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  • Godden D22.1 Johnson Street bascule bridge (1924, rebuilt 1981) Victoria, B.C., Canada. Designed by Strauss (designer of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco). There are two bridges side-by-side. In their lowered position they behave as simply supported bridge trusses. The near one, in the lowered position, carries the roadway. The far bridge, shown raised, carries the railway. Spans can be raised to 80 degrees from the horizontal. Span length 150 ft., weight of highway span, 1400 tons. Counterweights: 867 tons highway span, 550 tons railway span. (Victoria, B.C.)
  • Godden D19 A Bailey bridge across the Thames. Constructed from prefabricated components, this bridge system was developed for use by the Allied armies in World War II and bears the designer's name. The author was a member of the small team of engineers who worked on the project with Donald Bailey. Truss panels, light enough to be manhandled, consist of a double square with X-bracing staggered half a square relative to the verticals. The side truss here is two panels deep and three panels wide. (London, England)
  • Godden D34 Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. This long two-level bridge includes two 1070 ft. cantilever and suspended spans crossing the main and secondary shipping channels. Vertical clearances are 185 ft. (far span) and 135 ft. (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • D44 World Airways hangar. This large balanced truss cantilever supports the roof of the double-hangar designed to accommodate DC-10's. It consists of two truss cantilever arms inside the hangar which act as the lower chords of the overall truss system, the upper part being visible above the roof. (Oakland International Airport)
  • Godden D46 Merchant Exchange Building. The outside trusses of this building consist of X-braced 50-ft square panels. The clear span between supporting columns is 100 ft, and the end of the building (foreground) has a 50-ft overhang. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Godden D51 – D53 The John Hancock Building. This 100-story building is one of a new generation of high-rise structures where the structural system is a major consideration in the design, and where large unobstructed spaces are required inside. The main building is 1127 ft. high and consists of a tapered tube with continuous X-bracing on all four sides. In this view, the top is in cloud. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Godden D66,68 Transamerica Building. Height from apex to ground is 845 ft. and the base width is 175 ft. The interesting structural feature of this tapered building is the truss system above the first floor. For detail, see GoddenD67-D69. (San Francisco, California)
  • Trusses Intro

    1. 1. Trusses... v0: January 2005
    2. 2. Morgan Bridge -  VT (pictures from summer 2003)                                                                                        
    3. 3. Pine Grove Bridge - Lancaster/Chester Co., PA (pictures from summer 2002)                                                                                        
    4. 4. Taftsville Bridge -  VT (pictures from summer 2003)                                                                                        
    5. 5. Brown Bridge - Rutland Co., VT (pictures from summer 2002)                                                                                        
    6. 6. Contococook Bridge -  NH (summer 2003) (note scale of car/people to truss depth)