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Global Technologies CeBIT 2014 pre-event press conf pgs

  1. 1. The first CeBIT Press Preview was a grand success as journal- ists moved across the exhibitors to see what was on display. Some of the participating companies at the CeBIT Press Preview included BenQ, CAS Software, iGO3D, Kinematics, Digitrade, Software AG, digitalSTROM, Samsung, DATEV, Continental, IBM, Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT), CODE_n, citeq, Kaspersky Labs, Pearl, Secusmart, Trend Micro etc. The Opening press conference was addressed by Oliver Frese, Deutsche Messe Board member responsible for CeBIT, and Pro- fessor Dieter Kempf, BITKOM president about the latest devel- opments for CeBIT 2014. Dr. Dieter Kempf, President of the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and the New Media (BITKOM) Prof. Dieter Kempf presented the results of a study done by his company that found 85 percent of IT compa- nies expect to see a growth in sales of IT services in 2014 over sales in 2013. In addition, 87 percent expect to see an increase in software spending. He also welcomed the fair’s sharped focus on business profes- sionals and the measures being implemented in pursuit of this objective: “We strongly support these efforts to take CeBIT to the next level. The show’s ‘100% business’ focus will open up fresh growth potential for our members while leveraging the show’s core strengths. For the exhibitors, some of whom spend several million euros on their CeBIT showcases, the changes will mean a greater return on their trade fair investment.” Some of the products/innovations that caught my attention were Samsung Samsung provided an outlook on user scenarios for connecting competence that the company will be presenting at CeBIT in March. Samsung will be introducing networked solutions for use in education, healthcare, finance, retail and the public sector. A teacher using an eBoard to integrate a video stream into a multimedia panel, students taking notes on their Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 with their S Pens, who then add the films that they produced themselves and do research on the Internet – this is no longer a vision for the future. With its Samsung School Solution, Samsung has developed a network solution for both the digital classroom and modern train- ing centers that allow teachers to enhance their lessons by adding multimedia contents and sharing skills on how to use digital tech- nologies. DIGITTRADE GmbH Always new revelations about the extent of spyware PRISM and tenses of the U.S. and British intelligence agencies regularly shake the public. Many users are wondering which of their data are still safe. Whether their communication via telephone and internet is logged and monitored too. The uncertainty is large – also on the part of the companies. The world's leading ICT exhi- bition CeBIT, which take place in Hanover from 10 to 14 March, engages under this year’s top theme “Big Data & Datability” new solutions into focus, with which private and business users can effectively protect against espionage. A special highlight of the exhibition presents the DIGIT- TRADE GmbH in this connection with the new, globally unique smartphone app Chiffry which combines encrypted telephony and messaging each other. First insights delivered IT security spe- cialists from Germany, so far for their safety storage media - including government-certified high security hard drive HS256S. The communication App with encryption “Chiffry” allows C o v e r S t o r y Global Technologies Jan - Feb 20148 CeBIT Press Preview 2014 The CeBIT Press Preview organized for the first time attracted media people from across the globe. We were given the first opportunity to see latest products and innovations, get latest news and trends on the IT-market. Chandragupta Amritkar reports from Hannover, Germany 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 8
  2. 2. their users a quick and tap-proof exchange of information with their smartphones. “In the development of Chiffry it was very important for us to provide the user with all the usual messaging features and deliver the encryption on-top - underlines Manuela Gimbut, - therefore Chiffry is in terms of the messaging features its competitors in every way.” Chiffry enables not only the known messaging features of already popular smartphone services, but also offers the opportu- nity to reach people from the contact list by phone call. All calls and messaging communications are transmitted encrypted over the Internet. With Chiffry DIGITTRADE GmbH bring together several established features of messaging services and phone fea- tures and flanking it on top with the privacy advantages of a secure encryption. CAS Software premiered its app-based CRM software CAS Software AG has developed a new app-based CAS Smart- Design technology, with integrated data quality for the CRM solution and secure software architecture for the Cloud. It will organisations shape their business relationships in future so that they are more customer-cen- tric, simpler and user- friendlier than ever before. "We want to give our users the most mobile and at the same time the most flexi- ble xRMsoftware the world has ever seen. The CAS SmartDesign technology is unique in the area of CRM. And it is this that enables our users to enjoy our software solutions on all market relevant mobile devices and browsers in the same look and feel - regardless of whether they use iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Win- dows 8 or a web browser. The forward-looking app-in-app