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Basic hand stitches


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Published in: Education
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Basic hand stitches

  1. 1. Catchstitch is a row of Xs on the wrong side of a garment and two lines of straight stitches on the right side. It holds two flat edges together and is flexible and strong.
  2. 2. attaches a raw or folded edge to a garment. It can create a sort of hinge and is often used sewing linings, but can also be used to applique.
  3. 3. is a hidden stitch used to join two layers from the right side together and is also used for hemming and finishing garments.
  4. 4. is a sturdy and visible stitch used for hemming and sewing seams.
  5. 5. is an even stitch that is used to join two layers together and is meant to be permanent.
  6. 6. is an even stitch that is used to temporarily join two layers together. It is like the running stitch except the stitches are longer and wider apart.