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Global Technologies July-August 2015 - CES Asia


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The first CES Asia event held in Shanghai

Published in: Technology
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Global Technologies July-August 2015 - CES Asia

  1. 1. Volume 10 No. 4 July - August 2015 Rs. 100/- Or US 8 5 (‘I J_. D/ —_. TECHNOLOGIES Your Window To The Tech World - CES Asia - IFA GPC o Startup Village - HKTDC Readers: Our Most Precious Asset
  2. 2. Inaugural 2015 CES Asia gets a good response (ENIII ' ’ . J'. $Iii‘. .&2.. ‘ ' ' Though minuscule compared to the CES in Las Vegas that has 3,600 exhibitors and attracts 176,000 visitors, CES Asia did attract some major global businesses houses to China. I foresee a good potential for the event though some journalists were still skeptical as language remained a huge barrier for us all to interact, reports Chandragupta Amritkar from Shanghai countries vied for attention of 20,000+ visitors including 1,200 journalists. Produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and co—produccd by INTEX, the 2015 CES Asia showcased the latest innovations and technologies set to enter the Asian marketplace. It had drones, wearable devices, a self-driving car, a robot that does the cooking and quite a few health related devices. The incredible energy on the show floor was clearly visible as Chi- nese people from across the country interacted with the exhibitors and watched the new gadgets on display. “CES Asia was by every measure a world-class launch, setting the bar for high-quality events in the region in terms of industry attendance, production value, conference programming, product introductions and the ability to bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry, ” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “Exhibitors at this inaugural event were coura- geous to trust us, frankly, but it’s those brave, curated companies that have helped us set a new intcmational standard for show launches. ” CES Asia boasted a strong global presence with roughly 40 percent of the show floor represented by innovative companies headquartered outside of main- land China. The organisers expect that the products introduced will fuel the cver—growing Asian marketplace i , S pread across three days more than 200 exhibitors from 16 Global Technologies and ultimately grow the global economy, creating new jobs and paving the way for future innovation. “We chose Shanghai because it is the ‘city of the future’ and a world center of commerce. China is central to the growth of the global consumer technology industry and Shanghai is a major gateway to the Chinese marketplace, ” said Gary Shapiro. A walk through those halls revealed the presence of lot of auto makers showing off their latest in—car tech. Audi displayed it’s Audi R8 c—tron concept car, which uses self—driving technology. . E] Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA July - Aug 2015
  3. 3. Daimler announced that its Mercedes—Benz cars in China would be equipped with software from a Chinese internet giant. Volk- swagen talked of its Golf R Touch, Cadillac OnStar 4G LTE which is a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot in-car, Fords In-car infotain- ment system etc. proportionately I feel automobiles took up more space at CES Asia than in Las Vegas. I found huge around Moley Robotics, the British manufacturer of a kitchen robot system that uses a pair of articulating arms to cook. Apart from auto sector there were some American major play- ers — DTS, Monster. Intel, IBM who had large technology dis- plays; a few from Europe but a major chunk from China. I would- n’t help but notice the absence of Japanese and Korean brands that dominate the Vegas show — Sony's, Samsung’s or LG’s of the world. Though some of Sonys top people and Samsung sponsored the CEA’s annual CEO Summit gala dinner they did not exhibit. Product releases at CES Asia Notable new products that featured for the first time in Asia on the show floor included - AKG N90 Q: Noise cancelling headphones offering personal- ized sound - Audi R8 e-tron: Electric car with self-driving technology, Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid car - Baidu Car Life and MMI: In—car infotainment system ° Cadillac OnStar 4G LTE: Powerful Wi-Fi hotspot in- car, connected by OnStar ° China Mobile: loT Private Network covering the entirety of China, OncNet Open Plat- form based on sensing termi- nal technology and industrial features - Ford Sync 3: In-car info- tainment system - Guillemot Thrustmaster: T300RS racing simulator, Hotas Warthog joystick, WAE NEO