con- cept makes it possible to combine apps to fulfil functional requirements,” said Martin Hubschneider, CEO, CAS Software AG. Data maintenance is often an excellent yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of company software, and CAS SmartDesign technology reflects this as a platform for company software that includes apps from third-party suppliers. CAS Software AG in conjunction with its partners will be presenting a range of further developments for its solutions. iGo3D iGo3D has been giving fascinating, first hand experience through 3D printing to the public since September 2013 in the first local retail store for 3D printing in Germany. As the leading, premium distributor in the field of 3D printing, iGo3D offers a broad range of products from leading manufacturers on the 3D printing market. Furthermore iGo3D is deeply involved in the development of new consumer friendly FDM 3D-Printers, such as Ultimaker and Builder. iGo3D maintains a multitude of exclusive distribution rights in Germany for the best FDM 3D printers as well as innovatiove 3D-filaments. iGo3D offers a vast choice of products in the 3D printing sector such as modern 3D printers as, “Builder Dual Extruder“ or the second generation of Ultimakers, the constanc winner of tests in tech magazines, also, Innofil3D premium fila- ments, 3D scanners, 3D software as well as useful 3D printing supplies. In addition, strongly supports the B2B sec- tor by offering industry specific FDM 3D printers from Stratasys, 3D Systems and industrial 3D scanner from Artec Group. In order to allow customers to experience the fascination of 3D printing, also hosts courses such as webinars, semi- nars, workshops and live-events that teach all about 3D printing, scanning, and modeling, as well as more general themes related to 3D printing. Some of the events are free of charge. In the past six month iGo3D has gained over 4000 registered customers from over 30 countries and in 2014, works with a team of 15 employees KIT: Writing without Keyboard Typing text messages on the mobile phone via the tiny soft key- board is very cumbersome. How about simply writing it into the air! This idea drove the development of “airwriting” made by computer scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Sensors attached to a glove record hand movements, a computer system captures relevant signals and translates them into text. The system offers a new inter- face for wearable computing applica- tions. These are computer systems worn like clothes, which can be inte- grated seamlessly into the everyday life of the user. “Information technology is used any time and anywhere, but smart phones are still working on the basis of virtual keyboards and small screens. However, gestures allow for new types of input – in particular for mobile devices or devices integrated in clothing. The interaction is embedded seamlessly in everyday life,” says doctoral student Christoph Amma, who has developed the system at the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL) of KIT. C o v e r S t o r y Global TechnologiesJan - Feb 2014 9 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 9
  3. 3. “The airwriting glove is used to write letters into air, as if using an invisible board or pad.” For this purpose, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are attached to the thin glove. Contrary to sys- tems based on cameras, these sensors are very small, mobile, and robust. They record the movements of the hand and transmit them to a computer system via a wireless connection. The computer system first checks whether the user is indeed writing. “All move- ments that are not similar to writing, such as cooking, doing laun- dry, waving to someone, are ignored. The system runs in the background without interpreting every movement as computer input,” says Amma. The computer scientist thinks that the device is perfectly suited for future mixed-reality applications. For instance, in glasses with integrated miniaturized screens, news may be displayed to the user in the field of vision. Kinematics It is an intuitive robotics construction kit for children and teenagers. The construction game Kinematics enables children and teenagers from different age groups without any prior knowl- edge or computer skills to construct interactive robots that move around autonomously. The plug connections with integrated power and data transmission and the construction kit with its mobile modules are particularly innovative features. When designing the user interface, the researchers took particular care to provide users with barrier-free access to the world of robotics and consequently to the steering and control of complex systems. Thanks to its universal user-interface design, Kinematics moti- vates its users to develop a playfully creative way of handling modern robot technology. Children aged between six and twelve embraced the construction kit with enthusiasm in usability tests, irrespective of their age and gender. Kinematics was invented by the graduate designer Leonhard Oschütz. It’s the award winner at the CeBIT Innovation Award 2014. Start-ups from 16 countries among the top 50 at CODE_n More than 450 applicants from 60 countries answered the call of this year’s motto “Driving the Data Revolution” – all eager to present their unique big data business models to the world by scoring one of the coveted CODE_n spots at CeBIT in Hanover. The partners of the initiative – the GFT Group, EY, and Deutsche Messe – have selected the top 50 companies. “We were overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of the applications