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Gd 21 July-August 2015 Medical Tourism Apollo


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Medical Tourism Apollo Hospitals, Nashik

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Gd 21 July-August 2015 Medical Tourism Apollo

  1. 1. Volume 6 No. 4 July — August 2015 Rs. 1001- Or US 3 5 JLOBAL A Guide to the world of Hospitality and Tourism I Kumbh Mela I Express Inn I Apollo Hospitals I Hilton Frankfurt '-as . . i'. !,"l. l.‘: ,lf6‘i: :':7"Wu. l "---. .'. '. I. » r. .1|‘| l'W| 'III" llllllllllllllli I‘ ‘ll
  2. 2. Medical Tourism Apollo Hospitals Nashik: A Hi-Tech Hospital As Nashik gets ready for the worlds largest religious gathering, Apollo Hospitals Nashik gears up to cater for both the domestic and International tourists with some of the latest equipment’s and best doctors. - A 26 year old person who had a hole in his heart was informed by many cardiologists that it is incurable. Dr Sudhir Shetkar, Consultant, Cardiology and Dr Abhay Singh Walia, Con- sultant, Cardio thoracic vascular surgery took up the case. During patient work up using cardiac catheterisation and 128 slice CT angiography they found the patient had a rare congenital heart disease - wherein oxygenated pure blood from lungs did not go to the left side, but drained into a new chamber formed outside the heart and mixed with impure blood from the right side of heart. Also, there was obstruction to blood flow to the lungs, due to nar- rowing of the valve connecting heart to the lungs. Only eight cases have been reported from world over with this abnormality. A highly complicated surgery was undertaken which successful- ly corrected the anomaly. - An eight year old girl had tilting of head to one side with facial asymmetry and severe restriction of neck movements. Diagnosed as muscular torticollis, Dr Amit Raut, Consultant Pae- diatric & Neonatal Surgery conducted a scarless surgery (also called ‘Stealth surgery’) by subcutaneous endoscopy through axilla. It had advantage of low post—operative pain, wound relat- ed problems and early recovery. This was first time that this kind of scarless surgery was performed on a paediatric patient success- fully in Nashik. Both Doctors are at Apollo Hospitals, Nashik. “We have done many such successful unique and difficult surgeries and I am proud of my team of doctors. All of us are driven by our mission statement of bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. Infact in such a short time I can take great pride in saying that we have made Nashik renowned for its Global Destinations capabilities in taking difficult medical cases and solving them successfully, ” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospitals, Nashik. It was at Express Inn that Vikas Shelar informed me that the brand new Apollo Hospital is already creating ripples in the city. I immediately got in touch with Dr. Mangesh Jadhav who heads the corporate and media relations who was kind enough to invite me on a tour of the hospital. He said that it was the first multi-spe- cialty hospital from the Apollo group in Maharashtra. The hospital is quite impressive with 120 beds (and a capacity to expand to 150 beds) excellent infrastructure with latest medical equipments and some of the best doctors. The hospital caters to a lot of specialized fields including Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Orthopaedics and joint replacement, Nephrology, Urology, Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Recon- structive surgery, Minimally invasive surgery, Emergency Medi- cine, Critical Care and Dental surgery along with diagnostic serv- ices (Radiology, Pathology, Physiotherapy and dietary services). The hospital has a thirty bedded ICU and special Paediatric and Neonatal ICU, advanced Endoscopy (Gastroduodenoscopy, Colonoscopy , ERCP), well equipped Dialysis Unit (HD, CRRT, SLED), a 128 Slice CT Scan(CT-Angiography, 3D Reconstruction), 1.5 tesla MRI (MR Angiography), advanced Mammography etc. “We have facilities to cater most cases and patients don’t have to go anywhere. We have consultants for all specialties. An excel- lent laboratory providing crucial pathology and testing services to the patients - performing over 6000 tests per month in different sections. If we expand then we plan to add specific centres like Oncology and organ transplant, ” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat. Taking a tour of the hospital we found the patient rooms quite spacious. Even the shared rooms are airy and comfortable. Private rooms have spacious sitting area with a cable TV and a computerized personal nurse call system. The suite has an additional sofa bed for attendant. The hospitals ambulance services can be termed as a hospital on wheels. The hospital has fully- equipped air-conditioned, modular ambulance July - Aug 2015
