companies24. GITEX & GULFCOMMS 2006 – Dubai, UAE Organized by Dubai World Trade Center25. Euro-Med Conference on Donor Funding & Novel Financial Instruments26. Failure of Entrepreneurship Initiatives The Egyptian Capital Market Authority27. Investment Analysis & Portfolio/ Fund Management The American University in Cairo28. Asset Conversion Lending The American University in Cairo29. Asset protection Lending The American University in Cairo30. Cash Flow Lending The American University in Cairo31. Challenges facing Arab Economies Arab Monetary Fund32. International Banking Conference – Abu Dhabi National Bank of Abu Dhabi – UAE33. European Middle East Partenariat German Arab Chamber of Industry and Trade 8 /6 Amro Adel CV (March 2012)