we received,” states Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group. “CODE_n will showcase what is already possible with big data – not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of ground-breaking applications and industry solutions.” The winner of the CODE_n14 Award can look forward to prize money of €30,000 and will be announced at CeBIT on March 12, 2014. The 50 finalists span an extremely broad spectrum in terms of content: Among the innovations are a 3D model for construction companies to improve scheduling, an analysis tool that can be used to effectively tackle power outages and energy waste, a transportation management system for preventing traffic jams, a digital stress measurement device as an answer to impending burnout, and software that generates 3D maps of the human brain to pinpoint tissue anomalies. Startups from 16 countries made it to the final round of the competition. United Kingdom – Partner Country The United Kingdom is this year’s CeBIT Partner Country. Together, the UK and Germany account for nearly 10 percent of the global IT market. At the same time, the UK and its London capital rank as Europe’s IT powerhouse, with over 5,000 IT com- panies headquartered there – more than 1,300 of which are start- ups. Speaking at the CeBIT 2014 Press Preview, Simon McDon- ald, British Ambassador to Germany said, “This is a special year for British- German rela- tions in every respect, and our partnership with the Hanover Fair is no coincidence. Among other anniversaries in 2014, we shall be celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Personal Union between the British throne and the Electorate of Hanover. I am proud that the UK is this year’s partner country for CeBIT and this year we have more than dou- ble the number of British exhibitors and triple our exhibition space (compared to 2013). In March we shall not only be present- ing British exporters of IT in sectors such as e-health, cyber secu- rity, intelligent cities and big data but also showcasing the UK as an investment location.” He also stressed on trade and co-operation with the world. “Young, high-growth companies from all over the globe are attracted to Britain. One place they are attracted to is Tech City UK. Backed by the British Government, located near the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games having a cluster of more than 1,200 technology, digital and creative firms,” said Simon. At CeBIT 2014 companies will be covering a wide range of themes, including smart cities, data science, eHealth, M2M, Internet security and digital media. British Telecom will show- case their Dolby conferencing technology. There will also be innovative new companies, start-ups and SMEs who have won places in the Code_N and UK Trade & Investment’s start-up competition, such as Peachinc, which is one of the most advanced ticketing companies in the world, and Tento, who have developed a revolutionary approach to fighting cyber crime. There will also be a UK Research & Innovation zone at CeBIT reflecting the fact that the UK is home to three of Europe’s top-five technology uni- versities and produces 9% of the world’s scientific papers – sec- ond only to the US. C o v e r S t o r y Global Technologies Jan - Feb 201410 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 10
  4. 4. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 2014A SE019 Global Technologies (Jan) via Head Office Output.pdf 1 26/11/13 10:41 AM
  5. 5. ‘100% business’ track By gearing CeBIT specifically to the needs and objectives of its business clientele while at the same time creating closer tie-ins between the show’s exhibition and conference programs, the organizers of the world’s leading IT event have their sights firm- ly set on new growth. “We aim to more strongly leverage CeBIT’s core strengths by means of targeted enhancements,” said Oliver Frese, the Managing Board member at Deutsche Messe responsible for CeBIT. “The event is being placed on a ‘100% business’ track – exactly in line with the wishes of our cus- tomers.” In recent years, CeBIT had steadily strengthened its position as the world’s leading IT event for the B2B sector. The percentage of trade visitors at the fair has risen continuously, reaching an unprecedented 82 percent in 2013. “CeBIT is already the world’s leading IT business event and conference for professionals, and we are committed to reinforcing and enhancing this position. This commitment will be clearly evident at next year’s show. “In the interests of greater clarity and transparency for visitors and exhibitors alike, the show will feature eight overall topic clusters. We will also be extending the show’s offerings for specific target groups and strengthening its rich conference program,” said Oliv- er Frese In departure from CeBIT’s previous four-pillar approach, the topics covered are being reassigned to eight clusters chosen to reflect the market as viewed by the decision-makers involved in today’s digital business processes: Enterprise Resource Planning & Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management, Web & Mobile Solutions, IT Services, Security, Communication & Net- works, Infrastructure & Data Centers, and Research & Innova- tions. “That’s why the ICT companies and trade visitors from around the world who participate in CeBIT 2014 will be able to use their time here more efficiently and effectively than ever before, for maximum benefit,” Said Frese was also confident that the num- ber of exhibiting organizations would be up from last year. In 2013, 3,382 companies from 70 countries exhibited at