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Singleton design pattern


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Describing design patterns and with details enough about Singleton Design pattern in C#

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Singleton design pattern

  1. 1. Amr Fathy
  2. 2.  Introduction to design patterns  What is a singleton design pattern  Dissecting the classic singleton pattern implementation  Dealing with Multithreading
  3. 3.  A description of an object-oriented design technique which names, abstracts and identifies aspects of a design structure that ar e useful for creating an object oriented design. The design pattern identifies class es and instances, their roles, collaborations and responsibilities. Eac h design pattern focuses on a particular object- oriented design problem or issue. It describes when it applies, whether it can be applied in the presence o f other design constraints, and the consequences and trade- offs of its use.
  4. 4.  The singleton pattern ensures a class has only one instance and provides a global point access to it . Look at this diagram 
  5. 5.  We obviously ensure that the singleton works in the presence of multithreads . Has two status Lock unlock
  6. 6. Amr Fathy