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Data preservation


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Slides about Digital Preservation and Stewardship of data.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Data preservation

  1. 1. 13 ways of Digital Data Preservation Amreen Ahmed
  2. 2. Why Preserve data?
  3. 3. Communication
  4. 4. Finance  Finance :- How we get money anytime or anywhere in the world won’t happen. The average cost of transaction using an online or mobile devise is 56 cents, 59 cents at an ATM, compared to $3.97 with a bank teller.
  5. 5. Weather Forecasting
  6. 6. Ecommerce & Logistic
  7. 7. Social Media & Entertainment  Social Media:- Online networks can’t share over 500 million tweets, 70 million Instagram photos.  Entertainment:- Worldwide 903.3 million pay-tv subscriber will loose access. Pandora Listeners won’t hear a total of 55.8 million hours of streaming music.
  8. 8. What is digital preservation?
  9. 9. Digital Preservation Digital preservation is a formal endeavor to ensure that digital information remains accessible and usable. It involves planning, resource allocation, and application of preservation methods and technologies, and it combines policies, strategies and actions to ensure access to data. In short it ensures we can access data tomorrow.
  10. 10. How to preserve Digital Data?
  11. 11. As an ongoing activity Preservation traditionally proceeds in fits and starts, with extended periods of inactivity punctuated by bursts of intensive effort. It follows the pattern in which materials are left to approach a state of crisis, at which point the situation is remedied through large-scale intervention.
  12. 12. As a set of agreed outcome It is one thing to recognize that actions must be taken to secure the long-term persistence of digital materials; it is another to articulate precisely what the outcome of preservation should be.
  13. 13. As an understood responsibilty As digital preservation is a continuous activity, so its responsibility should extend beyond traditional stewards. Preservation considerations must be taken into account at the time of a digital object's creation.
  14. 14. As a selection process 1. Collect as many digital materials as possible and deposit them into mass storage systems 2. Select, which digital materials should be preserved and taking steps to curate them throughout their lifecycle Digital preservation is expensive and it is impossible to store all the information digitally. We have 2 options.
  15. 15. As an economically sustainable activity Two key economic challenges plague efforts to preserve digital materials. 1. Allocation of funds to digital preservation has been insufficient. 2. Funds are usually provided on a temporary basis, often as grants to support one-off undertakings or special projects.
  16. 16. As a Cooperative Effort Digital preservation is expensive, funding is scarce, and preservation responsibilities are diffused Corporation could help digital preservation activities achieve its goals. Cooperation can enhance the productive capacity of digital preservation funds.
  17. 17. As an innocuous Activity  The archiving agency have to alter the archived content in some way  Appropriate permissions must be obtained from the rights holders.
  18. 18. As an aggregated or disaggregated service Includes hardware, software, and network infrastructure supporting the storage and distribution of digital content. Specialized services to manage the archived content, including metadata creation and management, and validation of materials' authenticity or integrity. Preservation layer , monitors and administers the changes related to access and migration Services that support browsing or searching, access requests, validating access permissions, and arranging for delivery. A digital preservation system can be deconstructed into several functional layers.
  19. 19. A compliment to other library service Digital repositories will function not just as guarantors of the long-term viability of materials in their custody, but also as access gateways. Fulfilling this dual mission requires that preservation processes operate seamlessly alongside access services. Careful records of the outcome of preservation processes must be kept
  20. 20. A well understood process There is as yet little consensus on best practice for carrying out the long-term preservation of digital materials. suitable benchmarks and evaluative procedures for assessing the outcomes of digital preservation processes. Prospects for cultivating a shared view on this issue hinge on three factors: identification and development of standards to support digital preservation; and mechanisms for certifying adherence to a minimum set of practices on the part of digital repositories.
  21. 21. An arm’s length transaction  A related question concerns what is supplied in exchange for payment.  What preservation guarantees can the digital repository offer?  To what compensation is the depositor entitled if promised outcomes are not achieved?  Resolution of these issues must emerge from a convergence of customer expectations and repository commitments.
  22. 22. One of many options  Selection between analog and digital preservation should not be cost comparison but take users preference into account.  Librarians discovered some time ago that users were resistant to replacing paper publications such as newspapers and magazines with microfilm copies,  In the same way, users may prefer that certain information resources be preserved as analog objects, and others as digital objects.
  23. 23. A Public good Preserving information resource is not only beneficial to its owner. An institution that preserves the last copy of a resource has performed a service of potentially incalculable value to the public In these circumstances, the benefits from preservation are widely distributed; unfortunately, the costs of preservation are not.
  24. 24. Conclusion Though the article illustrates some very nice ways of preserving data , it is not absolutely right in the present context due to the timeframe in which article was written. Article emphasizes on the ways of preserving the data but doesn’t tell how can we achieve data preservation nor he presents ways of segregating required data as oppose to available data. Digital data preservation should be given more importance at the same time , we should try to find ways of accessing universal data at the same time managing access rights.
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