CeBIT. Samsung, Huawei, Volkswagen, HP, Brother, Epson and sales- are among the big-name companies who are returning this year with a significantly expanded footprint. Other major players, such as Kyocera, Western Digital and LG, will be back after a few years’ absence. Intel will showcase its entire product range in a completely new corporate pavilion. Keynote theme Datability The ongoing digitization of our world is giving rise to virtual- ly limitless volumes of data and, at the same time, to a duty to use and protect this data effectively and responsibly. That’s why the keynote theme for CeBIT 2014 is “Datability” – a term which pairs “big data” with the concepts of sustainability and responsi- bility. Accordingly, attendees can look forward to a wide range of market-ready big data solutions and services. They will also find a wealth of additional information on all aspects of data utiliza- tion, analysis and secure storage at the various “Datability”- themed forums. “Having Datability as our lead theme will focus C o v e r S t o r y Global Technologies Jan - Feb 201412 New Format makes CeBIT 2014 more business oriented Changing the show to run from Monday through Friday and creating eight clusters that reflect the market CeBIT 2014 is all geared for a new pattern suitable for the ICT business professionals 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 12
  6. 6. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 2014A-ICT008 Global Technologies (Feb) via HeadOffice op.pdf 1 26/11/13 11:49 AM
  7. 7. attention on the big opportunities that are emerging as a result of the worldwide big data trend. Big data will change the very heart of the IT industry and many user industries,” explained Frese. CeBIT’s appeal for startup companies has also risen sharply. More than 300 young companies will be showcasing their inno- vative business models in a range of display categories. “The large contingent of startups at this year’s show will trigger a fresh wave of innovation in the ICT industry. CeBIT has a key role to play in providing these dynamic, pioneering companies with an appropriate platform to raise their international profiles,” said Frese. A case in point was the CODE_n international startup com- petition, which 450 young companies from 60 nations had partic- ipated in. The 50 top entries will be presented at CeBIT. In addi- tion, more than 250 startups from around the world will be mounting exhibits right across the fair’s various theme areas. “The many exciting newcomers at this year’s show will make it the youngest-ever CeBIT and most likely this year’s biggest inter- national startup event. For all of these companies, CeBIT will be a fantastic opportunity to present their innovative power to an international audience of IT professionals and to find new investors and business partners,” said Frese. The CeBIT Global Conferences According to Frese, the CeBIT Global Conferences (CGC) have taken a major step in their evolution. 2014 marks the first time that the event is staged in its own, dedicated hall. This year’s CGC in Hall 8 will feature 100 renowned speakers from around the globe who will deliver 70 hours of top-quality conference programming. Among the speakers will be Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Russian cyber security expert Eugene Kaspersky, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the Head of Mobile at Drop- box, Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, the Vice President Global Marketing at Huawei Technologies, Derek Liu, and Mikko Hyppönen, F- Secure Corporation’s Chief Research Officer. Expanded program of CxO-level events CeBIT’s clear B2B focus is also reflected in the fair’s program of exclusive events for top IT managers from user companies, which kicked off last year. “Our program of CxO-level events has also come a long way in a very short time,” said Frese. CeBIT’s network of CIO contacts had expanded exponentially. “The rea- sons for this are simple. Firstly, CeBIT brings together more top- level executives from the world’s leading corporate IT providers and users than any other show. Secondly, these individuals can now choose from a unique bundle of exclusive activities designed to help them network and share experiences and expertise with their peers.” This year alone, more than 6,500 top managers from around the world have been invited to join the CeBIT Executive Club. Deutsche Messe’s program of CxO-level events is support- ed by the VOICE IT user association, the FINAKI network, IDG publishers, the Elephants Club and the Global IT Forum within the Diplomatic Council. High-caliber speakers at the Opening Ceremony The CeBIT 2014 Opening Ceremony will be held in front of more than 2,500 invited guests in the main auditorium (Kuppel- saal) of the Hannover Congress Centrum on Sunday, 9 March. The keynote address this year will be held by Dr. Martin Win- terkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. Other VIP speakers include BITKOM President, Dr. Dieter Kempf, and the Premier of the German State of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil. David Cameron has also confirmed his attendance as the highest-ranking representative from this year’s CeBIT Partner Country, the United Kingdom. Cameron will be in the company of his German counterpart, Angela Merkel, who has officially opened the fair with a personal welcome message ever since she took office in 2005. The fair’s greater business-only focus will also be reflected in its scheduling. “CeBIT will still be staged in March to give com- panies an added boost at the outset of the new business year. But the new run of the show will be from Monday through Friday,” explained Frese. The dates for CeBIT 2014 are Monday, 10 March, through Friday, 14 March. C o v e r S t o r y Global Technologies Jan - Feb 201414 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 14