  3. 3. Medical Tourism with ventilators, monitors, oxygen, defibrillators, ambu-bags, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, spine board, life-saving drugs with doctor and trained paramedics. The guest cafeteria located on the 2nd floor serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. “We are well prepared to receive International patients during Kumbh Mela. We already have a set process for International patients at all our Apollo hospitals. Our rooms have inbuilt facil- ities for patients. Our F&B department is capable of catering to various nationalities food habits. We plan to keep a special wing for them, ” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat. Talking on the role that the hospital plays in bringing aware- ness to Nashikites Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat said, “We invest a lot in general awareness by providing useful lectures on certain topics. We conduct free camps in co—ordination with clubs like Rotary in rural areas. Our team of doctors and professionals visit housing societies, clubs, and associations to provide up-to-date information. We also have started ‘My Apollo Card’ which pro- vides special discount to patients. For those with insurance the hospital provides cashless hospi- talization. For cashless treatment it is mandatory for the hospital to have an approval from your TPA. Apollo Hospitals Nashik has a tie-up with several TPA‘s. “Apart from this for corporates, not covered by insurance, in Nashik we have worked out special offers and discounts so that their employees can take benefit. Some of the corporate also come out with their own specific packages. We also have our well renowned preventive health packages which have been a great success in Nashik. Infact we have been a pioneer in the area of preventive healthcare through our Apollo Preventive Health Check programmes. We will also be implementing Apollo Personalised Health Check’ soon. As I am sure many are now aware that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospital only in times of distress, ” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat. Some of the important departments Emergency Section One of the major successes for the hospital has been the way it has handled multiple medical emergency cases. They have creat- ed a separate entrance for such patients so time is not lost. In any medical crisis, the quality of care provided in the first few hours is instrumental in saving lives and determining the prognosis of the victim. The Nashik Apollo Hospitals emergency room has the reputation for immediate response, trauma patients being of the highest priority. All laboratory and imaging test results are avail- able without delay leading to quick diagnosis and rapid treatment. Global Destinations The scope of services includes everything from critical care trans- port and definitive surgical care for trauma victims to comprehen- sive rehabilitation services. Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, the department provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Cardiology department Cardiac sciences form the backbone of any healthcare delivery system, and the Cardiology department at Apollo Hospitals Nashik is fully devoted for that respect. The department compris- es Advanced Digital Flat Panel Cathlab, High end echocardiogra- . -. — phy machine for adult/ pediatric as well as trans—esophageal echocardiography, holter recorders, TMT machine and backed up by 128 slice CT scanner / MRI machine for Cardiac evaluation such as CT-coronary angio and Cardiac MRI. Laboratory services A good lab makes a big difference in the success rate of the hospital. The laboratory at Apollo Hospitals Nashik is equipped with state of art equipments comparable to the intemational stan- dards. The laboratory services caters to different sections viz. Biochemistry, Immuno—assay, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Histopathology and Cytology . All these disci- plines provide accurate and precise results by both automated and manual methods with reference to strict quality assurance system in place, boasting six sigma accuracy. “Our services are so much appreciated that many hospitals use our lab facilities for their patients. Investing in advanced and hi- tech equipments has helped the hospital go a long way. To cater to this need of both in patients and out patients our laboratory runs 24 x 7,” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat. July - Aug 2015
  4. 4. F5C.1p9ll‘. Plrt= t‘~PtIIf pace of d.1IlVllfF and discover an lslnnd him-: .1w3y with the bust ol L-w. :rvtl1mg. Howcvcrr you clioosv to unwind. our promlfiv 4‘: consistent: warm. attentive and caring service: and priceless moments with the people you love. We believe that time well spent tsworth every seco M11 The Ptlhllcr til" Perfect Ho-. plt. i|ity To reserve call (0960) 664 2200 www. ta]hotels. com/ maldives