wireless speaker, Her- cules Universal DJ system, Hercules DJ Control Jogvisi— July — Aug 2015 ~°‘l‘l, ll, ilLl l son controller - Happy Plugs 18 carat gold earbuds: 18 carat gold earbuds exclusively made by a Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm - Hirschmann Car eHub: Car entertainment system that con- nects tablet or smartphone to a wireless LAN providing TV reception, intemet access, or media - Hirschmann Car Asset Tracking Module: Retrofitting mod- ules for monitoring of loading and transportation of goods - Intel Firefly Drone with Real Sense Technology with an Intel processor that senses motion to help avoid collisions - Intelclinic NeuroOn: Sleep mask that monitors a users’ bio- logical feedback - J ide Remix OS: Tablet operating system that allows for use of multiple apps simultaneously - JD. com Dingdong speaker: Voice controlled speaker, Weilink App connects with smart products - Klipsch Home Theater Speakers: Provide movie theater qual- ity sound, HD Wireless Home Theater System delivers high—per— formance theater experience - Lincoln Visualization Wall: Displays an almost l-to-l sized image of customer’s configured vehicle, Interactive Table allows customers to build and price their ideal Lincoln vehicle - Mercedes—Benz F 015 Luxury in motion: Self—driVing research car with interior, digital lounge space - Moley Robotics Smart Kitchen Robot: Fully functional, pro- fessional robot kitchen with library of recipes, available to con- sumers in 2017 - MOTA SmartRing: Connects with cell phone and gives updates from calls, texts, and social media, Wireless Charger for GoPro, small enough to be carried in a bag or pocket, iPhone 6/6 Plus Extended Battery Charger extends your battery life and pro- tects your phone - Scosche Sport CLIP Sport Earbuds: Splash and sweat proof Bluetooth earbuds, goBAT 6000 and goBAT 12000 shockproof waterproof, portable batteries, boomBOTTLE+ waterproof, dust- proof, shock absorbing - SkullCandy Astro a45 and a50 Headsets: Gaming head- 7 ‘l/ Global Technologies
  4. 4. phones, Air Raid water—resistant, durable speaker system, Crush- er headphones bring the sensation of sitting front row at a concert - Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D Printer: With open design, works quickly and quietly ° TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch: Built—in heart-rate mon- itor and real—time running inforrnation, Golfer GPS Watch tracks location, keeps track of golf score infotainment system that integrates majority of smart- needed. The Twitter’s keynote on Day 2, delivered by Shailesh Rao, VP for Asia, Latin America, and emerging markets was an irony of sorts as Twitter is censored in China, blocked by govemment authorities who presumably are people engage with each other and with businesses using Twitter. The 2015 Consumer Electronics CEO Summit was held in conjunction with CES Asia. China is truly a nation of tech savvy middle-class people ' who are keen on the latest gadgets and want mind shelling the extra dollar. I am sure that’s what CEA is trying to tar- get from this huge population. Gary Shapiro said in his opening remarks that he expects CES Asia to eventually rival the attendance and physical scope of the Internation- al CES held in Las Vegas each January. Yes, the first CES Asia is a remarkable achievement for CEA as they were able to get both top exhibitors and a section of affluent vis- itors from across China. The next couple of years will decide if the show is worthy of being the Asian version of the epic CES, Las Vegas that the CE industry loves and admires. Look out for more reviews from our Global Technologies team. CES Asia 2016 is scheduled from May 11-13 / - Volkswagen Golf R Touch: With infotainment system / that incorporates gesture control, Connected Golf with , I’ phone operating systems Intelligent Charge system for charging electric cars over charging plate, Trained Parking self—parking technology, uses camera on the rear—view mir— - ror - Vivalnk eSkin Temp Patch: Wireless thermometer patch, can be attached to the body and communicate wire- lessly to a smart phone - Voxx Hi—Fi On—Wall/ In—Wall Speakers: Deliver high resolution sound, AR MT Portable Hi-Res Player Hi—Fi system - ZAGG Folio Keyboard: Built for iPad, Speaker Case iPhone case with built in speakers, Slim Book Hero iPad case with an attachable keyboard Nearly 100 industry executives spoke as part of the 53 confer- ence sessions that took place onsite with top industry executives such as Audi’s Rupert Stadler, IBM’s D. C. Chien, Intel’s Kirk Skaugen and Twitter’s Shailesh Rao speaking. High-profile glob- al and regional speakers discussed some of the industry’s most