  8. 8. I have been fortunate to be involved with CeBIT for the last 14 years having attended the event for 13 consecutive years and also being the only journalist from India to be hosted this year for the first CeBIT Press Preview held in Hanover. I had the opportunity to attend the event when it was at its peak and had over 8000 exhibitors and a mind boggling 7,00,000 + visitors. In those initial years Jorg Schomborg, MD, CeBIT Worldwide (who was also fondly known as Mr.CeBIT), S.J.Patil, India head for the Deutsche Messe and I used to ponder on the potential to have CeBIT India as there was no great ICT show, except for the ESC event Indiasoft and NASSCOMs annual con- ference. With economy dwindling at that time we thought it was not the right time. But now finally Deutsche Messe with its fast-paced interna- tional growth program is exporting its flagship show to India - CeBIT India. The show is expected to premiere at the Internation- al Exhibition Centre in Bangalore from 12 to 14 November 2014. “CeBIT is one of the world’s best-known trade show brands and has enormous potential,” said Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board member in charge of over- seas trade fairs. “We’re taking it to India because we believe the local Indian market, particularly Bangalore, offers significant opportunities for a specialist IT trade show.” CeBIT India is being organized by Deutsche Messe’s the Indi- an subsidiary company Hannover Milano Fairs India Pvt. Ltd - a global joint venture of Deutsche Messe (Germany) and Fiera Milano Group (Italy). It will be strictly a professionals-only trade fair with a supporting conference. “India’s IT sector is growing strongly and is thus a very excit- ing market for IT providers. There is growing demand both for services and for hardware and software. At the end of September 2013, India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) forecast sales growth of 14 percent for the current 2013/14 financial year. Our international IT trade shows provide an overview of all core areas of the IT sector. For our export-oriented customers, they are an excellent springboard to the fast-growing and increas- ingly cashed-up Indian market,” Dr. Gruchow said. CeBIT Global Conferences In addition to the trade show, CeBIT India will also bring to India the CeBIT Global Confer- ences Program of world leading conferences, workshops and keynotes from Global Thought Leaders. The theme for CeBIT India 2014 is “New perspectives in IT Business”. The show will generate vital content on a range of top- ics around key technology trends – four forces that are changing the way the world does business today – Enterprise Mobility, Social, Big Data & Cloud Computing. The show will focus on New Perspectives in IT Business for the Indian market and will provide a platform for IT Software, hardware and services solutions, ICT and Business Communica- tion catering to various sectors and new technology demands. The event will seek to meet the objectives of: • Generating sustainable growth for the Business IT and ICT industry in India • Lead generation of new national and international business opportunities • Driving new technology trends through inspiring content delivered by national and global thought leaders • Showcasing the future of IT Business to global and national audiences CeBIT India will focus on 4 key trends impacting the IT indus- try- Cloud, Social Media, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data. The show will aim to be a source of new ideas, display of local talent, showcase of latest trends and projects, driver of new business, meeting place for all sectors of the industry and solution provider to increasing sector demands. CeBIT India will act as an enabler and catalyst for growth in our Business IT and ICT market. “Indian companies are looking for new ways of boosting effi- ciency by using specialized IT services and new technologies. For small and medium businesses and startups, this search opens up opportunities for partnerships with large India-based IT providers. Our trade shows are an excellent way of establishing and building the relationships needed to make this happen,” Dr. Gruchow added. CeBIT India will be complemented by another new show, Plugged In, which will run as a stand-alone event in Bangalore from 14 to 16 November. While CeBIT India targets IT profes- sionals, Plugged In is aimed exclusively at end consumers of IT products and the retailers who service them. The two events over- lap by one day, which will enable visitor groups to attend both. Deutsche Messe embarked on its CeBIT internationalization strategy in 1999 and has been operating events under the “CeBIT Events Worldwide” label at selected locations around the world ever since - CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia, premiered in Turkey in 1999; CeBIT Australia in Sydney in 2002 and then in 2010 by a CeBIT offshoot - “BITs – a CeBIT event” in Brazil. The writer was hosted for CeBIT Hannover for 13 consecu- tive years. C o v e r S t o r y Global TechnologiesJan - Feb 2014 15 CeBIT finally comes to India India renowned globally as the ICT hub center will finally see the world’s largest ICT event CeBIT making its debut in India says Chandragupta Amritkar Dr. Andreas Gruchow Hannover Fair Ground 04 to 15_Edit Content Feb.qxd 2/6/2014 4:50 PM Page 15