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Cisco’s Organization Culture


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Cisco’s Organization Culture

  1. 1. Amritha Inderpreet KomalMayur Bindi Apratim
  2. 2.  Founded in Dec, 1984 “Best 100 Places to Work for 8 Consecutive Years” Worldwide leader in networking for the Internet Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of networks
  3. 3.  Entry “John T. Chambers”
  4. 4.  Changed the Leadership Style Changed Incentives Changed Structure Changed the work culture Used Social Media Tools
  5. 5.  Employee involvement High Level of Trust Decision Making Team Employee Empowerment Absence of Micromanagement Authority, Responsibility and the Accountability Cisco culture badge
  6. 6.  „Work/Life‟ Flexible schedules and paid time-off Frugal Spending Perks and Incentives Fun loving environment Recreational activities
  7. 7.  Connected Women (CW) Cisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans gender, and Advocates Network (GLBT&A) Cisco Black Employee Network (CBEN) Cisco Disabilities Awareness Network (CDAN) Middle East Diversity and Inclusion (MEDI) Indians Connecting People (ICON)
  8. 8. Net Income (in USD millions)  Recorded losses in 4,401 2001 during the dot 3,578 com bubble burst 2,6682,023 1,893  Bounced back with net profits in 2002 -1,014  Industry observers1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 attributed this 2001 comeback to the organization culture
  9. 9. S Social investment strategyP Within 15 years Cisco bought 14 companies at investment of $5.5 billionI “We strive to be a best in class resource for Ciscos investors and analysts and to be strategic partners for management.”C „WORSHIP OF CUSTOMERS‟E Fiscal year 2011, Cisco employed a total of 41,163 people worldwide
  10. 10.  Customer comes first Customer feedback Customer satisfaction Identifying problem area Customer Loyalty
  11. 11.  Focus on growth Regular support with executive and personnel through Intranet Birthday breakfast, new hire session with Chambers Transparent communication Set examples
  12. 12.  HR transactions done online Provided line managers with online tools More than 40,000 pages on web for internal use Concept of telecommuting Internet TV enabled observe children at Cisco campus
  13. 13.  Find candidates  Frugal  Not obsessed with status  Future - enthusiasts of the internet Passive applicants Websites like and “friends@Cisco” Art fairs and annual events
  14. 14.  Competencies through acquisitions R&D investment of $3 billion to be a Leader in Technology Innovation Strategic alliances Cisco Leadership Series – instructors from global business schools
  15. 15.  Market Saturation - Share price fell from $70 to $17 Innovative technology – Cisco unable to cope up Weak operational control and slow in making decisions Unsuccessful ventures
  16. 16.  Organizational work culture should evolve as per external factors Work culture and policies doesn‟t work at every phase Market position of the company affects the work culture to some extent