pressing topics such as the outlook for the consumer tech market, mobility in traditional industries, the impact of the Internet of Things, robotics, connected cities, the future of media in Asia, smart homes, 3D printing, wearable tech and digital car innova- tion. Intel’s keynote focused in part on showing off the company’s new RealSense technology appearing in PCs and tablets this year; it uses several cameras to measure depth, which allows it, for example, to reliably recognize a computer owner’s face in 3D for password-free security, or to place that user inside a virtual game world while eliminating everything behind him—no green screen Global Technologies The Best of CES Asia Award o Best 3D Printing Product: Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D Printer 0 Best Audio Product: AKG N9OQ 0 Best Automotive Electronics Product: Cadillac OnStar 0 Best Software/ App: JIDE REMIX OS 0 Best Mobile Device: Garmin VIRB XE Action Camera o Best TV Product: Hisense XT910 ULED Curved TV - Best Smart Home Product: JD We Lian Smart Home Platform o Best Of The Best: Moley Robotics Smart Kitche Robot July - Aug 2015
  5. 5. Gadgets and Concepts galore at CES Asia 2015 There was the ‘World's first‘ robot kitchen cooks who ‘cooked’ for the visitors, Audi's new car that can speed up to 250 kph without a human driver, Volkswagen R Touch technology allowing users to control in—car functions with intuitive motions, a smart piano, a smartphone-controlled drone aircraft and much more The world's first robotic kitchen This stall was literally beleaguered with visitors at CES Asia 2015 held in Shanghai. UK-based Moley Robotics displayed a functional prototype of the world's first robotic kitchen that uses two robot arms and hands to reproduce the move- ments of a human chef from a 3D- recording of a cooking . process that maps every individual motion. It consists of 20 motors, 24 joints and 129 sensors allowing them to mimic the movements and dexterity of human hands. The owner has the option to select a meal from more than 2,000 pre—programmed options and then the robot would cook it for you, in this smart kitchen. Currently Moley Robotics’ robot chef can cook 48 recipes at the press of a button. The prototype is the product of 12 months of development in collaboration with Shadow Robotics, Yachtline, DYSEGNO, Sebastian Conran and Stanford University Professor Mark Cutkosky. The cooking skills of Master Chef Tim Anderson, win- ner of the BBC Master Chef title were recorded on the system then replayed as his exact movements through the robotic hands - with the same speed, sensitivity and move- ment. It will fea- ture the four key integrat- ed kitchen items of robotic arms, oven, hob and touchscreen unit. It will be operated by its touch screen or remotely via smart- phone. When not in use, the robotic arms retract from view. In robotic use, glass screens glide across the unit, enclosing it for safe use when there's no—one home. The Moley Robotic Kitchen has attracted significant attention from housing developers where new buyers can choose to incor- porate the unit as an option or builders can market their new tech homes with the Robotic Kitchen as a luxury item at a higher price. The consumer version is set for launch in 2017 will be support- ed by an iTunes' style library of recipes. The target price will be around Rs. 10 Lakh once the product is mass produced. Global Technologies Designed as they are to take the driver out of the equation, you might think that the idea of an autonomous vehicle would seem diametrically opposed to that of asupercar. But Audi disagrees. The German automaker has cooked up a series of "piloted driv- ing" concepts that are increasingly focused on performance, and this could be the ultimate iteration yet. Remix OS The Jide Remix Ultra tablet operating system (OS) recreates the cross-device functionality of Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS on Android. Remix brings the look and feel of a desktop operat- ing system to mobile devices, allowing a tablet to be used like a laptop, running multiple apps in small windows and offering firll file explorer capabilities and multitasking. It Includes full size am or 0 (its ltsln wnuim , l keyboard and touchpad with magnetic connector/5mm thin design. While Remix OS is 100% compatible with all Android apps it has also optimized the core PC functions that most users cannot be without: emailing, browsing and document creation. Audi's Piloted Driving by R8 E-Tron With 456-hp (340-kW) worth of performance, 0 to 100 km/ h (62.1 mph) in 3.9 seconds and a driving range of 450 km (279.6 mi) the auto did it all on its own, without any driver intervention. Audi displayed its R8 e-tron piloted driving technical concept car. This show car was fitted with an array of sensors, including a new laser scanner, multiple video cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar transmitters at both ends — all handled by a central "driver July - Aug 2015
