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Color plus retail strategies


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Color plus retail strategies

  1. 1. Report on Retail management Store under study: ColorPlus
  2. 2.  Launched in 1993, ColorPlus created a niche in the ready to wear market with a premium range of clothing for men.  Focus on product innovation and unique use of colors ,came a long way since its inception.
  3. 3.  The choice of the up market, trend-savvy, sophisticated and discerning Indian man ,changed the way he dressed.  Stores in the best locations and international service, brought in an international shopping experience.
  4. 4. The brainchild of Viju Mahtaney and Rajan Mudaliar ,determined to create a global brand for the global Indian. Right from the beginning, the company was clear on two basic premises:  It would target the up market, trend-savvy, highly exposed Indian consumer .  The brand would compete with international majors.
  5. 5. Recognizing it’s potential, 75-year old suiting giant Raymond acquired a majority stake in the company in February 2003. Raymond Ltd acquired 74% stake in Chennai based ColorPlus Fashion Pvt Ltd.
  6. 6. ColorPlus uses high quality fabrics and product engineering techniques . Gives the user unique comfort and tactile feel that no other brand offers. This is clubbed with the use of colors to give the sophisticate, yet colorful look. The Brand is known for its distinct Product focused advertising.
  7. 7. The store contains other brands like Arrow, Park Avenue, Raymond and Color plus. It is a shop in shop concept. Marketed by COLORPLUS FASHIONS LIMITED ,a division of Raymond Ltd.
  8. 8. LAYOUT
  9. 9. The store is box shaped ,highly furnished two storey building. Maximum exposure of the merchandise and maximum floor coverage. It has a free form layout.
  10. 10. Ensures free movement and easy mobility. Entry to the store introduces us to ColorPlus Shirts on the left-hand-side and formal trousers on the right- hand-side. Fixtures: - including gondola shelving, showcases, slat wall and grid wall, mannequins, wood displays, counters, and racks.
  11. 11. On the right hand side we can see the cash wrap, which is the point of sale.
  12. 12. Feature areas: feature racks on both the side walls of the store ,used for display as well as stocking. Music: instrumental, which drives customer into a shopping mood. Colors: uses basic colour and cream shades, gives a soothing feeling ,creating a pleasant environment. Lighting: both noticeable and functional, uses bright light to highlight merchandise.
  13. 13. Men’s casual wear : Item Price range per SKU. Shirt Rs. 1499/- to Rs. 4000/. Trouser Rs. 1995/- to Rs. 3095/. T-Shirt Rs. 891/- to Rs 1695/- Blazer Rs. 5500/ Socks Rs. 199/- onwards
  14. 14.  It is a franchisee, fully controlled by the head office.  The organizational format is fully centralized.  The authority and responsibility of the staff is properly laid out.
  15. 15. The retail sales for the last year (2010) were about Rs60 lacs. The average footfalls for last year were 15000 a month. The average transaction value was Rs3500 (2010). The average basket size was 4 items.
  16. 16. The ColorPlus store here in Dehradun targets men . Smart casuals for men are available. The average age of the customer is 35-45 years. The clientele includes upper middle class men, office going and businessmen.
  17. 17. Thank you.