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evaluation Q2


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Published in: Education
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evaluation Q2

  1. 1. Exploring different social groups, helped us decide which best fit the role of our actress, and how we were going to portray stereotypical images of that social group and how it was also going to challenge it. SOCIAL GROUPS
  2. 2. Doctors Doctors are portrayed widely in the media in todays society- they conform to different stereotypes, and can be seen in many lights. An example of this is in the series scrubs where the doctors are seen in a more humorous view approaching there professionalism quite lightly. We looked at different careers and professions in the social group sector to see different views and how they target different audiences.
  3. 3. Kidulthood Kidhulthood portrays a stereotypical image of how young adults are seen today Another social group we looked at when deciding what type of characters we were going to portray We looked at approaching it from a different angle and challenging the stereotypes portrayed but felt it didn’t fit in with the concept
  4. 4. scientists
  5. 5. We came to a decision after exploring many different social groups that a scientist would best fit our character, due to the nature and scenario of the film. We then used this to explore different portrayals of scientists to help us decide how we were going to portray them and what stereotypes we would challenge and reinforce.
  6. 6. Looking at many types of scientists roles we had to first decide whether they were going to be a female or male, we decided to choose a female actress as we felt it challenges the stereotypical view of scientists mainly being of a male background, we felt this would help make our film stand out in the market as the protagonist character playing a scientist role was that of a female. The day the earth stood still GENDER
  7. 7. <ul><li>Reinforcing the idea that scientists are irrational we focused our character to be that of an anxious nature. </li></ul><ul><li>We showed this throughout the title sequence as you see different shots of the actress, showing different movement . </li></ul><ul><li>Also not seeing the actress’s face until the end allows for there to be suspense and tension as the audience picture their own image of what she is going to be like </li></ul> Superman- the crazy scientist This clip shows how scientists have been portrayed over time and again seem to be quite evil and conniving, this was the image we wanted to perceive and clips like this helped us base our ideas on how to create this character.
  8. 8. Looking at different social groups helped us approach the character that best fit our film. Exploring the different stereotypes reinforced and challenged in other media institutes allowed us to create our own ideas but also bringing in the ideas that have already been brought up in this social group. A scientist best fit our film scenario, and we have challenged and reinforced many ideas that surround this social group in order for our character to fit in with our genre. The social group has allowed us to focus our genre on science fiction although bringing in the elements of action at the same time. Final Ideas