  6. 6. I-III! !!’-Ir‘ ~,1‘I! lr‘i/ assistance control unit. " Audi has extensively developed its all-electrically powered high-performance R8 e-tron sports car further. The piloted driv- ing concept car is based on the multimaterial Space Frame of the new production R8. The high-performance sports car has the Combined Charging System (CCS) on board, which allows charging with direct and alternating current. With this system, the customer can charge the large battery in significantly less than two hours. Intelligent energy management and an electromechan- ical brake system enable high energy recuperation rates. Ditto Pro 3D Printer Voncouver—based Tinkerine Studios DittoPro printer won the Best 3D Printing Product award at the CES Asia. The DittoPro’s claim to fame lies in its open-C shaped frame, an industry first, plus its strong ergonomic design as well as its reduced desktop space: 43% smaller than similar 3D printers on the market today. "We are at an exciting time and place for 3D printing where we are supporting and encouraging our customers to think well beyond making trinkets and toys to actual real world applications ’ ' ' ' W and manu- , facturing . ; I. " L . _. ._ ', ..- ’ ; -"_ methods and ' LE". 7;. ’ 7"’, '- inefficien- ' I K1 3 , ‘_ : , ‘J ' cies. During -~ T ‘ —— — j-. j 1 CES Asia (1) l ’ j " ‘*3 we received '. , . i bb afgreat deal ‘ -I o in erest in - Tinkerine U ~ “ ‘ jwhich, we 1 5 i believe, will ; x 6 _/ _: be the lead- ing online marketplace and training platform for 3D printing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based projects, training and educational content, ” said Eugene Suyu, Tinkerine CEO. AKG N90Q Headphone The AKG N9OQ Headphones (a Quincy Jones endorsed head- phone) are a wireless Bluetooth model that employs Active Noise cancellation and can correct the sound you are hearing by listen- ing with you (via two microphones, one in each ear cup). The user can also override treble and bass with their own preferences. The AKG N9OQ Headphones use AKG’s TruNote a proprietary software technology to auto—cali— brate each ear-cup and thereby , _ adjust the frequency response. The AKG N90Qs also incorpo- rate a patented dual foam ear . cushion and a new pistonic / motion driver. The AKG N9OQ also includes the world’s first truly audiophile grade, fully dis- crete analogue active noise can- - cellation circuitry that achieves 20dB wide band noise reduction, without introducing excessive noise of its own. July — Aug 2o15 Earbud 18 Carat Gold @ €9.999 Happy Plugs headphones in 18-carat solid gold is molded into X. ‘W the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry. Happy Plugs launched a more wallet- friendly option, metallic colored head- phones in gold and silver- €24,99 and €34,99 respectively. Cadillac to offer 4G LTE Wireless capabilities GM's Cadillac brand and Shanghai OnStar joint venture show- cased Asias first 4G LTE telematics service along with the Car- Life app, the MyCadillac app and an Apple Watch app at CES Asia. 4G LTE is the most current and fastest mobile data network — 10 times faster than 3G. It turns a vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot - V M , —/7- 4‘ ‘~f-“1 A . u , I V} » _‘—, - i . Corn‘ stout , x3 -_ _ .7,-. .“ V, - I _. i, 3’-v-I? " — #0.? Q . L45- ‘.445.’-= '.' - 7 “- _gL‘” ' | p . . . .«. -11 1- - u, ' - ~ ‘ ll’ _ a . I. I_, ll Y, _ _ . — -r‘ 1:1 m2 _ I 4 ! L ii L , ,.. « 4 vs. - ' T« L ---. .l, --_-. r. / f . _._. . a p , > "V 1‘_‘I»', -n-‘‘: A-_: ‘ ' tln___. .‘ : _ r; ‘—1." -; .u » ' o—_— ‘ 4-" 4 ' ‘ iar - -, > / < 9%. - v, .9 ' if ". - 4.1‘ «a I -——~- { r _ J ' J. — -‘ 7 ‘~'I*. _ -_ . , V” (; «.v; - T""0 V / that can provide an Internet connection for several devices simul- taneously. It also improves in-vehicle communication and enter- tainment. The OnStar application, through the Apple Watch, allowed visitors to lock and unlock vehicle doors, remotely start their engine, flash their headlights and sound their hom, locate parking spots and access real-time information about vehicle sys- tems. The CarLife app, which will begin appearing in Cadillac mod- els in Asia soon projects vehicle service information from a user's smartphone onto the vehicle's touch screen, and can also detail weather and fueling station routes. It supports various mobile device operating systems, including Android and iOS. Global Technologies